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  1. 1 billion overseas is still an ass ton of money. It's not fair to expect BW to perform like a Fast and Furious movie overseas. Covid impacted them both. F9 made more money overseas because it's a bigger franchise in those places.
  2. Shang Chi will tell Disney alot about the 45 day release window. If it doesn't make over 45m OW and it doesn't have PA revenue to soften the blow then I'd expect Disney to either delay future movies or bring back PA.
  3. Why is it considered damage control for Disney to release PA numbers? Are they supposed to hide a third of their OW revenue?
  4. As a rule of thumb, I would guess the PA OW is around 75% of the DOM OW like it was for BW. So JC should open with 30 m from PA. Making more than BW doesn't make sense to me.
  5. I mean the last Suicide Squad opened to 135m. Of course TSS is going to be held to a higher standard than Jungle Cruise. And Warner Bros not recieving any extra revenue from streaming is a disadvantage.
  6. Black Widows box office numbers would look much better with China. Then add 100 from PA and suddenly it looks like a solid performance.
  7. They're giving people the option to watch from home. No one said that option had to be cheap. Honestly my family of 6 can watch BW at home for 30 bucks. That's a bargain. Taking them to the theater would cost 70+ dollars.
  8. So Disney was supposed to further delay a movie that was unnecessary to begin with and push back a dozen projects for someone they turned into an A-Lister. Kind of pushing our luck aren't we, Scarlett?
  9. Oh I know Gunn will be fine. I meant the next Suicide Squad movie. It will probably be canceled despite the quality of TSS.
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