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  1. Well... I will always take my AMCs Dolby theater over home. (they also have liemax and 2 other huge screens) But it's a 45 minute drive. For convenience I saw BW last night at my local AMC. One of their larger theaters but sitting in the middle of the theater did not feel 'immersive'. The screen seemed small and my current 7.2 home system in a small room has better sound then that theater did. You can't beat the atmosphere of a full theater on a blockbuster opener but you can certainly mimic the sound/visual at home these days at a reasonable cost
  2. It's a new world and we'll have to adjust. Old metrics are not comparable. From r/hometheater: Some selected comments:
  3. Yeah... but the data they got was that families are not yet comfortable going back to the theater. The poor multiplier shows that. I think they will re-consider.
  4. Agreed. I agree with Cap. This was always lower tier MCU. I did expect 90 even before Covid. As far as im concerned its over performing
  5. $30 for a 1st run movie is a bargain for families. It's a huge bargain for family movies where the parents really don't care much for the movie and in the past are only going for their kids. Why do I have the feeling most of those complaining about this do not have kids? I only have one kid but I can think of 100s of times over the past 14 years where it would have been cheaper and more convenient to pay $30 to watch at home instead of going to a theater.
  6. At $950 California still has one of the lowest limits before shoplifting becomes a felony. (and the previous limit of 400 was crazy) I found this site that lists all the states petty thief laws and limits before it becomes a felony. https://www.criminaldefenselawyer.com/crime-penalties/federal/petty-theft.htm
  7. Prop 47 just classified most thief crimes under 950 as misdemeanors meaning minor sentences for 1st time offenders. It is similar in most states. Here in Colorado it goes up to 2000. (although over $750 can mean up to 18 months in jail) I think what happened in SF is the DA publicly said they were not going to waste police resources on petty thief because it cost way more to arrest/jail/try petty thief criminals then it is to just ignore them. While true this seems to have lead to groups organizing and taking advantage of the situation. If the issues continue I'm su
  8. Well... I just READ the posts... not just skimmed them. There were ZERO negative posts until Wednesday. The reaction to all the character announcements was positive. There were several people excited about it and plenty of others interested. After 3 years of positivity ... when the RT score was posted almost every comment was negative: That doesn't include the 'neutral' comments that were trending towards possession. I'm not sure why you think pointing out the obvious change of tone in this thread once the Rotten Tomato score was posted
  9. I'm certainly not complaining about the critics. I just don't understand why so many here are swayed by their opinions... especially on comedy films since humor is so subjective. The 1st one was rotten on RT... this one is rotten. Now if there is a decent amount critics that liked the 1st one and hated this one... those reviews might be worth reading. But to go from being excited about the movie to declaring it not worth watching based on an aggregate RT score is kinda stupid.
  10. Once the variants start ripping through the unvaccinated after the slow summer season I think we'll see a quiet reversal in their opinions.
  11. LOL... this forum will never change. 3 pages of excitement about this movie then RT trashes it and now everyone hates it. 😆 The critics didn't like the 1st one... did anyone really expect them to like this one? You all live and die by the Tomato way too much.
  12. Liked this a lot more than I thought I would. In fact liked it enough I might see it again. Emma and Emma are great. As a prequel to a classic I think they did a great job of being a Cruella origin story without pissing off fans of the original... an issue maleficent had. I enjoyed the tiebacks to the classic characters/events although I know some people think stuff like that is hokey. @dudalb ... it's ridiculous to try to judge box office these days to pre-pandemic movies. Disney will be happen to break even in theaters which they should and the gravy i
  13. My wife got lucky. She works for Walgreens and her boss was in a nursing home giving vaccines and they had 2 extra doses that were drawn and had to be used. So she got offered one and jumped at it.
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