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  1. Definitely a different perspective - will be curious to see the final tallies after the weekend is over
  2. No Worries - It wasn't directed at you specifically as much as the thread in general. We have sooooo many new folks that just don't understand how delicate the balance is between us and the gods with numbers. This Thread is 2.0 for a reason (previously nuked due to people not knowing how to keep their mouths shut.) Charlie is very very open with his data - which is fine, we just want to make sure that we don't over kill - and the behavior of sum this week that just assume he is gonna dump numbers has shown that there are some addicts here, particularly among the newbie crowd.
  3. I really want to. Missed playing last summer but between my last bit of school and an all consuming internship, I wilm have to pass.
  4. narniadis

    Wednesday numbers 3/20 | CM $4.57M

    Should be pretty dang close to 600m. Fully expecting a WW-gross around 912-915 through Sunday.
  5. He is not around until tomorrow. Also, as a reminder - our resident gods are not supposed to share Thursday preview numbers and asking them to do so may put their jobs / access in jeopardy. If Charlie chooses to make a guess that is on him, but we should not be asking.
  6. narniadis

    Wednesday numbers 3/20 | CM $4.57M

    Just a friendly reminder - dont engage the trolls. N.I.R.D. The mods will do their job.
  7. Weekends are fine, thats a weird and random error.
  8. narniadis

    Thursday (03/14/2019) Numbers - Early Estimates.

    Also as a reminder, Cap would have been the only film not effected by the 3 films doing previews last night - generally the reason we don't see Thursday increases often. Couple that with the trailer and bam. Good numbers.
  9. I dont get the grousing about CMs wednesday drop. Most openers anymore outside of a holiday drop between 35-45% their first Wednesday. Been this way for a couple years now that Tuesdays have begun playing like another Sunday. But then this may just be the old guy here that is tired of facts and statistics being pushed aside in order to create a story.
  10. Because some proprietary information is too hot even for the Gods to give out. Just remember that for most of them, their jobs could be on the line for giving info. Hence the meltdown in 2017 when an entire thread had to be nuked over leaked numbers and data.
  11. All that being said, even if CM comes in on the 20m side its better than some of the lower points looked even earlier this week. Anything over 125m is a win in my book. Also, count me among those that enjoyed BATB 17 but dont love it.
  12. Friendly reminder especially for our new(er) posters that our resident gods such as Rth and Empire are not allowed to give us preview numbers. We have to wait for the official estimate like the rest of hollywood. We get spoiled by the insider information but we have to remember it could disappear with misuse / abuse. (2017 tracking thread, I am talking about you lol. )
  13. Having finally seen this tonight - Glad the club was a success, as the film is great! But Venom was tons of crazy fun as well, just in a different "trashy" way. Hard to believe that October turned out 2 films that topped 200m without good precedent to do so.
  14. Had hoped that Poppins would eak it out to 400m WW but it looks like my prerelease overseas lowpoint (175/180) is where it will stop. Obviously domestic didnt live up to that either. Old fashioned, cold, etc whatever you want to say, the fact that top end musicals box office wise is about 175m is frustrating.
  15. Weirdly strong. Not gonna complain if these end up close, but I would bet most get downgraded from here a tad.

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