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  1. I give this film an A. It felt like vintage Star Trek. Not big set pieces but most of the action happening on the ship. Cumberbatch was amazing. The twists didn't really feel like twists. I mean they worked within the plot. Khan switching sides temporarily worked for both sides since the head commander guy went rogue. Admittedly that guy going rogue was a bit of a stretch but not so much that I was taken out of the film. And we still got the kickass finale with a Spock/Khan showdown. There were again some terrorist subtext. I also thought of Boston and the pictures blasted all over the TV
  2. I am wondering how they are going to market it. If they go too horror-y (it is late Oct. release after all) it may lose it's prestige, but if they go to snobby, it may lose box office.
  3. Honestly, I didn't think it was that bad. I went in expecting a train wreck and only got a few cringeworthy scenes, most notably that 100 dolla bills one. Leo was good. Isla Fisher was hot. But i felt it was also long and bloated. If they cut half the scenes where the actor stares off into the camera with their moth half pen they would have got it to 2 hours. So yeah, it was alright. I give it a B.
  4. I dont know about that. it has Clooney and Bullock and visual effects. Right campaign can make it a hit.....see this weekend.
  5. Visual effects and Cinematography victories should be assured. I think Gatsby will get nominated for the doubeheader too.
  6. My first instinct upon seeing the first trailer was correct. The Dark Tony Stark RIses Now, there were were some cool things and some bad things about this film but unfortunately i think the bad outweighs the good. The TWIST! was something out of M. Night's playbook. At first I was shaking my head that it was Mandarin Bin Laden but I went full face palm when the Mandarin turned out to be a lowly actor. Then there was that stupid kid. Sure, Tony stark handled him in a great way but he was till a stupid annoying kid that i can only assume was put in for the $ kid demographic.
  7. SLP just shipped!!!!!!!!! Also recently got Wily WOnka Holy motors Django 2001: Space Odyssey Avatar 3D
  8. 1. Man of Steel 2.. Star Trek 2 3. Untitled David O. Russell 4. Catching Fire 5. 42 6. Bling Ring 7. Iron Man 3 8. Gravity 9. Fruitvale 10. Spectacular Now
  9. 1. Man of Steel 2.. Star Trek 2 3. Catching Fire 4. Untitled David O. Russell5. Gravity6. Bling Ring 7. Iron Man 3 8. 42 9. Fruitvale 10. Spectacular Now
  10. 1. Man of Steel 2.. Star Trek 2 3. Catching Fire 4. After Earth5. Elysium 6. Bling Ring 7. Iron Man 3 8. Evil Dead 9. Trance 10. 42
  11. The easiest A I ever handed out in my moving going existence. I was sold from the pap photos but the movie had some surprising layers. At first I thought it was gonna be like a Girls Gone Wild origin story about how Selena Gomez's church going chick turns into a rowdy slutty spring breaker but it expanded way beyond that. I also liked the irony of it. From the conversation the girls have with thier parents about how pleasant and wonderful everything is played over super slutty or violent montages was really funny. But my fave from that was the Britney Spears one, The cinematography, score
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