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  1. Gave it some thought over the past week after seeing it and after my initial reaction. Collection of random book/movie comparisons. Comparison with the book is tough though since the movie tries to be as dialogue minimalistic as possible while going for the experience. The book itself has lots of internal thinking going on at the same time as rich political dialogue going back and forth so it was never going to be a straight forward adaption. The movie doesn't really explain properly why so much of the fighting is done with knives and swords in a world full of firearms and bombs (were at
  2. It's not exactly a colorful saturated film, but that doesn't mean it's too dark. It was easy to make out everything in my opinion. The cinematography was very clear. I'm more curious @Noctishad any thoughts on the sound design and if the dialogue was a tad quiet (overpowered by the soundtrack) in some parts during his showing like mine.
  3. I will say though I'm surprised none of the reviews mention the sound mixing issues. It was giving me Tenet vibes with how loud the soundtrack and sound design was in the film that it overpowered the dialogue in some cases making it impossible or hard to understand. I already read the books though so I at least knew where the plot was going but I'm extremely curious to hear non-book reader perspectives.
  4. I thought it was pretty decent (Renner and Oslen were incredible as well as Birmingham) just found it weird the film just skims over Chief Ben's death at the end during the shootout and it was not very plausible to me that oil guys decided to kill a federal agent and a bunch of police officers. It was a straight forward film so there wasn't exactly much mystery. Nice views in the background. B+
  5. Dune isn't a movie. That was an experience. If you ever read the book honestly I feel that Villeneuve nailed it. The movie doesn't go for a straightforward take either. The film translates the feeling that being a hero is a unsettling idea in Dune's universe. Really fits the universe of the brooding way it takes things. Great performances all around and the visuals are astounding. The soundtrack by Hans Zimmer was phenomenal and feels alien. If we don't get a Part 2 I'm going to be livid to say the least. As amazing as the film was, it's also a big setup to the importa
  6. Jefferson Airplane gets my like. Also what happens if I eat both pills?
  7. The third act really brought down this film for me, up till then it was very solid with establishing the drama and everyone's motivations. The hand to hand fighting was excellent but the CGI was not really used inspiringly so it looks kind of muddled color wise (so much gray). Simu Liu does a okay job of just doing what's needed on screen but I feel like he was outshined by supporting cast. General audiences will def love it.
  8. I'm seeing it soon. Can't wait to experience this (albeit in a screening theater and not IMAX).
  9. I too am sad and distressed when I'm worth over 300 billion dollars.
  10. If you want a goofy movie with tons of violence epic made by James Gunn you'll love this one. He knocked it out the park. Very straight forward movie. Probably the best movie of DC's lineup this far. This film knows it's for a fun time and let's you know in your face. Need more R-rating Gunn movies. Also if you've never seen the other Suicide Squad, you don't really need to watch it for this one to make sense.
  11. Seen this awhile back. Definitely a film on psychology of the characters. Worth a watch for it's dark themes. Certainly unique.
  12. So they spent 8 billion dollars on a deal for MGM but can't be bothered to spend 8 dollars on the godawful Prime video UI?
  13. Ironically without the Avengers joke I wouldn't have been able to tell that it's tied with Marvel. Don't know anything about these guys but I got some Cloud Atlas vibes
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