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  1. 1 Week til the deadline now. Don't make me @everyone
  2. The QOTW thread is alive and kicking. Now just need to make the week 1 questions, and all is then gravy.
  3. OK, bear with me... For the running cumulative totals, an incorrect answer cashes the player out for half of what they have earned and they are back to zero and on the lower prize point. For bonuses, an incorrect answer is NOT tallied as a cashout, but as an incorrect answer. Does that make sense. It does in my head, but my head is a dark and scary place that most souls do not understand.
  4. I literally fell asleep for like 12 hours after finishing this. I'll change it now.
  5. Week 1: April 26th Weekend: - Will Avengers Endgame make more than $300M OW? Week 2: May 3rd Weekend: - Will Avengers Endgame drop more than 56.5%? Week 3: May 10th Weekend: - Will Detective Pikachu make more than Endgame's 2nd Weekend total? Week 4: May 17th Weekend: - Will John Wick's Saturday gross be higher than any other new entry's 3 day gross? Week 5: May 24th Weekend: - Will Aladdin open to within 20% of Pikachu's Ow Weekend total in either direction? Week 6: May 31st Weekend: - Will Godzilla dn Rocketman's combined OW total be higher than Aladdin's OW? Week 7: June 7th Weekend: - Will SLOP 2 manage to double Dark Phoenix's OW? Week 8: June 14th Weekend: - Will MIB International Open in 1st place? Week 9: June 21st Weekend: - Will Child's Play make more than 37.5% of its OW gross on Friday? Week 10: June 28th Weekend: - Will Annabelle's weekend total be closer in dollars to Toy Story or Child's Play? Week 11: July 5th Weekend: - Will Endgame drop more than 40% Week 12: July 12th Weekend: - Will Stuber drop more than 25% on Sunday? Week 13: July 19th Weekend: - Will Lion King open to more than $200M? Week 14: July 26th Weekend: - Will Once Upon a Time in Hollywood drop more than 12% on Saturday? Week 15: August 2nd Weekend: - Will Hobbs and Shaw make less than 22.5% Of its weekend total on Sunday? Week 16: August 9th Weekend: - Will Artemis Fowl open in 1st? Week 17: August 16th Weekend: - Will dora drop more than 36.5%? Week 18: August 23rd Weekend: - Will ANgel has fallen open in first place? Week 19: August 30th Weekend: - Will top 3 from last week remain in that order? Week 20: September 6th Weekend: - Will It: Chapter 2 make the top 10 of the Domestic Table from its opening weekend?
  6. Not quite an SOTM, but also not quite a preseason and it runs every week. It is one thread. One question per week and a simple Yes/No or Over/Under question. e.g. Pikachu makes $100M in its 5th weekend Over / Under? Players post in this thread their prediction and the thread is locked over the weekend. 1 question per week for every week of the game Correct answer is 20,000 points (Cumulates) Incorrect answer cashes you out at half the points won over the player's current answer streak Cash Out cashes you out at full points won THERE ARE NO PASSES ANYMORE. FAILURE TO ANSWER FOR A WEEK IS AN AUTOMATIC CASHOUT WITH A 20% TAX REMOVED FROM PRIZE POOL (Rounded up to the nearest 1000 points). After cashing out, players are automatically reentered into the next question, but the points per question is reduced as follows: After first reentry - 15,000 points After Second reentry - 10,000 points After Third Reentry - 5,000 points After forth Reentry - 3,000 points is the lowest limit. BONUSES: - 0 Cashouts = 300k - 1 Cashout = 250k - 2 Cashouts = 200k - 3 Cashouts = 150k - 4 or more Cashouts = 0 HOWEVER Incorrect answers modify the bonus as follows :- 0 Incorrect answers = 100% of bonus (as per above) 1 Incorrect answer = 75% of bonus scored 2 Incorrect answers = 50% of bonus scored 3 Incorrect answer = 25% of bonus scored 4 or more Incorrect answers = 0 bonus If you can master the whole summer and complete everything with zero Cashouts AND zero mistakes you get 400k So it's not about the # of correct answers it's all about how many cashouts and how many mistakes you make. (Cashouts = posted cashout for a week, or failing to answer a week.)
