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  1. Nope no homogeneity at all lol we have some things that make us "American" by default but its really is more sections of society in thought and deeds than a well rounded whole.
  2. Considering how much those of us in that field have discussed and been aware it will be interesting to see how religious places act / respond. From my online circles and groups the taking of guidance about singing in general for the church has been mixed as far as reception goes. But any choir director worth their salt is not starting again any time soon (at least another 90ish days on my count, more if I can get away with it. )
  3. Was never going to stop dude, the lockdowns kept the numbers from skyrocketing unstopped. Its going to be a long slow down, just as the flattening the curve models projected back in March (and most everyone ignored.)
  4. Nate Silvers tweets should be seen as good news... it literally is the outcome that realists expected at the beginning of the flatten the curve talk.... the idea that the virus goes away after the lockdowns (so many of my conservative friends had that mindset) was not legitimate. A gradual slowdown but not dramatic shows that our new behaviors are at least having some effect.... of course it remains to be seen what happens a month from now.
  5. Not knowing the # of tests is frustrating for those of us trying to assess local issues. That being said, rural areas like where I live are offering drive in testing this weekend 🤷‍♂️ so they are definitely trying to increase the number of tests but again, they are only testing if you have symptoms that may be covid related 🤷‍♂️
  6. They may be able to open, but barring the one offs that arent chain related they aint opening 🤷‍♂️ Texan here so yeah... nothing to see
  7. Yup, its a matter of when, not if.... the production cut will help stem the tide but not stop it.
  8. Right? I do not care for Massey but for once his griping and voting insistence was semi right cause he called this in spades before the house vote.... sigh and people thought 2008 was a big pad the wealthy money move
  9. After the craziness of the last couple of weekends Bond doing well seems just "fine" versus great
  10. 🤣🤣🤣 gotta love not paying attention to auto corrections.... thanks for helping me laugh today
  11. I do find it slightly humerus that the virus is finally the topic that gets Duldabs incessant repetitive behavior noticed 🤣 I unblocked him for this since it wasnt conversations related to Movies and New Mutants in particular but the behavior remains the same. By all means make sure we know and I am glad we have folks here that arent ostriches but at times the incessant head battering is more a problem than a help. Edited to add: Eric finally reaching peak was funny since I see him fairly balanced in the threads I am usually in. So maybe I just find more humor in this than the rest of yall 🤣🤷‍♂️
  12. Yup and like 75% ot my congregation is 65+ so its suicide to have them in person. I dont get the idiotic behavior of others, and thats before I complain about the bad press the other idiots cause the rest of us. Will say that corona has forced me to become the on staff technician 🤦‍♂️ nobody else knows how to do things so lots of crash course learning and figuring out to pull a 100% online bit off.
  13. Considering that is my daily job, it is our understanding per our legal contacts that we still cannot have full services / gatherings. We are still limited to 10 or less people (and have been working that way for 3 full weeks now so its not new.) Not sure what Florida's is (not my state obviously) but Gov Abbotts rule didnt change anything from the way it was before. He is not wanting to have idiots like the one in LA and FL bussing in 1k+ people. So its not a blank check
  14. Thanks to you and @bladels for pointing out and correcting - that was never my intent to mix them up
  15. Helps to do a better job reading reports 🤦‍♂️ cue embarrassed reaction, I misread it for some reason and really did read it as NK..... #notsure what I was thinking. Will edit my posts now as I am trying to not spread invalid info. **2nd edit** have deleted/edited past posts. I have friends that live in Seoul and in our conversations have gotten their scattered reports from NK mixed - I do not know Asian geography enough but I should have caught that wayyyy sooner.
  16. *edit for bad info - misread and therefore engaged with wrong info sorry for not catching it sooner.
  17. Lets not begin even looking at Vietnam.... thinking they have a positive handle the virus is as funny as those assuming massive increases in legit Chinese numbers.... 🤦‍♂️ Leaving the above for reference - misread the report and for some reason crossed Vietnam with North Korea in my mind. I do grasp that Vietnam is vastly different, error was not intended. Apologies for not catching sooner - thanks to those who pointed it out
  18. don't make yourself look worse by missing the point of Andy's comment - the Post has backed off Trump's stance considerably since that article you mentioned... play fair Cato, lest you back yourself into a bad corner.
  19. @Porthos You are accurate - the issue isn't so much what happens now but how law is used post all of this. Never let a crisis go without being put to good use is an ideal used by all sides of a debate. I have this argument all the time when it comes to religion - don't advocate shutting one brand down by law as once its on the books it will eventually be turned on you (note this has nothing to do with the religious conversations here, just an actual example from my world where people miss the point of what happens in the future.) @dudalb I love you calling that church in Louisiana part of fundy religions - its an example of how different perspectives and experiences determine our view and verbiage usage. Having grown up in actual fundy religions I wouldn't come close to calling it that so it just cracks me up (not that they are much better mind you, selling holy handkerchiefs as protections puts them decisively in the fraud camp regardless of yours or mine's view on religion...)
  20. I love how if those of us posters on the more conservative side said anything remotely close to this shite about the liberals (ish) we'd be thread banned or harrassed like crazy. Keep drinking your koolaid and assuming with your wide brush that all are the same in any one sense. If both liberals and conservatives actually took time to listen and not make assumptions the whole picture of health both physically and mentally around the world would be better. That being said, I think I am about done with this site as its it's obviously become a one sided affair before but the virus debacle has made it clear.
  21. I don't disagree, but again the comparison is not an IF but a what, and all of us western / European countries are in the same boat in that regard. Again numbers on a blank board only tell one aspect of the story and as you presented it, it was a skew without the complete data.
  22. And that would not have been unexpected, particularly considering the size of the pool of potential victims is much higher here than in Italy. Compared with China is also not an apples to apples since you are looking at two completely different ways of handling a crisis. The comparisons of numbers by themselves without any comparisons with % of a population are skewed only for the amount of media and talk that is made possible.
  23. I love how no one seems to read anymore.... the comment threads on the corona stimulus/ relief checks remind me why so many have ignored the social distancing and closed contacts rules. #disastersmakeidiotsonallsidesobvious
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