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  1. Excel, youve been around long enough for the rest of us to know you wont leave your pet side issues so discussing and being logical is about as well thought at going toward the Cameronites with Avatar info. I write a lot of what I do for the newer sellers and to try my best here to keep the historical data accurate. Presales the night before were always an exception and BOM keeping them separate is the way it has been and always continues to be done. Like it or not, BOM is still the industry's widest access point for legitimate data post 1981 and has been for a long time - there was a reason that IMDB bought them out and it had nothing to do with the forum. Comparisons beyond 5ish years are hard enough due to both inflation and now in the last decade the 3D stuff. Its not an excuse or and exclusion but an understanding that films benefit from what they do at the time they are released and there is no guarantee that they would do the same thing in another spot. Good grief the 3D issue itself has led to never ending discussions just because of how bad it has gotten as a benefit, and yet the average ticket price hasnt actually gone down since 2012. I know why and appreciate your fanboying (as best as I can) but I dont pass skewed data just because it makes something look worse or better - same issue I have with the Avatar crowd (or the anti crowd).
  2. And the fallout continues although "surpisingly" enough the actual data isnt far removed from the sales thread..... I miss being able to enjoy large weekends. Its a great number for Friday regardless if it tops 80m or not.
  3. Yall need to remember that Charlie is sleeping right now - he lives on the otherside of the world! He sees data in the morning, our time, gives his input before going to bed it can always change. And for the ridiculous Spidey stuff to keep coming up - without the understanding of how different the lack of previews skewed things at first - is down right rude if not looking to stir a pot. Rth has graciously given an estimate in real time with data Charlie probably hasnt even seen. Ungrateful and undeserving of any data is how this comes across every time people start freaking out. *old guy sits down*
  4. Yeah, Baumer and I go way back so nothing he says makes me cock my head because he usually says whats I am also thinking. We are both old guys around here as are most of us from the old BOM days.
  5. @baumer the last couple of pages remind me of why you tried to put a brake on things this morning. Guru makes a comment and bam worrying about charlie being off... 🤦‍♂️
  6. To correct Excel on a point that shouldn't need to be said considering how long he has been around, previews were never counted in the opening day before the 2012 massacre and change in habits / reporting. BOM is not making things up or incorrectly reporting things be it for I.D. or for Pirates 3 and Shrek 3 or even Superman 2013. The shift to including previews as part of OD was a big uproar that BOM actually faught against since it would skew other / older data to look weird when it was actually correct. Also, ignore him when it comes to OW stuff, any opportunity to down Avengers touching 200m before his precious Dark Knight could is one that he hasnt failed to take in the last 7 years. Which is another thing that makes his higher ranking for Harry 8 all the more eyebrow raising.
  7. Yeah, the company has always been aligned with Disney to the point that Disney had the right to make Toy Story sequels if Pixar didnt hence why we to TS2 before other films. The buy out and official merger (which feels like forever ago) was the first of what we now see of Disneys brand management system.
  8. You might go down, but some of us will still go down with ya. Too lazy to double check my original answer but I am on your side with this film. 😂
  9. As always thank yall! I know its been much more work since Pulse went down.
  10. Literally, you did exactly what you griped at charlie for doing. Hence my comment. Giving numbers for reference as you did without the info that I added makes FFH look abnormally better when it is strictly fine. In that moment when I had read your comment to charlie and then right after read your Spidey stuff it struck me as rather lopsided considering your own critique. As for impressive, its good - not complaining about Spideys number at all, but the only valid number to compare it with was Homecoming. And tomorrow when it falls apart people will hem and haw over its future as is the typical BOT mode of behavior.
  11. As others have tried to mention, there is a coupon that dropped big time yesterday that has obviously skewed the results for yesterday. Cheap and or even close to free tickets make a huge difference. The drops today will likewise be interesting to watch since things were obviously inflated. If they can stay up and keep them higher than normal great, but it may also be worse than typical drops.
  12. There is no perspective to give? Outside of homecoming and ASM1 none of the others are in the summer or in the era of cheap Tuesday / coupon days. Its higher than Homecoming and thats great, but the rest of the post is incompatible data. As with the ongoing crud between Avatar and Endgame, be careful of skewing numbers one way or another since the data is vastly different.
  13. Wife and I finally got to see this today (thankfully vacation means we can catch up!) Very good, but I can also see how it doesnt play as well with some by being too "kiddy." Reminded me of a modern spin on like Home Alone with a super hero bend. Lots of fun and I hope we get a second one.
  14. There is more than 1 ceremony where awards are handed out. Similar to how the Oscars have separated things over the years to have the Governors awards and so on. Its still a crazy amount of crap the day of though.
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