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  1. Not sad with Avengers missing as much as I am sad we think TWS is the best MCU film....
  2. Holy Crap thats a good increase. a 4x gets this over 50m.... should be a solid small hit.
  3. Yeah, @filmlover may be able to recall but my opinion wasn't anymore popular back then than it is now LOL... good thing I don't care much about any of it anymore.
  4. @aabattery I spent all of the 2007 award season pissed because the worst 2 films were mopping up all the accolades (NCFOM & TWBB).... Atonement & Juno were much better films.
  5. Only one worthy of the list IMO.... Burn After Reading, True Grit & Hail Caesar are all better than NCFOM... #hottake
  6. Film I finally saw in December and I am still not sure if I liked it or not.
  7. The signs are there - it is overall selling worse than Deadpool and given the front-loaded nature of the franchise, it doesn't take much to speculate. It really is about the Saturday # - because Sunday and Monday are fairly easy to "guess" based on past history for the weekend (Monday should be down around -25% give or take). I could see it climbing back this week somewhat, particularly if buzz picks up, but I have a hard time seeing anymore than your 135m for the 4/day. Which is a shame, I really want a film to finally top Pirates 153m 4-day gross.
  8. Also, love the foreshadowing cop-out for TDK....
  9. Holy Crap 125-106 has some great films... Ratatouille and Up
  10. SOLO WW UNDER 700/BP DOM - 41% "IN" Score

    I would LOVE to be wrong but I don't think I will be.
  11. That may also be the thing - it could be #11.... which would be interesting.
  12. That would be a shock to be sure - and serious case of WTF happened to the Nolan groupies...
  13. I would say slim to none. Also - of note, In all actuality Solo needs 153m to claim the true record, Pirates 3 had it's Thursday preshows removed @ nearly 14m. I would imagine at this point that Solo may crawl over 100m but barely hit 120m for the 4-day which ultimately puts 250m+ in danger given the nature of Memorial day 4/day legs.

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