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  1. Wow. You moved the goalposts so far I can't find them. You compared a 2nd half of a 2 part final of a trilogy to the 2nd movie of a trilogy. Completely apples and oranges. AOU dropped from Avengers and IW rose from AOU.... just like all the SW trilogies have
  2. That makes no sense at all. TA4 is the 2nd part of a 2 parter TLJ was the middle film of a trilogy
  3. This year? Sounds like fun. Well... until this happens...

    MovieMan89 has been warned
  5. Not thread banned. @MovieMan89 receives a warning. Everyone else. Come on. Solo is under performing. This is not an excuse to be assholes.
  6. Our own @Shawn on CNN: http://money.cnn.com/2018/05/25/media/solo-star-wars-movie-analysis/index.html

    Amadeus was warned

    titanic2187 John Marston Ranger Tree Have been warned.
  9. This is the type of post that is irritating. People are not "praying" for anything. Some people are speculating, for reasons that have been articulated in many threads over the last few days, that Solo's OW might be less front loaded then the last Christmas released SW films. They are either right or they are wrong which we won't know until tomorrow although we can try to gain some insight from what happens throughout today. That is what we do in a numbers thread on a Box Office forum. This treating individual movies/franchises like sporting events where individual members seem to have personal stakes in their outcome turn this threads into cesspools when people start gloating/ranting if they perceive they have 'won' or 'lost'. It happens on both side but the negativity and wishing for movies to fail far outweigh the overly positive fanboys.
  10. Looks like a typo based on their other picks. I'll let them correct it.
  11. Moderation: This is a Box Office thread. These continual opinion based rants on TLJ, Disney and SW have gotten old and are off topic. This thread will not become comparable to a You Tube comment section. If I continue to see post like: "That pos Last Jedi ruined SW and every movie will fail now" people will start taking a vacation from the thread.
  12. LOL... scientific. What he did was prove it was BOTs bringing down the score with his methodology. Unfortunately, RT only allows 52 pages of audience reviews to be accessed or I'd go back and calculate it myself

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