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  1. She could very well end up with the career Jennifer Hudson wanted.
  2. Are we really bitching about people other than white heterosexual males finally being given equal opportunities, visibility and respect in major films?
  3. Sorry but I maintain that well crafted AvsP films based on the Dark Horse comics from the 90s could be juggernauts.
  4. Indeed. People are now trying to make a scandal out of Beyonce's 'Homecoming' losing its Emmy noms, and the Beyhive is all over Twitter blowing their collective gasket about how her "cultural phenomenon" release didn't win. In reality the corresponding live album didn't even sell 100,000 copies in pure sales globally.
  5. Jennifer is a brilliant dancer, better actress than Beyonce and on the contrary to popular belief CAN sing well enough:
  6. A bigger issue than the re-release with extra footage or whatever it was is how many times WB re-expanded the theater count prior to that, with corresponding increases in TV and internet ads. They pissed away millions of dollars, in vain, just to desperately try and get it in the 2018 domestic Top 10.
  7. ^ Just wait. The bigger this film is the more it is going to trigger conservative heterosexual males. The online hatred, trolling and coordinated smear campaign might reach catastrophic levels by Sunday morning.
  8. Her album is plummeting 50% in 1st week sales from its predecessor, 450,000 of its projected 550,000 first week sales came on the first day and just like with Reputation there is no hit single in sight to sustain the album after week 1.
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