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  1. I too am sad and distressed when I'm worth over 300 billion dollars.
  2. If you want a goofy movie with tons of violence epic made by James Gunn you'll love this one. He knocked it out the park. Very straight forward movie. Probably the best movie of DC's lineup this far. This film knows it's for a fun time and let's you know in your face. Need more R-rating Gunn movies. Also if you've never seen the other Suicide Squad, you don't really need to watch it for this one to make sense.
  3. Seen this awhile back. Definitely a film on psychology of the characters. Worth a watch for it's dark themes. Certainly unique.
  4. So they spent 8 billion dollars on a deal for MGM but can't be bothered to spend 8 dollars on the godawful Prime video UI?
  5. Ironically without the Avengers joke I wouldn't have been able to tell that it's tied with Marvel. Don't know anything about these guys but I got some Cloud Atlas vibes
  6. lmao I wonder if Universal must made him do this because of scared over remaining box office sales. https://twitter.com/JoeXu/status/1396910262494457856
  7. Nicely cut to the music, though some bad looking CGI. Action looks sweet.
  8. The fights lived up to the hype imo and the human characters weren't as annoying as King of the Monsters. The CGI looked awesome and there were some great shots. The OST however is a major letdown compared with KOTM, they never use the full Godzilla theme sadly either.
  9. A beautifully animated movie. Very serious adult take but also sweet at times. The plot imo kind of stumbles in the middle but cleans up nicely. The soundtrack by James Newton Howard I have to also highlight, it's excellent. Gives almost a mystic feel to the movie.
  10. I was hoping for a "Over 100 Dalmatians killed my family and I must have revenge" angle
  11. What? she was fired because she posted very outrageous views, was probably asked to stop, and kept going. This shit has been ongoing for awhile and allegedly Favreau even went to bat for her. Also you do realize she is a public-facing employee making public remarks as a representative of the employer? And it is the employer's right to fire anyone who falsely represents them. Freedom of Speech doesn't guarantee freedom from consequences. If a business comes to the conclusion that association with say a certain employee results in a net financial loss, then in a capitalistic system t
  12. Good riddance. She seemed pretty mediocre in the show to be honest and can be easily recasted.
  13. Wow, they did the ending justice. Dominique Tipper was incredible this season Book spoilers regarding the ending:
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