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  1. I was finally excited to work on a production, but everything got pushed back today by a month again because half of our team is sick with covid.
  2. Oddly specific.... Don Corleone the next MCU hero?!
  3. I feel like we have gotten spoiled a bit by Endgame lol. Does no one forget that we're not in normal times, we're in the middle of a pandemic and NWH still managed to get the third highest opening weekend of all time?
  4. Well that was a movie that I watched. I can see what they were going for....but it was also trying a little too hard to explain the sequels. A lot of exposition that gives you the impression it was added to explain this or that rather than flow in the story naturally. Excellent performances from everyone and some interesting visual work. Not as much action as you'd expect. I have mixed feelings atm.
  5. You know it's truly the weekend thread when there's yet another ongoing discussion about the Star Wars sequels.
  6. Kind of funny considering "Friday" basically includes a chunk of Thursday at this point for opening day.
  7. I only just recently saw all the behind the scenes pics on Jon Plandau's instagram he posted last year and I'm intrigued to see what the sequel is going to do tech wise. Avatar's 3D was super impressive, but things like the entirely CGI-ed water or motion capture was also what blew me away back in 2009. It was just insane to see this entire generated environment looking so incredibly good. Also always enjoyed Cameron's films. The Abyss from him is one of my all time favorite films though I know it's not on everyone's lists heh. If they could do this right and promote it well I can
  8. Yes, I totally am paid by her team to talk positively about her on a movie box office forum. Her team pays me in NFTs of her and Holland.
  9. Dude, your obsession with this is bordering on creepy. If you don't care about her just don't talk about it then lol.
  10. Also to back up Empire's posts: licensing and greed is what gets movies made a lot.
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