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  1. I got tired of this forum and the constant fights and abandoned it many months ago but I seem to remember tons of people swearing left and right about how and why Marry poppins was going to be the big hit of Christmas. Anyway aquaman was fantastic, by faaaaaar the best DCCU film, and I am rooting for it to do amazingly well.
  2. Thrylos 7

    Wednesday numbers: AM&TW $5.85M

    Yeah that top 5 was oozing with quality....
  3. Why would they give this the same title with one of the most classic noir films ever ?
  4. Thrylos 7

    Tuesday's Numbers:

    No, they know what they are talking about because, behind the satire and jokes, they analyze each film very well and they are obviously knowledgeable when looking at their reviews of much older films. I don’t care if they dislike a film that I like or vice versa, what they have to say , even if I disagree, is interesting and well put.
  5. Thrylos 7

    Tuesday's Numbers:

    The half in the bag guys are amazing. Their reviews, their satire are amazing and they actually know what they are talking about. More subs than that grace person and waaaaaaaay more views per video , usually over a million views .
  6. Thrylos 7

    Tuesday's Numbers:

    Yeah what is that supposed to be saying ? I have written time and time again that mods are very generous to people that use personal attacks, and sometimes very extreme personal attacks .
  7. Thrylos 7

    Tuesday's Numbers:

    Am I supposed to be one of the people that get defensive ? If nothing less I am the exact opposite , I actually overstate when something does less than my expectations and haven’t shied away from the fact that I find AATW performance disappointing. That doesn’t mean that I can’t have fun with a butthurt fanboy like Napoleon who has been crying for years every time a dccu movie underperforms or outright flops and is trying to have fun with a movie that will do better than his darlings.
  8. Thrylos 7

    Tuesday's Numbers:

    Wanna bet ?
  9. Thrylos 7

    Tuesday's Numbers:

    Will still crush justice league worldwide and possibly man of steel. Imagine a failed ant man film doing better than a Batman+Superman +Wonder Woman film and a solo Superman film.
  10. Come one man, Wonder Woman is the citizen Kane/apocalypse now/The Godfather of the dccu and the few dc fans are oversensitive over it. Let them spew their bullshit, it’s the only thing they have left when we are living on a time when a “flop” Ant man movie will make more than a justice league film worldwide. Have some mercy on the poor folks, just say yes to everything they write.... 😉
  11. Nope you are as transparent as they come, it’s some other people that are usually acting “holier than though” that are showing their true colours while providing some fantastic entertainment 😀😀
  12. .AATW Saturday shows anything but signs of a good multi but we will see. Maybe summer can help it, probably not.

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