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  1. No rankings? "I'll do it myself" - Thanos Spy Genre: Hanna MI6 Bourne Identity Goldfinger Bourne Ultimatum Sorry fellas. Hanna is the queen.
  2. MI6 is easily a top 3 all time spy movie for me. I would watch the movie ten times. But I just put sci fi and superhero stuff higher cause that stuff touches on broad issues and concepts that resonate. So spy stuff is fun. I actually think its really fun to role play as a spy but ultimately if I go to heaven I want it to be like MCU or neo tokyo futurism.
  3. I had fun. But I'm more of a sci fi nerd. So my top action movies look like this .. 1) The Matrix 2) Predator 3) Robocop 4) T2 5) Edge of Tomorrow 6) V for Vendetta 7) Rise of the Planet of the Apes 8.) Equilibrium 9) Blade/Kill Bill/Hanna 10) Dredd/Sin City These movies changed how I saw cinema and or the world. MI6 is extremely slick and fun. Not a gamechanger in my book.
  4. 5. The Meg (5.0) vs Sicario 2 (1.3) I bet 10,000 the Meg wins. 
  5. Part A: 1. Will MI6 Open to more than $65M? 1000 No 2. Will MI6 Open to more than $72.5M? 2000 No 3. Will Teen Titans Open to more than $12.5M? 3000 Yes 4. Will Teen Titans Open to more than $17.5M? 4000 No 5. Will the 2 films combined PTA be higher than $22,000? 5000 No 6. Will Equalizer stay above Mamma Mia? 1000 No 7. How many of last weeks new releases will finish above Teen Titans? 2000 Two 8. Will Hotel Transylvania drop less than 42%? 3000 No 9. Will Sicario stay above Ocean's 8? 4000 No 10. Will Jurassic class be closer to Incredibles or Skyscraper (in dollars) with its 3 day total? 5000 Incredibles 2 11. Will Ant Man's PTA stay above $2,700? 1000 Yes 12. Will Purge drop more than 53%? 2000 Yes 13. Will Blindspotting enter the top 8? 3000 No 14. Will Unfriended stay above Sorry to Bother you? 4000 Yes 15. Will Tom Cruise jump off the moon in this latest MI entry? 5000 Yes  Part B: 1. What will Mission Impossible make for its 3 day? 57M 2. What will Unfriended's percentage change be? -62% 3. What will Mamma Mia's PTA be for the Weekend? $4,270 Part 😄 2. Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again 4. Teen Titans Go! To the Movies 7. Incredibles 2 9. Skyscraper 11. Unfriended: Dark Web 13. Ocean's 8
  6. Is vanquish slang for a sex act? I can't find it on Urban Dictionary.
  7. Groupies. Giving out hotel room keys and shit.
  8. Aquaman aka Wet Panther looks FUN. Nah seriously I can dig it.
  9. Every year since Disney/Marvel became big enough to do their own.
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