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  1. This may be a sleeper this summer. Hoping it opens at least around Don't Breathe.
  2. A Quiet Place OS Thread

    Avengers killed its chances at $150m OS, but its still doing very well with $87.7m (already passed Get Out's total). It will hit $100M OS in a couple of weeks thanks to China. With China, France and Japan still to go, $300M worldwide is still on the table!
  3. It will probably open similar to Georgia Rule adjusted ($9M OW).
  4. @baumer, can you please text @Rthanos about Sat numbers for AQP? I hope @EmpireCity has them. If not that's okay. I'll predict a $5m Saturday.
  5. Action Point may very well surprise. Same with Bohemian Rhapsody if reviews live up to the CinemaCon buzz. If The Meg gets real bad reviews, I'd say the chances of getting it to that mark are extremely low. As for The Hustle, there is no trailer for it. It depends on the release date and reviews. Also, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms has a strong chance of making it to $100M if reviews are awesome.
  6. I'm thinking a similar run to Bad Grandpa.
  7. 1. AQP - 13.6% 2. IFP - 12.6% 3. Rampage - 12.5% 4. Avengers: IW - 12.3% 5. ST2 - 11.3% Wow! ST2 is looking at a 40% drop today if MT is an indicator.
  8. It’s not just increasing 111% this Friday when it’s Monday drop was in the 70s
  9. why would blockers drop lower than aqp when it has more comedy ocompetition with I feel pretty and it’s wom is way lower? Aqp had to face two big openers in its 2nd weekend and in it’s 3rd weekend, none of the 3 new openers will beat TOD; let alone, Rampage.
  10. I seriously doubt AQP will drop that high with the WOM it's been getting. It ain't dropping lower than Blockers either. What made you change your predict for AQP from $22 to $19M? Please explain.
  11. Rampage was underestimated according to Gitesh Pandya from Twitter #Rampage came in above studio estimates with an opening wknd #boxoffice of $35.75M. Good daily flow with SAT up 20%, then SUN down only 26%. Will try to become 11th film for #DwayneJohnson in a lead role to break $100M domestic.
  12. Fall hard? Not gonna happen. You’ve been against this movie a lot since it’s success. Don’t rain it’s parade, please. Truth or Dare will definitely fall hard today since it skews much much younger than that.
  13. A Quiet Place OS Thread

    I think it can reach $150m and maybe even $200m if it’s WOM is strong and if it can survive against Avengers. It it opened with $21m in 40 territories with many more to go. It’s off to an awesome start.
  14. Blockers got a B in Cinemascore.

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