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  1. I can't be certain 100% that CM wasn't review bombed because certain people hate the main actress for political reasons. In other words, it's not the best example.
  2. Kinda hard to make this distinction when typically audiences and critics are in synch when it comes to MCU films. I can't think of too many Venom scenarios where audiences and critics were on a different page.
  3. Why change a formula that is effective with critics, fans and the general audience? It's not easy to find the right formula. There are so many failed cinematic universes outside of Marvel.
  4. The Avatar fans didn't come back to gloat when Avatar reclaimed the biggest movie after the latest re-release?
  5. I guess Dune doesn't appeal to casuals as much as LotR. Still bigger than something like BR49. Hopefully it's enough to get a sequel.
  6. I guess those Ron Gone Wrong happy meal toys weren't really effective. They shoulda had Dune happy meals, bro.
  7. I'm not sure why this is animated instead of live action but if it can somehow approach Into the Spider-verse in quality I'll stop complaining.
  8. So Thor Ragnarok has the same tone and humor as Black Panther and Winter Soldier? Yeah okay. You guys are really doubling down on this. Maybe because it's all you got when complaining about Marvel's insanely successful formula. i still say you wouldn't associate these movies with each other if they weren't connected.
  9. I mean they have similar structure sure but acting like Ant-Man, Winter Soldier, Thor Ragnarok and Black Panther are nearly the same is silly. C'mon.
  10. So people are expecting ~45m OW for Dune but is that possible with a hybrid release?
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