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  1. Real bad day all around. The hope that yesterday was just a big catch up from the holiday weekend is dashed. Tomorrow is going to brutal. We fucking suck so bad in the USA. 2 months of SAH wasted because people decided it was over and just can't take even the simple precautions.
  2. Having opinions is fine. However... A single Dr claiming the virus is less prevalent (false based on recent trends) and less severe (zero evidence for this) is not facts. Anecdotal observations is not facts even when it comes from experts. I sense a bit of 'wishcasting' going on as people just want this to be over.
  3. All that is true. You left out... 4) The states use official numbers to justify reopening so they purposely suppress the bad numbers any way they can. I wouldn't trust any numbers out of FL. They fired their data scientist for showing too much data on the website and have been caught suppressing data since the beginning. However the idea that cases are rising when the death rate is falling is a great example of Simpson's paradox. While overall the death rate is falling nationwide the death rate is rising in the states that are having the huge outbreaks. And unfortunately the national death rate is likely to start climbing again. Death rates lag 3-6 weeks. Look at the R0 values from 2 months ago to today: https://rt.live/ The change from 2 months ago to today is depressing.
  4. I just don't see how this can work. Unless you quarantine the players for the whole season you will continually have cases so large groups of players will be in and out for 2-3 weeks. Most cases will be mild but you'll have a few that show serious symptoms and once that happens the other players will rebel. I think you can get through the basketball/hockey playoffs but the other sports are very iffy. We saw in the early days with the NBA how fast a large number of players on a team can become inflected.
  5. Don't know if this has already been posted... Depressing news if true: https://www.cidrap.umn.edu/news-perspective/2020/06/chinese-study-antibodies-covid-19-patients-fade-quickly
  6. Not true. I'm one of them. If they treat it like restaurants where when you're out of your seat you wear a mask but when seated, if eating/drinking, and the seating is socially distanced I will attend. The common areas were people are standing in line and inter-mingling are the biggest issues. I'll be wearing my mask except when actually taking a drink and I'm not going to be overly concerned if someone 10 feet is not wearing a mask. (although if I hear someone hacking up a lung I'm out of there) It's more how he said it and what he implied. If he would have just stated: "Masks are required when not in your seat and when seated we request you keep your mask on unless eating drinking" He would have been applauded for having a sensible plan Instead he implied: a) He believes COVID is not a real danger b) Masks helping is a made up issue so the Libs can own Trump c) Revenue is more important than the safety of his customers Or more likely d) all of the above
  7. It is absolutely not the case. Colorado has opened up to a large degree... but our leadership almost non-stop talks about the importance of social distancing and masks. TX,FL,AZ,GA... and others have opened up with restrictions but the leadership still acts like COVID is just a bad flu. Guess which state has cases that has dropped to early March numbers and which states are now showing exponential growth in cases? Don't be fooled by the lower number of reported deaths. In many states you almost have to be hospitalized and then die to be considered a COVID death.
  8. Numbers don't jibe. Their own website shows 77% ICU beds in use. Elective surgeries should hardly use any of them. If they are I'm not doing an elective surgery in AZ. https://www.azdhs.gov/preparedness/epidemiology-disease-control/infectious-disease-epidemiology/covid-19/dashboards/index.php Digging more. They're site says only 392 COVID in ICU https://www.azdhs.gov/preparedness/epidemiology-disease-control/infectious-disease-epidemiology/covid-19/dashboards/index.php That means 811 non-COVID ICU patents. Seems high to me.
  9. Just a note. Florida just 'seemed' to do well in nursing home cases because because they, more than any other state, are unreporting deaths. Strange coincidence... FL has had an outbreak of pneumonia deaths: (from that thread)
  10. The Seattle tax was devised to specifically tax Amazon. I have no issue if Seattle wants to do that. I have no issue if Amazon doesn't like it. Why demonize either side over it? Like I said... every city decides if a huge company it a net benefit or not to the city. Why do people continually make a big deal of things like this. Too many of these government officials are using issues like this to score political points. And the internet laps it up.
  11. https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/26/tech/jeff-bezos-philanthropy-trnd/index.html Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos top list of biggest philanthropists in 2018 Do people here not realize that his money is almost all net worth? It's not cash in a bank and goes up and down as the market goes. As far as Seattle goes... It's up to individual states/cities to decide if huge corporations are a net gain or a net loss to the community. If so.. keep them. If not... let them move. There is no reason to demonize them.
  12. Well... that's not true. Factory workers work in conditions typical for all factories but are paid better with better benefits. Non factory workers are a desired job.
  13. Tired of seeing this meme. The numbers are from AFTER the market crashed to now. Market is still down 5000 points as my 401K shows. So in general the rich (plus all of us that have money in the market) still are showing a huge loss. Some companies like Amazon have done very well for obvious reasons. Misleading crap like this takes away from the true income inequality.
  14. No... I would guess 3 reasons: 1) Initially only the real sick got tests. Now many people with mild symptoms can get a test. 2) As they learn more about Covid the medical community figures out better treatments 3) For political reasons (to justify opening up) many states are under counting deaths. Since you generally don't die directly from Covid there is a lot of wiggle room on what gets reported. In many places if you suddenly die at home you might not be considered a covid death even if you test positive. That said... I have read that perhaps the amount viral load you get 'might' determine how sick you get. If true, since people are more aware and careful, then I suppose it's possible they are getting less sick in general.
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