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  1. I think realistically you're not going to strike fear in hardened criminal without a gruesome display of brutal violence. If criminals aren't afraid of Batman he's not going to last very long. In that scene, he's clearly outnumbered so without any guns what's to prevent those thugs from jumping him? Fear.
  2. Hollywood is trying to extend the summer and winter movie seasons. October is the new November.
  3. Lmao. I mean the consensus is TDK is the best but it's still subjective. TDK isn't even in my top 10 and I like Burton's 89 film better. Outside the Joker I'm not that wowed by TDK. And my nostalgia for B89 is a helluva drug. For me, this film could easily take the top spot for best Batman movie. So far it's pressing all the right buttons.
  4. Also I love Nirvana. They give me goosebumps anytime they're added to a trailer. And Pattinson's voice is already one of the best. Up there with Keaton. And the Se7en influence, the Batmobile and the batsuit... Yeah I can't see how anyone complains about this.
  5. Can someone tell me the final lines of the trailer, pls? It was an incredible trailer btw. I've always wanted a Batman movie set in the Se7en universe. And this is grounded without being dull. There's enough artful creative choices beinh made here.
  6. The late 90's. I would love checking the top 10 box office numbers in Entertainment Weekly magazine. I would check it religiously. And later I would discover Box Office Mojo in the 2000's. Back then I thought it would be around forever. *cries in pillow*
  7. His name is ironic considering he's throwing the Earth into a black abyss not holding it above his shoulders.
  8. Will Spielberg have the most top 100 movies? That solidifies his place as king. Maybe the Russos will take the crown in a few years.
  9. This list has dissociative identity disorder. But it just represents BOT's diversity which it should TBH.
  10. Did Tele really give up on the countdown? Cause he just missed Lawrence of Arabia get sandwiched by Inside Out and The Matrix.
  11. Seven is a better Batman movie than TDK. And Fight Club belongs in the top 30 no matter how many frat bro's like it. Being popular among the bro's doesn't make a great film less great.
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