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  1. Week 2: https://derby.boxofficetheory.com/Predictions.aspx
  2. It'll be actuals. It's possible results could be delayed because of the holidays.
  3. How can I be expected to know how the software I wrote works... This was my fault for putting in total grosses for some movies instead of the previous week totals.
  4. Hmmm... I wonder if I extended it overnight for the international players.
  5. About 5 hours until the deadline. If for some reason you can't login and cannot get a hold of me PM me your picks by midnight PST and I'll add them:
  6. Now's the time to do it. There's a few people that are not active on the forum but were experts at the Derby. Even I might have a chance to win this week. (LOL... not a chance)
  7. I changed the oil on the site and cleaned the windows... hopefully it still works. https://derby.boxofficetheory.com/Predictions.aspx I would put in placeholder predictions early to make sure there are no issues. The Derby is running on a new Server and Database and I've had no practice runs. @TalismanRing @lilmac @Keanu @ChipDerby @Bates @8wombi7 @Wildbill @Tower @Simionski @Rolling Thunder @Keanu @The Fast and the Furiosa @JMorphin @Sheikh @Boxx93 @TheXper @boxofficeth @datpepper @a2k @kayumanggi @glassfairy
  8. Yep. We rarely go to the theater unless it's Dolby/IMAX. The only day our entire family can see Matrix is on Monday. NWH gets the IMAX and splits Dolby with Sing2!?! It's a 1/2 drive to our theater fairly and fairly expensive so we'll probably just go to NWH again. My son's gonna watch it at work and I'll just watch it on Max
  9. Watched the 1st one earlier. Pretty good Watching the 2nd one now. I want to claw my eyes out
  10. Yes 3rd act is great. Visuals are beautiful. A few spots that were a little slow could've been tightened up.
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