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  1. Sounds about right, but I could be wrong. I just have a bad feeling audiences are expecting Joker to start fucking things up, and not realizing this film is more of a case study of the Joker and how horrifying he is, and how depraved our humanity can be.
  2. That was a lot to process. First off to no surprise Phoenix is god damn insane. Absolutely killed that role. Definitely seeing a nom for him at the very least. If you're wondering if we sympathize with the Joker, it honestly makes you feel more horrified than anything else IMO. Phoenix's intense performance is legendary and elevates the movie. Also giving a special mention to Conroy and Beetz who were great in their own roles. The movie also feels beautifully shot and the soundtrack itself has a haunting mood. Gotham seems likes it's not quite right as a result of the cinematography. It's a sad and brutal place. The story itself feels like an origin story that feels actually original to my surprise. It's a bold movie and I suspect it actually might get divisive reactions from the GA because of the last part. This isn't some casual comic book movie, its a film about humanity and its darkest side. Almost feels more like an indie film that happened to have the Joker in it (though there's definitely some nods towards DC).
  3. This film is fucking hilarious. Had so much fun watching it at the screening with a lively audience. The cast is wonderful and the film really rolls along with its superb dialogue. Highly recommend it if you're looking for something fun to watch in theaters.
  4. In retrospective 90m OW for a horror sequel is pretty good considering I predicted IT1 to open with 60m for its OW.
  5. Hopefully that whole shot of the Star Destroyer fleet actually leads up to a massive space battle and not a marketing fakeout...but who knows with DIsney
  6. The first movie was definitely better but I still enjoyed this one despite the all over the place first act and shoddy CGI. It tries to balance humor and dramatic moments which it does well most of the time, and as others have said, Hader is king (Skarsgard also doing work), plus the pacing was surprisingly quick. The score was pretty good as well and definitely fits the mood. It follows the book fairly well plot wise. By the third act the film really finds its footing and ties up the two movies neatly.
  7. Ah my bad. Funny, I just saw news of Insomniac was just bought by Sony.
  8. Sony would have to be beyond stupid to sell it back. They have potential franchises with venom, Spider-Verse, and Black Cat if they want. Not to mention Sony sold something like 13 million copies of their PS4 Spider-Man game. It's not just film.
  9. Thing is Sony wanted to continue the original deal while Disney was asking for more, all while Sony was already paying for the movie and Disney profiting off merch and Spiderman being in their MCU movies for more attention. I can't say I blame Sony too much here.
  10. If Disney cared about the MCU enough they wouldn't have made that ridiculous offer to Sony. I'm not too surprised this happened. But Disney throwing this to the press suggests to me they want to mark Sony as the bad guy.
  11. Baumer is right. The movie's good, but the book is on another level. I read it after I saw the movie and it was worth it.
  12. wtf another mass shooting. 10 people dead in Dayton, Ohio. We just had one in El Paso earlier.
  13. Pitt and DiCapiro are so damn great in this (Robbie wasn't given much to do sadly), overall though I feel this is one of the more weaker Tarantino films. Felt like things could have been much tighter, and there was some clunky stuff in the middle of the film. Liked it overall.
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