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  1. B+/A- Really liked this. Maybe because the trailers didn't click for me and I went in with low expectations. I initially thought Brie was a poor casting choice but the movie changed my mind. 90s nastolgia and Nick Fury scenes were great.
  2. Pleasantly surprised by this movie - I wasn't expecting much and it was really good. Sadly, we nearly had the theater to ourselves.
  3. 8.5/10. Went into the (nearly empty) theater with low expectations and really enjoyed the movie. Epic in Imax 3D.
  4. Hanging Tree makes its BIllboard debut at #12: http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/6334896/jennifer-lawrence-hot-100-hanging-tree-hunger-games-mockingjay Funny - the still they show is from CF.
  5. Hanging Tree still at #2 - can't quite knock out the mighty Swift machine. I haven't heard it get any radio airplay - suppose it's not really a radio friendly song.
  6. LOL. Considering how bad they made Adele Dazeem sound last year I can't imagine the fiasco that could behold Jlaw. Not to mention that she could get tangled up in an audio cable or fall over a drumset.
  7. The author received death threats after it was published.
  8. DOH! Queue the "MJ1 - What Went Wrong" and" MJ1 under $300M Domestic" threads...
  9. Now back to your previously sheduled meltdowns...
  10. Agree 100% I nearly gave up on it when I was about 1/2 way through. By the end it became my favorite of the trilogy. That said, I don't think the split was needed. IMO it was purely a financial decision, not a creative one.
  11. Doesn't Interstellar have a lock on them? Kind of funny - not going to be many people in those theaters this weekend.
  12. Time review is up and pretty scathing... http://time.com/3581905/hunger-games-mockingjay-movie-review/ Did get a chuckle when they called Peeta the Ron Weasley of the series.
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