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  1. In case you missed it we're in the midst of a global pandemic that still has tens of millions of older and middle aged moviegoers staying out of theaters, as they are the ones most susceptible to the virus. No films aimed solely or largely at adult audiences have done well since March 2020. Even the $75 million House of Gucci, with a ubiquitous marketing campaign that no other drama this year was afforded, is still struggling to drag itself to $50 million domestically and $120 million globally.
  2. Homecoming was the *2nd reboot* of a franchise that *began only 15 years earlier* and $334 million domestically obliterated both of the TASM films. No reasonable person would have considered it anything but a roaring success.
  3. Means nothing. Extenuating circumstances that heavily favored Sony's releases. Venom was the direct sequel to a big hit and not put on a streaming platform. Eternals and Shang-Chi introduced new characters in to the MCU and Black Widow was watched by 4 million Disney+ accounts, let alone actual people, before it even went free on the platform.
  4. Exactly. Nothing pre-Ghostbusters: Afterlife kept theaters recently, even Eternals was knocked down.
  5. At this point it's about maintaining a large subscriber base in the first place, not just growing it. Consistently dropping major releases on the platform, be them original series, original films or theatrical films moving to the platform, is how you do that. But yes, Disney should have at least waited until New Year's Day to put Encanto on Disney+. Definite echoes of Universal's mind boggling decision to put Halloween Kills on Peacock the same day as its theatrical release, leading to 1.2 million accounts (not people) watching it on opening weekend alone. Literally causing it to f
  6. Hardly arbitrary, which you know. $100 million has been the blockbuster mark for years, among everyone from journalists to executives, not just "box office nerds". And another $10 million at the domestic box office wouldn't have just allowed it to hit the milestone, it would have been another $5 million in revenue back to disney.
  7. I have always maintained that the acting and dialogue in the Raimi trilogy are atrocious. The films didn't have to be Marvel meets All About Eve, but there is a laundry list of scenes amongst the three that are SYFY Channel made for TV movie-level bad.
  8. You're conveniently ignoring one thing; WSS has potential for legs at the box office. The godawful DEH did not.
  9. No other drama this year had nearly as ubiquitous of a marketing campaign, was not put on a streaming platform the same day as its theatrical release and had such heavy manufactured Oscar buzz pre-release.
  10. This was likely inflated by Gaga's notoriously sycophantic "little monsters". (A small number DO still exist.) I wouldn't call doom and gloom on Encanto yet.
  11. Hollywood just needs to take the existing/previous film release schedule and bump everything back a year. Which they'll have to do with the planned 2021 films that never made it to production or had their production stopped because of the virus anyway. Then the scheduled 2022 and beyond films that occupy the slots the 2021 films have to be dropped in to get pushed back a year, and so on.
  12. I love anything Godzilla, but literally the only reason Godzilla 2014 had a marginally better domestic multiplier than BvS is the fact that it didn't open nearly as big.
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