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  1. Watching it you can definitely tell this was actually made with actual heart unlike Bay's TF movies despite the story which wasn't exactly amazing but it was serviceable enough. Lots of 80s nostalgia (it throws this in your face so much) and excellent soundtrack. Cybertron stuff and G1 designs were super cool.
  2. She's excellent of course but doesn't have any character arc like the first movie I guess. Its Emily Blunt!
  3. That section was about ten minutes long and I'd say its worth it. Beautiful section for sure.
  4. Didn't like this as much as I thought I would. Its decent enough but honestly my biggest problem is it lacks magic. There's nothing in the movie that really justifies its existence besides using the same themes as the first movie. The songs for example I pretty much forgot by the time I left the screening. Will say there's one great scene with cartoon characters that actually wowed me. But everything else was just...there.
  5. Its been stuck at this for the past 10 minutes even in likes. We really broke Youtube. Can see the number of comments gaining steadily though. 20K comments in 10 minutes damn
  6. Put aside the fact that the CGI (Rodan for example looked really bizarre with uncompleted effects) and soundtrack was not finished (there was a temp one) when I saw it plus the fact that there could be reshoots, its definitely the best kaiju movie for me. There's way more monster action then Godzilla 2014 and the human characters are more interesting then solider#7561 even if the plot is somewhat nonsensical. People who don't like Godzilla 2014's teasing will like this movie more since it just wades into full on monster fights and doesn't hide it. If you've seen earlier Toho films with King Ghidorah for example you're going to love his sound design. Godzilla is also more prominent in the movie. Acting wise, everyone is solid though Dance is completely wasted sadly and Millie Bobbie Brown basically acted like her Stranger Things self. If you're worried about the next trailer spoiling too many good shots, I think its impossible because the movie has so many money shots there's no way it will all fit in a trailer.
  7. Hell yes! Can't wait to see the updated CGI compared with the unfinished film back in the summer.
  8. Not really feeling it in all honesty. Also Mendelsohn seems to like being a bad guy.
  9. Its definitely a McKay film. Similar in regards with The Big Short that the movie is somehow hilarious but also at the same time it pisses you off about the way things are. Its a horror. Bale and Rockwell were absolutely wonderful. Both will def get Oscar nods at the very least.

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