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  1. MT Top 5 1. The Nun - 14.4% 2. The Predator - 12.9% 3. A Simple Favor - 11.9% 4. Crazy Rich Asians - 8.1% 5. White Boy Rick - 4.9% ASF closer to The Predator indicates the latter will now have a sub-30m unless its walk-ups surge.
  2. A Simple Favor is still dominating over The Predator today. Either that's real good for the former or it looks like the latter will see a sub-$30m OW.
  3. Another theater close to my hometown did that, too. I cannot understand why these theaters like to wait until the 11th hour to do this. #BoyBye to them.
  4. Exactly. I'm thinking an opening similar to Wonder (counterprogrammed a big-budgeted WB film last year) with a final total of $120M.
  5. https://variety.com/2018/film/news/night-school-box-office-debut-kevin-hart-tiffany-haddish-1202931274/\ It's tracking pretty well. I'm hoping it opens to $30 million+.
  6. How's the buzz for Crazy Rich Asians in the UK?
  7. Even with bad WOM, I can't see the Nun dropping that big in the 70s. I think it'll be closer to $20M this weekend. Other than that, I agree with all the predictions.
  8. Did you mean to say Tuesday numbers?
  9. That’s accurate. This is one of the reasons why Christopher Robin had such a strong Thursday increase.
  10. The Nun will need to open less than $45 million for that to happen. Also, Christopher Robin will get there as long as it doesn't release on Blu-ray too early (like in early November) AND if it holds well post-summer.
  11. That's because Friday, Crazy Rich Asians was one of the movies selected by MoviePass. When Christopher Robin was one of the movies chosen by MoviePass as one of the films to select of the day (3rd Friday of its release), its Saturday increase was very modest.
  12. I think it will be lower because Jennifer Garner (aside from 13 going on 30) has been box office poison (I love her though) for a leading role. Mark Wahlberg has more starpower. I think it'll open similar to Home Again (completely different genre but counterprogrammed a big horror movie last year).
  13. Yesterday, it was one of the movies that had "MoviePass of the day".
  14. It was predicted for its 4-day portion. I'm predicting around $31M for its 4-day.
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