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  1. What? They are at a prestigious school and a girl who has expressed admiration and perhaps interest in a boy who many consider the smartest one there and who has an internship with literally the coolest billionaire on the planets company and you the got that scene was unrealistic? Sure OK.
  2. Done in 6 minutes. Thankful for no lines today on my way home. — voting in the U.S. Election

  3. @majornelson call.of duty ii, because I loved the setting. #freecodefriday

  4. @majornelson @EAAccess #FreeCodeFriday the support class

  5. Support Kennedy Martin and The Fund Raiser https://t.co/aOggwH66xB

  6. @majornelson @ReCoreGame the dog boy for sure #FreeCodeFriday

  7. @XboxSupport So is no other retailer going to carry the FIFA 17 Xbox One S Bundle, I don't see it anywhere 4 preorder but msftstore

  8. @majornelson @Fallout #FreeCodeFriday roller coasters for sure.

  9. @majornelson when will I be able to preorder FIfa 17 Xbox One S Bundle at retailers besides @microsoftstore

  10. I mean there are plenty of diversity of characters in peters life so no real reason to race swap when you can just use them. I mean mary Jane is not suddenly going to race swap in the comics, so using some of the lesser known diverse characters in the comics creates awareness of them. Either way, after a nights sleep I don't mind as much. I understand all 3 sides. Comic nerds who want a real red head, PoC who want to see actual diverse characters instead of race swap, and people who think it is progressive and a great move.
  11. Ugh...there are good characters she could have been if this is true. Rather mj have a small role or not be in this than this kind of change.
  12. I am hopeful that instead of developing all th villains' they just exist and are obstacles' to parker trying to have a normal teenage life. The multivillian issue becomes a problem when you try to focus on them all too much. You could easily insert a villain fight or two into spider-man 1 or 2 and not ruin the movie. They could also just be cameos. I personally hope miles is in this. I think mcu is big enough to have two spider-men sooner rather than later. Hell I hope we get spider-Gwen somehow in the next decade. Spider verse could easily be a movie That shakes up the mcu and brings over people like cho as well to shakeup the lack of diversity.
  13. Looks like 43.54 for SS according to ercboxoffice on twitter.
  14. @majornelson #FreeCodeFriday obviously joker, mostly thanks to Hamill

  15. Yes it used to give me only searches but then suddenly after a few days Flawless. Better than "xbox" now. https://t.co/QYio9s9O2C


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