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  1. HBO Max is Warners Streaming service where all of their 2021 films are released on the same day. So yes, its actually free on Thursday evening when previews open. Yet another wrinkle in the puzzle of determining how it will work.
  2. Dude, all the board is trying to tell you is that the data for a big opening is not there yet. Can that change between now and Thursday - sure. I personally am expecting/hoping for an opening between 35-40m but its going to need to really power up in presales to get there. You are missing many many things in your analysis since your fan heart is the pair of glasses you are looking through. Not mocking just encouraging you to give the US members and trackers the space they have earned. There are lots of reasons for the film to do ok under normal circumstances, but this is not a normal pe
  3. They cornered themselves by saying they would earlier in the week. Cant stop them from not of course, but they need good press right now.
  4. You show your lack of understanding about box office with this post. Logan is about the only one that really would be an ok pic to make the argument and it had such a change from what the rest were that it was sold 100% differently. The rest of them were either different completely (BvS/ThorR) or weren't exactly the direct sequel since the MCU doesn't play the same. In this case take BvS and fast forward to Justice League.... thats what is happening with TSS, only the difference here is that SS is apparently a good/great film. It will bear the burden of its predecessor fair or unfairly.
  5. I am just glad to see double digits again even if its inflated from previews. The ying yang of bigger and smaller films has at least kept summer from being spring like boring.
  6. Our local district in east Texas starts Monday. We are an oddity though as we are a 4 day week and so run 2 weeks earlier than the rest. Others are all going back between 9th and 16th. Crazy how quick it happened this summer. Local kiddie movies still run all of next month though so 🤷‍♂️ lol.
  7. Per normal, the over selling in the cities for presales created higher than necessary expectations with some around here. Its a solid number and well within tracking.
  8. As boring as it may seem, I for one am at least glad we have box office to follow and talk about again. Even if its frustrating that nothing plays like the old normals anymore. Score another win for the tracking thread calling the previews again. Bravo and oh my as we head into TSS.
  9. Deadline is hiding behind their bad data readings from earlier in the week 🤣 late Friday box office reports for weeks and then silence this weekend....
  10. Amazing what a difference between over performing and just meeting expectations feels like 🤣 thanks for the updates.
  11. Totally depends on today and Fridays rise but the weak ass Saturdays this summer should have us hoping it gets to 24m versus under. Thinking that BW and SJ2 will be in a nice fight for first. If today is good and Friday manages 9m or so then 25m may happen.... harder to use past behavior to extrapolate 🤣
  12. Its possible, but the sales tracked in this thread would speak otherwise. Now, if the film literally plays way bigger in a couple of markets only that could have an effect, but Keysers share earlier with full sales for the 2 majors shows a big enough Friday at a minimum to make it as shocking as BW dropping over 40% Friday to Saturday.
  13. I mean they are just quoting the tracking, nothing more or less. I will personally be surprised if its under 25m with how the presales are going, but you never know.
  14. I am assuming that some of the weak Tuesdays are more due to non discounts ? Just seems that overall the Tuesday/ Wednesdays have been more even keeled since reopening
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