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  1. Very fantastic run for it. Looks like it will pass the $100m mark before this Thursday.
  2. Even with that, it will easily pass Split by Tuesday.
  3. It should pass $300M by the end of the month. Annabelle Creation will pass $100M before Kingsman 2 and Lego Ninja movie. Awesome for both of them and big hits for WB especially IT!!!!
  4. Actually, based on the revised estimates, it will outgross Get Out by this Friday.
  5. I hope you're telling the truth about $28.6M. If that happens, $300M will happen!!!
  6. It has a better chance of dropping 40% than 60% tonight. If not for this good WOM, it would be overestimated and I'm sure @Rth TIFF and @lobogotti can agree with me on that.
  7. It's wonderful OW but @lobogotti who reported a $40M Saturday (bold but awesome prediction) even said it will be underestimated despite the weather and NFL. I think it will crack $120M when actuals get released tomorrow. I can't think of a single $110M+ opener that dropped 50% on a Sunday for its first weekend.
  8. Hallelujah!!! It finally crossed $200M Worldwide and now has $102.2m overseas with Italy, Hong Kong and South Korea to open!!!! Wonderful run for it!!!!! http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?page=intl&id=babydriver.htm
  9. $90.9M Overseas $10.5M Opening in China (sad about this and the fact that its WOM is so poor in that country). $2.5M Opening in Russia ($600,000 more than Arrival). $2.3M holdover markets $15.3M this weekend in 50 markets with Italy, South Korea and Hong Kong left. Should reach $100M next week despite it disappointed in China.
  10. China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    Sad for BD. Will only finish with $15-20M USD, but at least it will still cross the $100M mark thanks to a great opening in Russia with Italy, South Korea and Hong Kong to come.
  11. $73.4m Overseas with China, Russia, Italy, South Korea, and Hong Kong to come. Based on presales, It's tracking for a $20-25M USD OW. Even if it does the lower end range, $100M Overseas will happen for this wonderful movie. Well-deserved for it.
  12. If BD opens that high, it may cross $100M overseas by next Sunday!!!!!!!!!!! #Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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