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  1. B+/A- Really liked this. Maybe because the trailers didn't click for me and I went in with low expectations. I initially thought Brie was a poor casting choice but the movie changed my mind. 90s nastolgia and Nick Fury scenes were great.
  2. Pleasantly surprised by this movie - I wasn't expecting much and it was really good. Sadly, we nearly had the theater to ourselves.
  3. 8.5/10. Went into the (nearly empty) theater with low expectations and really enjoyed the movie. Epic in Imax 3D.
  4. The author received death threats after it was published.
  5. DOH! Queue the "MJ1 - What Went Wrong" and" MJ1 under $300M Domestic" threads...
  6. Now back to your previously sheduled meltdowns...
  7. Nah - perforated toilet paper. There's a true achievement. Gives you just one when you need 20 (probably due to un-sliced brownie).
  8. Our only real Imax, the MN Zoo, has added a 8pm show on the 4th. Might not be able to resist...
  9. With the big ole glasses Thorne's kind of got a Walter White thing going on. I'll be interested in the companion book he's written detailing the science behind the movie.
  10. Doesn't seem like Lawrence even WANTS to win this - she's pretty much MIA this time around.
  11. It would be awesome if it could top IM3.
  12. And the first female driven #1 in a LONG time! So how high can CF go? It's ahead of THG by 27M at the same point in it's release...
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