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  1. Which only works until February 29th!! Gotta love how leap years effect things later on since we all of a sudden jump from comparing 6 years previous to 5....
  2. @1Robert1 - all I am going to say now is that you have a lot to learn and instead of arguing about nonsensical points (The Friday post MLK doesn't mean anything in regards to what you are looking at), instead try to take what those of us "old guards" have to say and learn from it. It is normal for Family skewing films OUTSIDE OF THE HOLIDAYS (Be that the Christmas or Summer Breaks) to increase between 190 and 240%. It doesn't matter if it is the Friday post a Monday holiday as the benefit of the holiday doesn't skew the percentage enough to be measurable. What effects the % of increases more than anything is screen count / showtime loss and or bad word of mouth. Is 235% higher Absolutely - I never said it wasn't - all I tried to do was show you that it is normal and falls within normal range. You also need to understand that calendars don't always align great when holidays shift - as I noted in the post above. The Friday that aligns more accurately from a calendar pov (January 26th, 2018 versus 2 years later being January 24th) also shows *surprise* a 237% lift for Jumanji17. That 237% doesnt in the grand scheme of things mean anything, but you have for some reason latched on to it as some grand oddity - which it just isnt. I try my best to teach and share what I have learned over the years of following the Box Office - I was many years ago - the newb who spouted outlandish things that caused others to mock (as much as they could back in those BOM days). Thankfully posters like Baumer and VanillaSky (and many others that no longer post here) took time to teach and share their insight and I have learned much. Take the advice and learn instead of being outlandish for one off movies that aren't behaving in anyway unnatural or unrealistic to their release era.
  3. You are trying to paint a picture that doesnt exist, not unusual with your fanboying over the film. It has performed fantastic but again the Friday percentage increase is fine and normal. To try and draw the correlation that you are right now (same Fridays between the two films), we would also need to bemoan that J19 isnt going to come close to the total and legs of J17. 235 is normal (as would have been anything in the 50 point spread of 190-240) . Its in for a great hold this weekend, enjoy it and take further joy when it passes 300m. Also, due to MLK being earlier in 2018 the actual Friday that aligns here shows J17 with 237% not all calendars are a direct match, especially with holidays that float. Next weekend being an odd mixed weekend between months being an example of how weird some comparisons can be.
  4. Overall yes, its final gross will be great (happy its going make the 100m mark) but post the holidays in particular its performance has been just fine. Had it opened now versus at Christmas it wouldnt be nearing 100m at all since it was the play of the first week of holidays that helped it the most.
  5. I havent paid that close attention but it has behaved normally for an adult skewing flick. Not sure what you are really looking for, it has not from day 2 behaved in a way that shows it being a huge Friday performer? Its holding well on weekdays in general and it does skew to the female demographic which deflates weekend performance post OW. So again, not sure what you are wanting it to do.
  6. 1917 also had another expansion and is the "current frontrunner" of the general awards conversation at least among average populations. Just Mercy and 1917 also havent been playing wide nearly as long as LW has been.
  7. Screen loss + its not a family film its behaving like a middle of the pack awards film. Its holds and performance in general has been ok but not great.
  8. Passing the 150m mark today is amazing.... wish it had gotten a BP nom to go with the great box office but oh well
  9. While great, its not unusual for family films this time of year. Jumanji 17 did around the same 2 years ago. Should also top 100% today as well if it behaves like normal. What is nice is that the film should have no issues hitting 300m now.... the 5x multiple cap is coming up soon as well, probably another 2 weeks. It has literally played at the top of what it could do. Also note that Doolittle is also over 200% - its normative behavior. (The other 2 family films, Frozen and Spies are animated and dealing with decent theater drops which offset their ability.)
  10. With Dolittle playing like a family film its not surprising. Same with a film that appeals to the AA crowd, Wednesdays tend to be rough.
  11. Solid Tuesday from the looks all things considered. Today will see further hard drops per normal but its back in the swing until Valentine's next month with the next 4 day weekend. Then 6 weeks from there till Easter frames with spring break coming on.
  12. Its him being his non sensible self. Behavior isnt new and not surprising for those of us that have blocked him since the craziness of his Godzilla ranting
  13. While I agree and disagree with some of both @Arendelle Legion and Avatree, does it strike anyone else as rather ironic that Avatree dares to compare behavior of others with reddit??? 😂😂😂 The behavior of Frozen the last 3 weekends alone show the difference in phenomena behavior such as F1 and just good to great coming out of the holidays. Same with Jumanji which is again not doing the same as the phenomenal run its predecessor had. 🤷‍♂️ the fact that it was 2.5 pages of back and forth shows more interesting behavior on our part than the movie itself.
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