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  1. There's definitely press screenings this week/weekend because I'm seeing it. 😄 I'll be honest, my main reason I'm watching this is to see how McGregor does.
  2. Just saw it. This was a fantastic adaptation (besides some strange editing choices), made with a ton of heart and love. The cast is absolutely stellar.
  3. Are you saying "influencers" who are given free seats to early showings and allowed to post social media impressions before everyone else are not 100% reliable? 😉
  4. 3 whole trilogies! Also 15 different TV shows in the works! Don't forget the prequels every other year for some random character. Disney wants that Star Wars cash cow.
  5. It's still crazy to me that the whole saga has come to an end, something that I've been following on and off since my childhood. My initial impression of the movie after seeing it I enjoyed it overall, but I feel some aspects needed work. Rise of the Skywalker is definitely Abrams' attempt at righting the ship (in his mind anyways). The movie is more crowd pleasing but frankly, I don't think everyone is going to be satisfied by the movie (rocket scientist take). But this part is hard to explain without going into spoilers and I also recommend just leaving the social media at this point because I'm seeing people reposting story leaks which are legit on FB and a few leaks of the ending on Twitter. It's pretty easy to spoil it if you want want to go into the theater knowing nothing There are some glorious action shots and incredible looking visual scenes that are worth the movie ticket. The soundtrack is as wonderfully Star Wars-sy as ever. Driver and Ridley give awesome performances for special mention. One of the new characters is a pretty good addition. For once Boyega and Isaac get something to do. The movie has a pretty fast pace though the middle bit does drag, and Act 3 is easily the strongest. I know not everybody liked TLJ, I liked it (besides the casino subplot) but I definitely put TROS ahead of it if you're wondering. Also I despise cute looking Star Wars creatures
  6. I'm a tad baffled by Boyega's comment. He was defending her after TLJ released too! https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/michaelblackmon/john-boyega-defended-his-star-wars-castmates-after EDIT: Boyega just tweeted
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