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  1. In the next day or two. Because of risk of leaks and spoilers the screenings are obviously very close to release date this time around similar to IW.
  2. I probably prefer Iron Man out of the Phase One movies, though the boss fight at the end is poor (I noticed this even back in 2008).
  3. If a piece of the Death Star did land on Endor doesn't this mean it caused a planet wide catastrophe and killed the Ewoks?
  4. Its pretty obvious they're referring to future Force users as "Skywalkers" instead of Jedi or Sith. I will also keep an open mind, but bringing back Palpatine makes Vader's sacrifice for his son meaningless.
  5. Dio looks like someone attached a blow dryer to a wheel.
  6. What was that question though. "What is it like explaining to the Spanish speaking press, in Spanish?" "It's just like this, but in Spanish."
  7. BoxOfficeZ

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    I can't believe I've never seen this till now. Now I know where the original meme came from.
  8. I'm honestly not that concerned about box office or reception. Judging from my last summer's impression (with a temp score and unfinished cgi) this movie is insanity when it comes to spectacle and will be a huge crowdpleaser. Unless they changed it drastically since I've seen it. I'm just concerned how GvK is going to measure up to KOTM. Kong could be interesting to fight, but Godzilla is an atomic breath welding giant cancer lizard. Martial arts won't save ya.
  9. Probably not till a week before release if I had to guess. They're running a tight ship atm. Presales are going to be nuts.
  10. Wouldn't longer movie mean slightly less showings? Though if I remember correctly Infinity War was already like 2 hours and 40min I think.
  11. BoxOfficeZ

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    Its basically a retread of Toy Story 2?

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