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  1. In like Flint. Over 1.1 billion worldwide opening weekend.
  2. Easy over 1 billion worldwide .
  3. What the fuck are you talking about, the movie is on track to break the ow record in the U.K. Oh and why bring up legs when your initial post is about pre-sales ?
  4. WTF are you even talking about ? WTH do you bring spider man into this, of course the Reimi Spider man films did amazingly well, i was talking about the X-men franchise. Also I am always talking about worldwide grosses not just U.S and you know it is always a sign of desperation when someone has to use inflation to make a point. As far as spider man goes, obviously the MCU helped a lot , it actually saved the character, I can’t imagine how bad a 3rd ASM film would have done while FFH will do over 1 billion worldwide. The point is that the first X-men film should have done as good as the first Spider Man film did and lay the foundations for a huge movie franchise , the X-Men was a huge property at the time. Fox treated both the X-Men and FF4 horribly, nevermind that some nerds think that an R-rated wolverine film, which is more of a spaghetti western than an actual wolverine film, is something extraordinary. Bottom line, be patient and in a few years you will see how a true X-Men film will perform at the worldwide box office.
  5. It has done awful and never even approached what it could do. Doing between 350-750 million (and the 750 million movie was just one) million is peanuts and this will become evident when the MCU x-men movies get released even if we have to wait a few years. This is a franchise that each film should be doing 1+ billion and something like the dark Phoenix saga should be an event going even higher instead of this “fart in the wind” movie that we are getting.
  6. The x-men can’t arrive to the MCU soon enough so we can finally witness the whole box office potential that this juggernaut franchise trully has.
  7. Yeah they should just sit down , have a peace meeting and solve their differences in a civil matter. CGI battles in the ending of a modern fantasy/superhero film, oh the humanity....
  8. Village cinemas I presume . So what I wrote anecdotally in the international thread a few days ago but great seeing official evidence.
  9. Says the guy who has posted one million pictures of a tv show in a box office forum.
  10. Pffff “my big fat greek wedding” is avatar 50 times or something,
  11. Well you are in it so apparently it does.
  12. It is easy to say that now but last summer most people here were swearing that Mary Poppins returns would be a Christmas box office juggernaut and would make way over 1 billion $$ worldwide. I believe that a few were even suggesting that it would actually challenge IW for the yearly worldwide crown. I sure as hell remember people writing long essays about why MPR would be the hottest movie of the winter period when I dared to challenge that, mostly out of curiosity (the same one that I have for the lion king, the Pokémon movie and so on but I don’t care anymore to start arguements).
  13. It will have exactly zero effect on far from home.
  14. This new thread will be people whining about why the other thread was closed

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