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  1. I love the big / positive surprise in numbers that Joker (and others in the past) put up. Keeps things interesting. The whole weekend though is weird for all films, weak Friday and Saturday increases across the board.... makes me wonder if the weird holiday stretch with some schools out this weekend (13% if I remember right on Friday) just skewed everything.
  2. Nah, wasnt close in 1994-95 that total includes the 2002 and the huge 2011 rerelease which earned 95m just in the US. Huge for the 1990s yes, but nowhere close to a billion. And by that I of course mean its original. Its definitely close now, but wouldnt be the same.
  3. So right around 30% then. Again decent for an R rated film that is already playing way higher than normal. Definitely sets up around a 55m weekend.
  4. BOT gotta BOT..... some of yall need to reread Charlies explanation post on why he said / says what he does. Weirdness is the name with Jokers run after 8 days so an odd, but still overall fantastic Saturday, shouldnt be surprising. Also @Charlie Jatinder the reason for the Jokes about Geitish is that RTH is one of his internal sources so its a running gag among some of us.
  5. Interestingly enough, while much larger than thought before the crazy mid-week numbers, Jokers friday acted dad gum straight up like an adult film in October under or right at 100% on Friday. Very interesting and another odd factor in this whole weird 8 days of play. Also the typical reactions seen by some of the posters regarding the number becoming lower than initially "theorized" is so prototypical BOT.... watch a smaller than desired Saturday cause a general funk.
  6. Yup, been making me think of that film since Wednesday. The comment to mine above about superbowl sunday derailing AS in weekend 3 misses the fact that the film never recovered - unlike the rest of the films. But also speaks to how their is a cap of sorts on the R rated crowd. Really curious to see where Joker ends up since 350m seems like a sort of given barring it falling off the wagon unexpectedly.
  7. What would be interesting is if Joker pulls an American Sniper - great / massive 2nd weekend and then inexplicable meh legs after a 10 day crazy run. Would put it well over 350m but not enough for the 400m train. That being said, not wishing it just noting the other R rated large film it could track like.
  8. @Thanos Legion Abominables behavior is 🤯 lol so ridiculous to track. If anything like last week it will recover well Friday/Saturday and then be blessed with a great Sunday/Monday. The movie will not be a good one to use down the road since its calendar alignment has been so whacked.
  9. Spread your Saturday increase around some and it will be more accurate. Friday should be higher as will Sunday with Monday being a holiday. Saturday is a 🤷‍♂️ since there isnt a good reason for it to go up that high. Overall 50m is a great highend goal.
  10. Lol I assume that Abominable is aiming for around 400k then? 7 is still great for Joker and really highlights how heavy business has been in the NYC / Media areas.
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