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  1. After these strong sneak previews, Love Simon trended on Twitter last night and is doing well on Twitter (#3 just behind BLack Panther and Mamma Mia 2). Even with a sub-2500 theater count, $20M OW is not out of the question.
  2. http://deadline.com/2018/03/jennifer-lawrence-red-sparrow-black-panther-death-wish-bruce-willis-box-office-1202308124/ As Guillermo del Toro’s lyrical fairy tale swims into the Oscar pool tonight, the film tap danced to another $9.1M in 49 markets. Japan was the new opener at $1.6M with France holding best in the 2nd week, dropping 31% to cume $4.3M so far. (The late screening in Aix-en-Provence on Saturday night was packed.) Spain saw a 22% drop for $6.4M to date and the UK is at $7.35M after three sessions. This takes the total on the Fox Searchlight title to $69M overseas. There are six more markets to release including China on March 16. $100M OS is totally locked after its BP win.
  3. $400M WW is not impossible but $200M OS is locked!!! Awesome run!!!!!!!!!
  4. How is Greatest Showman tracking in Japan?
  5. It now has $167.6m internationally with $8.6m internationally this weekend (no new territories). With Japan coming this Friday, $200m+ total internationally WILL HAPPEN!! Also, congrats to it passing $300M globally this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Peter Rabbit will way more than finish that total. Unless Early Man opens like Chicken Run, there's no way it will make less than Emoji Movie which had worse WOM.
  7. $133M OS so far with a $10.10M weekend (includes $1.7M OW in France). With China and Japan, $200M OS isn't impossible.
  8. Presales Tracking Thread(Maoyan, Gewara etc)

    I'm hoping TGS can crush LLL in China!!!!!
  9. TGS came back up on the top 5. Yay! Crossing my fingers for a great Saturday like a 70% increase.
  10. Official France Box Office Thread

    Bumping this thread. How did TGS do in France?
  11. Just like when Argo and Frozen were released way too early than it needed to be; yet, Lucy was released almost 6 months after its theatrical release date.
  12. The blu-ray release date isn't official yet (Go to VideoEta.com), but those rumors might be true. However, Fox mind change their minds and delay it one month because of its surprising success.

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