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  1. Twitter - "Here's more for u @Fandango: maybe when u actually stop fucking up enough to let me pick a seat, SHOW ME THE GODDAMN SEAT SELECTION U ----" lmao yep
  2. TFA trailer also relied way more on nostalgia with that Han and Leia theme. This looks like it's own beast.
  3. Yeah I almost got it through AMC too and it crashed as I had my seat selected and then it was gone...so will wait for additional showtimes to be added.
  4. Just told me the wait time (in a theater I already know is gone) - 51 minutes. Opening night is going to be huge for this again if this is any sign.
  5. Fandangos pretty much crashed with how long this wait is. They have showtimes going until 12 in regular theaters yet only one Dolby and IMAX showing (there main draw compared to everywhere else). Waiting for additional ones to be added (I remember there being 3 IMAX showings for TFA). Might not be tonight but there will be more looking at this demand.
  6. Man there's no way I'm clicking any of those, I remember stumbling on your spoiler regarding the star base and from this trailer it looks spot on. I had a feeling that was correct from the teaser. This just confirmed it. So I bet those are right too and I think I already know the answer to one of those questions. I wish I didn't know that but it's not going to ruin this for me because it seems like there are a lot more mysteries.
  7. They pulled the same trick in one of the Rogue One trailers with Jyn. I think it's just clever editing to throw people off. I don't think they would reveal something that big in the trailer.
  8. And I went on to grab center seats in my Dolby ATMOS theater and they were already gone. I jumped on a minute after the trailer aired too.
  9. Surpassed my expectations. If the teaser was slow, this was anything but. Sound design is incredible again. Sure looks like something new and not a ESB reimagining too. After Halloween, December can't come soon enough!
  10. Of course. It's Whedon. The first teaser looked sort of like the first Avengers but the characters should still be good. I'm just not a fan of how much CGI there is. It'd be one thing if it looked seamless but it doesn't. If it gets called a mess by critics then I'm most likely out. I usually agree when it comes to these types of movies. And I'm not a Marvel/DC person. I thought Wonder Woman was far better than GOTG Vol 2 and Homecoming.

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