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  1. This time next year I would've seen The Matrix 4. "Whoa".
  2. Correction: One of the worst blockbusters I've ever seen. And I've seen hundreds.
  3. I'd rate this above Rise of Skywalker. Wonder Woman - 7.5 WW84 - 4.5 Rise of Skywalker - 1.5 (one of the worst movies I've ever watched)
  4. I don't think this movie deserves to be associated with Richard Donner. Superman the Movie was a smash success with near universal praise. This was closer to Superman 3 imo.
  5. I thought the first one was decent but the wife and I found this one hard to sit through. Lots of cringing and eye rolling. This seems to be divisive so far. A movie you either love or hate.
  6. 300 is unabashedly far right. And the adaptation even goes further than the book in some ways.
  7. I think using two Sony Spidey films to tie in with the MCU/Avengers and the third one being a Sony multiverse film is more interesting than MJ (Kirsten Dunst) getting kidnapped three movies in a row during the Raimi trilogy. The MCU Spidey may not be as popular as Tobey Maguire's Spider-man but at least they're not a carbon copy of the Raimi films or as despised as the ASM series. They both have their own identity and are also successful.
  8. I think realistically you're not going to strike fear in hardened criminal without a gruesome display of brutal violence. If criminals aren't afraid of Batman he's not going to last very long. In that scene, he's clearly outnumbered so without any guns what's to prevent those thugs from jumping him? Fear.
  9. Hollywood is trying to extend the summer and winter movie seasons. October is the new November.
  10. Lmao. I mean the consensus is TDK is the best but it's still subjective. TDK isn't even in my top 10 and I like Burton's 89 film better. Outside the Joker I'm not that wowed by TDK. And my nostalgia for B89 is a helluva drug. For me, this film could easily take the top spot for best Batman movie. So far it's pressing all the right buttons.
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