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  1. Even if it's a "PR leak" he's not wrong. People not taking this seriously literally put their coworkers and their families in danger.
  2. Really solid movie that I put on par with the first movie if not better. Sometimes sequels can go overboard with world ending threats or upping the action to ridiculousness but WW1984 keeps it pretty reasonable all things considering. I give props for Jenkins for trying something different. The 80s tone and the awesome soundtrack (Zimmer did an amazing job) made this fun but also hopeful with optimistic messages. Great performances by Pascal and Wiig in particular.
  3. The daughter was the real star of the show. She killed it. Surprised at how much heart the movie had. The rally scene was creepy as shit
  4. Yeah, I asked my sister who's never read the books and she thought it was some YA novel at first till she realized it actually looked good and the sandworm. Plus now she wants to see it for Chalamet
  5. I was not expecting to get a young adult adaption feel I can totally see Fraser's work in those shots.
  6. You're going to see these two headlines a lot: "Film/TV project resumes production" --> "Production halted after someone tests positive for COVID on set" With companies testing more stringently to get filming to resume this is bound to happen more.
  7. One absolutely horrid dialogue scene is where one of them explains every single person will die if the baddie succeeds and Debicki's character adds "including my son" completely unnecessarily. I wish she was given more to do in the film because she feels absolutely wasted. It did give me a random thought that Neil might be her son?
  8. I thought it was fake until I read more headlines. Fuck this year.
  9. Fuck, I thought it was just a problem with the speakers. I swear every Nolan film has had this problem.
  10. lmao not sure you know this but I'm not RT or Metacritic. I loved the film and it worked for me on different levels but at the end of the day this may surprise you its all a matter of personal opinion. Prestige is still Nolan's best film overall. Though I'm very partial to Memento as well.
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