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  1. Yeah, the only thing that might have changed was a little less fatigue and distance from the TLJ disaster but I find it hard to see much more than 240-ish with the holidays. Although with a SW on the Schedule, maybe Paramount wouldnt have been so stubborn with Bumblebee and the spread may have been helped. I think we arent giving enough credit to the fact that there was a total overload of options this year.
  2. Also, even if MPR behaved the same way, the opening day just killed its high gross long term. Same rises and falls with the original 7.5/8m OD put the gross to date at approx 240m. Even just 1m more on OD (5.7 versus 4.7) gives it 175m through today. So while it recovered, the opening day still hurt the final total mightily.
  3. @TwoMisfits one of BO.coms predictions had AQM under 200m obviously that increased as the release date got closer and especially after the China opening but their original ones and then final ones all ended up switched. Now here there was a more even spread. Even I didnt see AQM under 200m as it made no sense relative to the calendar, and why I thought Poppins would have been bigger.
  4. I am happy for AQM though, nice way to end the year. Still find it ironic that it and MPR switched when compared to the pre-season expectations. Hopefully I like it once I get to see it.
  5. Yup, it makes no sense and if WOM was truly bad it wouldn't have recovered as well over the holidays (still on track for a 7x+). However the behavior now is reminiscent of both Into the Woods and Les Mis which also died in January (technically both died after new years day, with short runs relatively speaking.) So maybe its a pattern for non-oscar limited release style-musicals? TGS is such an outlier that it needs a star next to it.
  6. We might see good legs from 3 of this weekends openers given the implosion of Glass that is starting to look likely.
  7. Also those "metrics" have been increadingly useful, even with the occasional hiccup (The Mummy anyone?? Lol). Views, presales, etc are good barometers outside of the SW franchise (which has its own skew).
  8. Take a step back and understand that this data is the most accurate we have (from Deep Wang) so good he had to go into hiding a couple years ago as people kept sharing the accurate information off this site. Remove any blinders you have on and be objective since we arent discussing Fandango here but cold hard cash.
  9. narniadis

    Tuesday Numbers: AQM $3.9M +51%

    Whats crazy to me is that BO.com wasnt wrong on the Mary Poppins multiplier, which doesn't indicate a mediocre performance but the day to day tells a different story. The gross starting as low as it did makes a huge swing in the end goal.
  10. narniadis

    Tuesday Numbers: AQM $3.9M +51%

    Meh... I am finally hitting a point where I don't know what to think about this film anymore. A good day is wiped out by several bad ones. Or in this case a mediocre Tuesday, the day it should be doing gang busters.
  11. narniadis

    Baumer's 36 best films of 2018 (top 3 has been revealed)

    Baumer, dont think your choices are any more baumer"ish" than normal LOL, if anything you were more inline with the status quo. You just like to not be ashamed of liking something.
  12. narniadis

    Baumer's 36 best films of 2018 (top 3 has been revealed)

    Great Job as always @Christmas baumer thanks for sharing and continuing to be a unique voice in the ever increasing void of opinion that is film.
  13. narniadis

    Baumer's 36 best films of 2018 (top 3 has been revealed)

    How? Why?? Wtf?? *obligatory "Ethan shut up" here.
  14. narniadis

    Baumer's 36 best films of 2018 (top 3 has been revealed)

    B, def an age thing. We finally watched RP1 this past week and it was a blast. Book Club is still also in my top of the year. Great list so far.
  15. I don't get the hand wringing over 300m for AQM. Should breeze past it and if it holds a bit better the next 2 weeks could challenge BvS (on the extreme high side I know.)

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