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  1. Sadly, Searching won't break out like Don't Breathe. I wish Sony would have released it this weekend wide since Happytime and AXl will both flop.
  2. BenedictL11

    Thursday Numbers

    CRA's drop (minus $500K Wednesday Previews) was down just 18%. Even with previews inflated, it was still on par with The Help. Good sign for CRA.
  3. According to Fandango sales (AK Valley), CRA is barely behind yesterday's pace. I'm hoping for a small drop today.
  4. I’m hoping for great numbers when you post comps.
  5. I'm hoping CRA is looking strong!!
  6. BenedictL11

    Wednesday Numbers: Crazy Rich Asians 5M

    Variety (which is more reliable than DL most of the time) said $5.3m.
  7. BenedictL11

    Wednesday Numbers: Crazy Rich Asians 5M

    Ouch? That's still good. It didn't even have Tuesday previews inflated. It is a little bit below The Help but nobody expected it to open that big.
  8. At this rate, I'd be surprised if Mile 22 opens better than American Made.
  9. BenedictL11

    Tuesday's Numbers: The Meg - $6.05M

    Mile 22? It will open like Patriot's Day at best. It has flopped in Fandango pre-sales and is tracking even lower than Tag.
  10. BenedictL11

    Wednesday Numbers: Crazy Rich Asians 5M

    The Help was also based on a novel but it was not frontloaded, @a2k
  11. BenedictL11

    Tuesday numbers

    Although I understand it may drop harsh on Wednesday, female-oriented films (especially good WOM) won't drop harsh like that today. Tomorrow's number will determine where its run will go, but I think it'll be more in the mid to high 20s for its drop today instead of 35%.
  12. BenedictL11

    Monday's Numbers

    We'll see but most likely not because most female-oriented films increase strong on Tuesdays. I'd say that an increase in the 30s will happen today.

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