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  1. Its normal? All the films are way down from the inflated grosses of last week. Per normal the kids films look even worse. ?
  2. And the inflated Friday? Not saying Sing 2 didnt hurt, it very much did. But, it would have been much more noticeable on a regular weekend.
  3. Most of Texas is off all week as well - I'd say all, but you know there has to be an odd District in a state this large lol.
  4. That Sunday hold was always way over optimistic on Disney's part. The overall hold considering word of mouth and such is actually solid, all things considered.
  5. Solid holiday today - will probably lead to bland Fridays, especially for the kid flicks but more than made up by the extra weekdays. For the sake of box office, would love to see Clifford's 5-day top 15m.
  6. Correct. Its also an indication of the staffing shortages that @EmpireCity has talked about. Less shows on the weekdays overall will make the weekdays seem worse than usual.
  7. Everyone is also forgetting that last Tuesday was election day in many areas including the New York Metro area. Election holidays impact box office in a positive way but always looks bad the following week. The family films will look especially harsh week over week today.
  8. I wont get a chance to watch Eternals in theaters, so will refrain from a review of my own. That said, I have never had an MCU that my social media circles are just tearing apart.... on both sides of the social and political spectrums. Its very confusing lol the few friends that enjoy the arthouse side were actually less hard then the average joes. Definitely not a film that is reverberating well in middle America. Not what I expected pre review drop. That said, the opening is solidish only if we dont look at ticket prices compared to the past / compare exclusively with the pandemic film
  9. I mean, even with rotten holds, if WB plays the sony game or even the GvK game they will drag it to the 100m mark. Question becomes do they feel they will need to or will iy happen naturally.
  10. Whoops my memory is way off then on the day of week. Studios tend to hate Halloween hitting on the weekend and with good reasons. But makes for wonderful statistics discussions later.
  11. Wanna see some fun with Halloween and Sunday holds from us old timers, look at 2008 when High school Musical 3 opened 🤣🤣 just an amazing Sunday in a bad way. *edit* that may have been weekend 2 for HSM3
  12. Saturday will need to either be unusually strong or Halloween have no effect on Sunday to keep the Dune drop from the 60% mark. Either way its a solid hold for the film and all its detractors, just not the OMG amazing that some have argued for. Hopefully I will finally get to see it today.
  13. This was always the "calm before storm" weekend of the month but yuck...
  14. I mean, there are a few significant drops yesterday for older skewing films, but not in a way that makes sense for Dune. Short of the how much impact the PLF that were lost for Soho previews last night 🤷‍♂️ maybe it will have an unusual Friday in a good way, but not likely. Again anything over 17m is a good hold so we shall see.
  15. Anything over 17.5 is a great hold considering the usual negatives for 2nd weekend /HMax/ Halloween, etc. My assumption with a weak Friday will still be it hitting between 17-19 since it is holding well on the weekdays.
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