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  1. Don't worry Tele, everything will be fine. This line especially fills me with confidence. Not that anyone buys that horseshit. This is absolutely terrifying. The consent decrees are pretty much theater chains the most important line of defense against massive film studios ( AKA Disney), and effectively the only significant antitrust restriction left in this industry that would stop them. Small theaters are already under enormous pressure not to show smaller films. I guess if you think about it there won't be a conspiracy of movie-industry giants, just one company by itself. Yay.... fuck
  2. The trailers for that movie though were fantastic Sleep on the other hand, its trailer was confusing.
  3. Terrible CGI and horrible performances from a talented cast (New Jersey accent though was unintentionally hilarious). Cheesy as hell
  4. 1 billion within like 10 days to 2 weeks? Insane performance
  5. Bull fucking shit. Sureeeeeeeeee the users asked for a paywall and making the site worse...
  6. It's the best Terminator since the 2nd one, of course that doesn't really mean much from me since they're nothing like T2 (though 3's ending was good). Davis carried the movie. Hamilton gets a mixture of good and dumb lines, plus kicks some ass. Schwarzenegger was Schwarzenegger. There's some attempts to echo T2's occasional sadness which is kind of touching I guess? Entertaining enough action film and better than Genisys for sure.
  7. For any dinosaur lovers, they found an actual mummified dinosaur forefoot (hand) with muscles, skin. Was supposed to be announced by NDGS Paleontology, but of course it got leaked. There's also apparently a tail and other stuff.
  8. This was excellent. Every shot has its own theme and it's one hell of a watch. The movie has a lot of social commentary in spades on Korea, as well the world while being darkly humorous and it definitely kept me engaged. The script is tight and the cast is perfect for it. Highly recommend it!
  9. Joker getting to a billion is not something I ever thought would happen. I always assumed it would be more domestically focused box office wise, but the movie seems to be finding a bond with OS audiences.
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