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  1. Nah, TFA had the nostalgia of the OT , with the original characters returning, and no real connection to the prequels. I have come to terms that this isn’t passing TFA for many weeks now so it doesn’t matter to me anymore. What I had to say I said it after its second weekend in the U.S and its ow in China which were the two crucial moments that prevented it from basically passing titanic, not TFA. Had it done better in its 2nd weekend in the U.S (as its first few weekdays were suggesting) ,say something like 125 million, and opened higher in China (as its presales numbers were suggesting ) then it would have passed titanic. So I was disappointed at that time but now no so much.
  2. Thrylos 7

    Jurassic World II OS Thread

    Universal was free to open it whenever they wanted. Also just a few days ago i was reading here about “sweet summer weekdays”, “it will be the only option for people that want to to go to the movies so the WC wont affect it” e.t.c.
  3. Thrylos 7

    Jurassic World II OS Thread

    Come on man, don’t bring such old films from completely different eras to excuse that drop , which will be bigger than 500 million WW , when all is said and done. Many folks have explained why the drop is severe , there s nothing more to be said. Oh and I think we should wait to see where exactly JW 2 is heading because 1.2 billion WW is not locked by any means, it could go substantially lower than that. All I say is when there’s expectations about a film people shouldn’t be backpedaling when the film does worse than they expected. If A4 does 1.5 billion next year I will be the first to proclaim that it underperformed. Oh, and this isn’t about Baumer, underperfrming doesn’t mean flopping, just saying.
  4. Because “it would explode in China” according to many posts a few months ago and there was even a recent club that it would more than IW and even though nobody believed that , many believed in 300 million.
  5. One look at what the vast majority of the forum was predicting for this EVEN IN COMPARISON TO INFINITY WAR (at least before IW opened) is more than enough, no revisionist history will change that, the posts are there for anyone to see. Anyway for me a sequel dropping over 500 million is not good, simple as that. I would say the same thing even for movies that I enjoy, it’s not that I am holding back based on my preferences.
  6. There’s a thread about presales and JW2, if I am reading the numbers correctly , seems to be doing horribly so far.
  7. Sorry but nobody can convince me that the lion king is equal to the beginning of a new Star Wars trilogy with all the characters of the original trilogy in there, it’s not even comparable. Difference of opinion I guess, we will see who is right in about over a year...
  8. I think that this is a new meme that is being used to describe JW2 run as an excuse “huge movies drop from the first movie” and some people are just too quick to post it everywhere...
  9. I guess it’s a U.S thing. Because a cartoon film almost 25 years ago was mega successful a new one live action will be the event of the century. Ironjimbo is actually way more logical than most people here, at least avatar was the event movie of forever and avatar 2 has a chance of repeating that . Whatever, as always time will tell and the truth will be the biggest troll for this forum once again....
  10. It’s already underperforming overseas and most predictions are that it will underperform in the U.S as well.
  11. Yep it has like 1% chance of happening but considering how crazy this club seemed when you created it even these odds are enough. The drop in the os markets is severe, in China it’s doing just o.k and the pre-sales in the U.S are terrible. At at this point it will barely make over a billion, maybe 1.1 billion or so. We will know for sure after the U.S ow because the ow is where it’s at, this won’t have anywhere near the legs of the first, Incredibles will hurt it and AATW will decimate it’s legs.
  12. Feeling good about this, the world can’t get enough of good, entertaining superhero films these days. With JW2 underperforming, Incredibles 2 doing fantastic and buttering up the audience for another humorous and kid-friendly CBM, the World Cup coming almost to an end by the time this opens , the MCU being at an all time high , this could be the surprise of the summer.
  13. Out, but it would be hilarious if it happened .
  14. Check the pre-opening IW threads and clubs and what most were saying here (and with very strong conviction) and you will get your answer. Again we are slowly entering bizzaro world again....

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