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  1. Let's wait until actual good movies are being released before we make that claim.
  2. Looking forward to the following porn parodies: Assasssin Deed in Her Tomb Later. Alien Lovin-It, Sex Machina.
  3. This weekend had all the elements: The Snowman (ice) Only the Brave (fire) Geostorm (wind) Madea (crazy black grandma with machete)
  4. Yeah I'm a little concerned about overseas numbers. If Black Panther can manage to get 300 m DOM and 300 m OS, I'll be happy. That's more than enough for a sequel. And a well liked BP trilogy would be a beautiful thing.
  5. Okay I got an idea. Instead of studio crown, we'll use... "studio (distributor) crown". Simple.
  6. So Disney has a shot at the studio crown the next two years for a record breaking 3 times in a row, now suddenly, studio crowns don't matter any more. I guess everyone forgot how fun it was to watch Universal upset Disney in 2015 when both had their biggest hits (The Force Awakens/Age of Ultron/Inside Out vs Jurassic World/Minions/Furious 7) Watching studio de-facto wars for revenue is fun. The "who produced it" technicality is a joy kill. There are always various investors but if a studio can attach themselves to more megahits than any other it's still an accomplishment that should be acknowledged.
  7. 20 years from now, people will ask, "where were you when Geostorm flew past 10 m OW?".
  8. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    And don't forget the whores!
  9. Been a fan of Fassbender since Inglorious Basterds. Loved him in Days of Future Past and Alien Covenant too.
  10. Madea Cinematic Universe is happening. Madea vs The Easter Bunny Madea vs The Leprechaun Madea's Valentine: Fifty Shades of Madea
  11. It doesn't matter. He can't get Fasses into seats.
  12. Box Office Casino

    Yeah, it doesn't come up often since everyone typically snatch the juicy bets right away.

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