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  1. Midsommar is not getting good buzz at all at the horror communities I am a part of but whatever. Crawl on the other hand seems to be enjoyed by the people that have watched it. I have no opinion in either of these films.
  2. 1 billion ? This was supposed to be the biggest film of 2019 !!! The posts from last year are still all there for anyone to see.
  3. Looks , unsurprisingly, like shit but at least kind of better than the abominations that the previous movies were.
  4. Some people seem butthurt that another MCU film will be super fresh, cool.
  5. The book is massively more successful than the Kubrick film. It is also much better and the story actually makes sense unlike Kubrick’s film plus the book has way better characterization for the main characters. The Kubrick film is famous for Nicholson’s performance not as a film overall. Anyway with over 350 million books sold King is a much more successful writer than Kubrick ever was as a director.
  6. Seems quite different to the book. This seem to try to sell itself as a pure sequel to “the shining” with all the ghosts and stuff while in the book all this is a small part and the soul eaters , not vampires, are the main villains. The book is definitely not as horror-oriented as this trailer seems to be imply about the film version but it is understandable that they will take huge liberties for box office purposes.
  7. The monster action scenes are great but damn is the plot idiotic, the motivations of some of the characters...wow. Basically reminded me of Pa Kent from MOS and the entire BVS and luthor’s motivations. Also too militaristic, the second JW was also awful in this regard and if they are planning to have a “Dinos for weapons” plot in the third one we are doomed.
  8. 2 of the most iconic marvel storylines “the dark Phoenix” and “the death of Gwen Stacey” were ruined, such a shame...
  9. Fox not having a roadmap for these films and improvising along the way happened.
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