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  1. Coworker tested positive yesterday. She was last in the store on a Thursday 10 days ago, as she got sick and stayed home since as a precaution. (Thankfully.) They're rearranging this week's schedule to keep people at home until 14 days have passed since we each last worked with her. I work Monday and Thursday through Saturday, so I'll only have to miss one day, tomorrow.
  2. On the contrary, he will forever be a model for several things. Just nothing good lol.
  3. "As businesses try to get back up and running, a growing number of laid-off workers will be offered their old jobs. And many won't have the option of declining and remaining on unemployment. "
  4. I assume the preceding discussion was about starvation caused by pandemic shutdowns...
  5. To play devil's advocate, the cheapest Tesla still can't be called a budget/mass produced ubiquitous vehicle lol. But yes, they have the battery monopoly. For now.
  6. That was true, but now the luxury automakers are coming for Tesla. Full throttle. Porsche just released the EV Taycan, and GM made it official that Cadillac is being overhauled top to bottom and going full EV by 2030, with the first two models debuting within 24 months. (The second of which was shown to Motor Trend already; it's their first full size flagship sedan in decades, and will be built by hand and custom made to order.) BMW and MB have huge plans as well.
  7. That's the problem, Nate is typically only good with the literal numbers. He's had notorious blunders when he comments beyond them.
  8. Do you not know what the word "suggests" means? Trump will demand that states get rid of their Sanctuary Cities if they want the relief. Literally what else can one infer from that?
  9. Shaping up to be a bad day for US figures: USA 1,035,240 +24,884 59,225 +2,429
  10. Back above 2,000 daily US deaths today, and I think it's our 2nd biggest day for new cases as well. USA 959,585 +34,353 54,247 +2,054
  11. Literally not what he said. Nothing to do with shutdowns, it's about countries keeping supplies for themselves.
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