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  1. Clustered workstations passed mainframes in computing power around 2005 (I saw lots of articles with that general date) but mainframes have (had?) data throughput that blew away non-mainframes. There are distributed solutions that can match it but they are much more complex. But the biggest issue for companies is that these are massive enterprise software systems that are core to their businesses and it is a huge risk to replace them.
  2. COBOL is still big in the insurance health software industry ( my industry ) When processing millions of transactions a day COBOL on a big iron is still the most effective way to go. One of our products has been working for over 5 years to move from a mini computer to a network of distributed AWS solution and still can't match the performance.
  3. But... that's not true. I grew up in a rural area. Yes, on any given day people in rural areas have much less contact than those in urban areas but they make up for it with big social gatherings... church, huge family dinners, gatherings in town. The spread will be delayed but people rural areas still gather in groups more often than I do living just outside of Denver. And rural states still have urban centers and many governors were slow in pushing social distancing measures and a couple overrode local city state at home directives. And even though it is easier to be social distant in rural ares it doesn't matter how easy it is if the people don't believe it's necessary.
  4. So what is Nate Silver saying here? That red states are social distancing as much as blue states or Red states don't need to social distance because they are less densely populated?
  5. Ok... I'll restate. Yes there are different mutations/strains. But their is just 1 or 2 types People and news organizations are mischaracterizing what that means and are spreading misinformation that these mutations mean you do not have immunity if you have already had covid-19. Everything I've read says it is unknown at this time if there will be different types in the future that reduces immunity and requires a different vaccine.
  6. I might be getting my countries mixed up but I believe they found a bunch of 'nursing' homes with bodies.
  7. [edited] There are different strains. There 'might' be two types Covid 19... L and S In a phylogenetic analysis of 103 strains of SARS-CoV-2 from China, two different types of SARS-CoV-2 were identified, designated type L (accounting for 70 percent of the strains) and type S (accounting for 30 percent) [9]. The L type predominated during the early days of the epidemic in China, but accounted for a lower proportion of strains outside of Wuhan than in Wuhan. The clinical implications of these findings are uncertain. https://www.uptodate.com/contents/coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19 And this is only reported by China as of now. However if there were 2 different types in China that could explain some of the initial confusion about how contagious covid 19 was initially
  8. https://apps.irs.gov/app/freeFile/ I've heard bad things about turbotaxs free file ( they try to trick you into paying ). I actually ran through HRBlocks and it seemed easy I've seen claims that you can't file electronically with 0 income which means you want to do it as soon as possible in case you have to mail it.
  9. Yes. However: If the hospital is out of network they will send him that bill. If any of the labs/doctors that saw him were out of network those individual bills will be sent to him #2 is becoming increasing common... the hospital itself taking the insurance but various individuals/departments not. There is a bill to disallow that but I think it is sitting in the Senate.
  10. Yes... when the panic started people, not employees, were stealing masks and sanitizer, gloves from hospitals and clinics. I'm sure more that a few employees did also. That's why they are locked up everywhere. That is different then Trump accusing employees of currently stealing supplies.
  11. Perhaps I should give you break because you are not in the USA (although you are good at explaining the USA to us) but "Are they going out the back" door" is an euphemism for employees stealing their employers goods. Naw... no break for you. You are just a Trump apologist who will Trumpsplain anything he says
  12. Your reply makes zero sense in context of the post you were replying to. As @Porthos pointed out... there is big difference from posting something that turns out not to be true and then correcting it when you know better and continued posting of what you know to be non-factual data. WP is the former. Fox is the latter. And why do you even care? You're not from the USA. Why do you care what the liberals and conservatives here are doing?
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