  7. And with that, the list is concluded. Thank you all for following along, and I will see you all again in the future for some list or other some day.
  8. 1st place: 495 points (16 votes, 1 first, 6 top 5, 2 top 10) Somewhere over the Rainbow - Wizard of Oz And Dorothy repeats her victory of 2 years ago and in the end, by some margin, There were moments when Disney and Celine looked like they were going to claim the victory, but Over the Rainbow was just too consistent. It scored the most votes with 16, the most top 5 votes, the most top 10 votes, and well, it just won pretty much however you tried to look at things, Congratulations to Dorothy and her adrenaline filled fuel ride with a gun-toting scarecrow who has killed before and maybe will again.
  9. 2nd place: 365 points (14 votes, 4 top 5) Let it Go - Frozen Well it's official, this is the top Disney song, top animated song, top 21st century song, top Adele Dazeem song, and much much more. Now I like Frozen quite a bit and like this song a lot more than some, but I do feel this is a little high for my tastes. However 14 votes is not to be sneered at, only the second song to received 4 top 5 votes or more, and just overall a sign that this is a song that will n ever go away.
  10. 3rd place: 347 points (10 votes, 4 first, 1 top 5) Ashes - Deadpool 2 Celine Dion is an all time great performer. She has sung more than a few great songs in her times, including some great film soundtracks. But out of all of them, this is the one that received the most love. 4 1st place votes made it the only song to top more than 1 list and thus we see the massive jump in points over 4th place. It's also the highest rated song to not be performed during the film itself, but more be the melodic glue that holds a key scene together. We always knew Celine would make the list as she has so much vocal support for her songs, and I am glad Ashes was the one to top score. In a shock result, her next highest placed finish was a mere 322nd, with My Heart Will Go On, clearly proof if it were needed, that Titanic is nothing compared to the juggernaut that is Deadpool. Edit: I have been informed by the judges that I have confused my Celines with my Dions. 3rd place: 347 points (10 votes, 4 first, 1 top 5) My Heart Will Go On - Titanic The actual third place is this clearly lower profile Celine song from some obscure Indie hit in the 90s.
  11. 4th place: 284 points (12 votes, 1 first, 1 top 5, 1 top 10) Singing in the Rain - Singing in the Rain With 4 films left, it's getting easier to know what to expect to show up. Out of said 4 there is an even split between classic cinema and more modern fair. From this split, classic cinema was the first casualty as Singing in the Rain comes in at a dizzying 4th place. It does have a lot of honours to accompany that finish too. Top ranked Title song, top song to also include a dance number from the singer, also the top song sung by a male performer. Next up we have a song sung by a Canadian hero in a film starring one of Hollywood's Darlings...
  12. 5th place: 284 points (11 votes, 4 top 10) Eye of the Tiger - Rocky 3 And now we get to the champion of the montage category. This is the ultimate get up and go, let's go fight an elk, movie hype song. It does everything it needs to do and even if I am a little surprised by how much love it received, I am far from being unhappy about it. I am surprised that Gonna Fly Now only managed 249th, Living in America and Hearts on Fire ended in 302nd and 307th respectively also. No Easy way out was 751st, and the main song from Rocky 5.... according to my personal memory banks, there actually was no Rocky 5, so scratch that.
  13. 6th place: 279 points (10 votes, 1 First, 2 top 5, 1 top 10) Beauty and the Beast - Beauty and the Beast A Disney Double bill with another showstopping romantic tune. By far the top scoring Beauty and the Beast song, this is the standout song and the standout moment of one of the best animations ever made. It was always going to be a strong contender, in fact i am a little surprised by a couple of the songs to best it.
  14. 7th place: 266 points (9 votes, 2 top 5, 1 top 10) A WHole New World - Aladdin Aladdin gets its one and only placement on this list (although friend Like me placed an agonising 107th), It is one of the all time classic Disney duets and one of my personal favourites too. This was also a song that flirted with the top spot for a couple of lists, before falling away as the lists continued to come in. Still, 7th is not to be sneezed at.

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