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  1. Mockingjay 2 and Divergent 2 happened. They were supposed to be giants within the genre and both flopped. Studios back away after that.
  2. This is the first MCU movie since Spider-man Far From Home (July 2nd, 2019). And I would say Marvel's biggest strength is being four quadrant and having a wide array of heroes to pull in casuals.
  3. Looks like monsterverse is one of the few successful cinematic universes. I think MCU and DCEU are the only others.
  4. Mine: Eternals or Venom 2 Spider-man: No Way Home Matrix 4
  5. Don't forget to add new Disney+ subs when calculating BW's ROI.
  6. Was rooting for James Gunn but the trailer fell flat for me. I was expecting some laugh out loud moments like the Guardians of the Galaxy trailers. Those are so much fun. Not sure who's to blame here for the weak trailer.
  7. Well they're not releasing it exclusively in theaters, are they?
  8. How is this strategy by Disney dumb? They provide time for the vaccines to take effect then get a ton of sales/marketing data from the simultaneous theater and VOD release. You want them to put all their eggs in one basket like Tenet? Lmao, even WB learned their lesson from that "strategy".
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