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  1. Cause every film is just a tad different. Partly what makes tracking fun to do. If EG is flat Monday to Tuesday that would be amazing as the difference in Canada alone will take a bite.
  2. After watching the reactions to Endgame's fine total, I wonder what people would think about TFA if it had opened at any other time than Christmas. Its obvious now that the December opening shed numbers from the OW and allowed the legs to be "better" but even it's later term legs post the 3rd weekend, didn't set the world on fire, hence dying before it hit 940m when it at once looked like 950+ was the expectation. Endgame has done amazing - more than a decade ago, I remember watching films do more than 300m and being amazed, and now we have a film that did 357m on its freaking Opening Weekend. Some of the younger crowd is just never going to appreciate numbers the way the rest of us Old guys do.
  3. Im okish as of yesterday. Had a massive concussion that I am healing from. Thankful it wasnt any worse. I had read the last couple of days but wasnt till today that I felt up to commenting. When you are around something like this for 15 years its amazing how much you can miss it.
  4. After a wreck I had 2 weeks ago, I have been trying to catch up.... what happened to the members here that actually made sense?? I feel like the comments for the past week have been nothing but pushing arguments from those with agendas. Thanks to @baumer and the rest of the staff for trying to keep it civil. Miss the old BOM days anymore.
  5. Holy Shirt..... this movie continues to blow my mind and I havent even had a chance to see it yet... Side note, I for one miss @EmpireCity. Minus the last meltdown with Baumer, he fell prey to those here that intentionally would goad him which was just as annoying. Thankful for Charlie and Rth though! Glad to.atill have the inside scoop.
  6. So I have been bothered a bit by all the talk of records and openings etc. In particular the one poster who questioned TDK (which you just had to be around to understand how huge it was.) But the biggest change beyond the previews now pre-midnight is the advent of Digital projection. Many of the young pups wont take that into account that theaters pre 2009 couldnt just change a theater over to something else without a print to show. Digital has allowed a huge boom in the ease of programming. This kind of opening, with the sheer amount of showtimes, wouldnt have even been an option a decade ago, plain and simple. Also, with the increase of presales, it makes most big openers easy to see coming, barring a Jurassic World situation.
  7. Out. My brain could only handle so much slayage.
  8. Sees RTH post, knows he isnt dropping a number but curious. Sees he is dropping insider "how this works" just as good. Lol. This is going to be a wild weekend.
  9. Crazy to think about, IM back in the day had those 3m+ Thursday previews that kept it from getting to the 100m officially and here we are discussing whether or not 300m is a possibility..... hard to believe how much the box office has changed since that Summer.
  10. See any Tuesday post a holiday Monday.... the increases today will be a rare exception, if at all.
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