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  1. Anytime I go to the store I instantly regret it and get paranoid about having symptoms. So now I'm doing better with staying home.
  2. I kinda wish they would quarantine NY just so when things get bad if Florida this weasel is forced to accept responsibility.
  3. Imagine if the left controlled to executive branch and was locking horns with red states over the lack of lock downs.
  4. Trump cried wolf by trying to impose travel restrictions when they weren't necessary. So what happens when there's an actual wolf? Travel restrictions aren't taken seriously.
  5. So China is shutting down all theaters again after re-opening them. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/news/china-shuts-down-all-cinemas-again-1287040
  6. That would mean we couldn't discuss how different politicians are dealing with or mismanaging the crisis. For example, if the president pushes states to end lock downs next week, I'd like to know about it. Or if he restricts emergency funding to blue states. Mods, as a compromise can we get a "coronavirus political news" thread stickied?
  7. If Republicans want to fight the coronavirus side by side with Democrats and trascend petty partisanship then that's a beautiful thought. But if they insist on sticking to anti-science small government beliefs during this medical crisis then they deserve to be openly criticized. They care about the economy? Fine, let's find a scientific solution and use government tools to help populations in distress to minimize the damage. It's not petty politics to demand one side to stop pouring gasoline when everyone else is trying to stop the house from burning down.
  8. There's also the prospect of becoming destitute due to job loss or a lack of income. That stress can be unbearable to the average American.
  9. When you give up like this you're basically shutting down hospitals for everyone since they'll be filled beyond capacity. Your also letting most people who will need the hospital straight up die.
  10. Here's the irony. The more we flatten the curve, the more Trump is convinced lockdowns are useless. So even if the lockdowns work Trump is going to claim they're a waste of time. This means alot of red states are going end lockdowns and we're going to have an Italy/Spain situation.
  11. Lmao. It's the blue states' fault not the guy who refused to shut down spring break.
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