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  1. Was definitely an entertaining watch. Feels like a Shallows like run should have been in the cards for this one.
  2. Its really incredible and weird to my brain to see photorealistic animals just chatting casually. The CGI is ridiculously gorgeous but some of the animal talking and expressions comes across as really stiff at times in comparison with the voice acting (which across the board was great). There's some new dialogue that keeps things fresh. I guess it'll make over a billion dollars as usual.
  3. Stewart looks like she's having fun. But other than that looked more like a generic action movie. Needs more camp
  4. I enjoyed it more than Homecoming plus the look at the post Endgame world is def interesting. Excellent film overall. Holland was fantastic and Gyllenhaal is a delight to watch as always. It does start a bit slower than I anticipated, but by the third act it delivers in spades. Also the movie is easy to spoil so if you're worried about it I'd close off social media like now. I've seen a few industry coworkers already discussing the movie spoilers on Twitter/FB by only using memes and pics lol
  5. Many movies do reshoots lmao. I'm getting tired of reading that it's somehow evil for a film to do a few additional pickup shots.
  6. Apparently the current cut of the film is pretty damn good from what I've heard so honestly I have faith wherever it gets placed. Depends also on marketing and what angle WB is going to target.
  7. One of the better Pixar sequels IMO. I'll be honest I had big doubts about it being on par with the original trilogy but thankfully its far more memorable than say Incredibles 2 or Dory. I'd say its on par with TS3 but the first two Toy Storys are still better. But its not 100% easy comparing the trilogy and the new one though. TS4 definitely spices it up with some unexpected things. Weird story elements aside, it is also fucking hilarious and pretty sure I cried a lot. Animation is gorgeous and the voice acting is as great as ever. I definitely need to chew on it some more but Pixar definitely didn't throw this together for a episode.
  8. I have a feeling the trailer is only showing stuff from the first 30 minutes of the film. I do like the epic adventure fantasy tone.
  9. Well filming rubber suits in daylight grappling each other isn't really the same as CGI. It is a deliberate artistic move to hide CGI and make it less obvious. Night looking CGI usually holds up far better than anything daylight. But yeah I think it would be fine to have a daylight CGI fight. Skull Island had some daylight scenes and they look fine for now so we might get one or two with Kong.
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