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  1. Wow that's still impressive. That movie came outta nowhere. With BB3 doing gang busters and September and October having movies like IT and Joker it seems like there's no bad month to release a movie.
  2. I noticed ads for BB3 on my Facebook newsfeed. They were pretty funny clips. I think this marketing approach worked. Though I can't be 100% certain it was the Facebook marketing push.
  3. I keep seeing the BB3 will get 2nd biggest MLK weekend. What's the biggest? (I used to look this up myself on BOM but that place is depressing now)
  4. Disney won't even hit 4 billion domestic. Sad! J/K What's the record for domestic and global though?
  5. Winter Game 2015 The Force Awakens: MovieMan89 - 1 billion Jajang - 871 m 99 Trees - 809 m The Panda - 760 m The Background Character - 725 m WrathOfHan - 720 m Avi - 717 m Blankments - 705 m DAJK- 689 m Grey Ghost - 675 m Dark Elf - 666 m bcf26 - 660 m AlfredStellar - 654 m Exxdee - 650 m Kayumanggi - 650 m Kalo - 645 m Infernus - 630 m DamienRoc - 603 m Baumer - 600 m Telemachos- 592 m Chassmi - 542 m laguy03 - 525 m Misafeco - 520 m Glassfairy - 477 m Filmovie - 476 m MikeyKaye42 - 450 m Average was probably in the mid 600's. A long way from 900+.
  6. I have to disagree. MCU has insane variety: space opera, afrofuturism, heist stories, Norse mythos, sorcery, kung fu, John Hughes comedy, team up crossover events, spy thriller, etc. It's kind of hard for Star Wars to go beyong space opera/space western.
  7. Very odd and refreshing ranki-err I mean tier list. Finally someone else puts Rogue One and RotJ near the top. Both movies hold a special place in my heart. I look forward to seeing where I put TROS. Thanks for indulging me.
  8. I have to wonder if Kevin Fiege could work his magic for Star Wars or is he only cut out for Marvel Comics. Cause if he succeeds with SW he would clearly be a top 3 producer of all time.
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