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  1. The change of tone is very interesting. Definitely has me intrigued.
  2. My god that design looks awful. I think the genie needs to look MORE cartoony. Not a blue fat version of Will Smith.
  3. Wouldn't surprise me if it was 200m, there's a lot more monster action and all that vfx might be expensive.
  4. Yeah you can find my impressions somewhere a few days ago. I liked it honestly, but I'm not too surprised by reviews. Still sucks though to see this happen. I hope it does better with audiences.
  5. I was hoping this would do better on RT. I'm bummed, but oh wells. At the end of the day, the only opinion that matters is your own. Does not help the box office prospects one bit for sure.
  6. Its probably the worse film of the trilogy because of the predictable story but still a good flick and an entertaining watch. Also the animation is just gorgeous but that should surprise no one.
  7. I'll keep it short MOVEMENT ACTION LIMBS AWESOMENESS EVISCERATION In all seriousness, you know she's a CGI character, but they somehow managed to have her walking around doing convincing shit and all her interactions with people and the world is seamless. Plus the action is just insane. I have a feeling a lot of it was visually translated from the manga directly if that makes sense.
  8. If I was a teenager I'd probably fall in love with Alita. She's got flaws and and honestly that makes her endearing to me. The world was pretty damn cool and I liked everyone overall. Characters weren't there for the sake of being there (EDIT: On second thought some henchmen were definitely only there just to get their ass handed to them lol) I can see some people not getting into it for sure, but I feel like properly massaged this could appeal to a lot of people, especially if WOM turns out to be good. Though the violence might be a turnoff to families. They were really pushing it with that rating. Now if you're asking me if this will become the next Avatar in box office gross because its an insane effects extravaganza combined with some pretty awesome looking 3D, I personally doubt it mainly because its not being promoted as a 3D event of the season.
  9. I'll be shocked if it doesn't. Had trouble picking up my jaw after some scenes. A fellow industry guy who watched it with me wasn't into the movie but he said the action and effects are something you just can't help but appreciate. The use of movement and action is AWESOME. One additional note, I liked the soundtrack.
  10. I'm not familiar with the manga at all, but I really enjoyed the movie overall (some crazy shit towards the end especially story wise). If you're wondering if its coherent to a person with no knowledge of the anime then you'll be fine, the movie does a decent job of explaining the world. The 3D and effects was absolutely insane and might I dare say revolutionary. I want to see it again but this time in IMAX when it comes out. This is definitely something you want to experience in a theater, especially with the creative action. After all the complaints about the CGI eyes (I was initially turned off by the first trailers and some preview footage I saw ages ago) I had zero issues with it. Salazar gives a great performance and there's plenty of emotional beats to show it off.
  11. Found it pretty average. I feel like the movie had trouble finding its footing till the last hour.

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