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  1. Weird how the bombing of movies like Cleopatra gave us the new Hollywood and the bombing of Heaven’s gate was the final nail in its coffin. Anyway best thing to come from BOP is this thread.
  2. Looks amazingly awful. Stop whoring these franchises Universal. I hope it flops, even though I guess with blumhouse’s tiny budgets this is impossible , At least it seems that it won’t break out. Oh well there’s always the B&W films.
  3. As usual people in this forum are giving too much credit to political stuff when action/comic book movies fail or succeed. 99% of the audience doesn’t even care about such stuff, the movies succeed or fail on their own. GB2016 didn’t fail because it had women, it failed because it was horrible. BP didn’t do over 600 million overseas because it had an almost all black cast, it did because people liked it. The new Star Wars films has young actors (male, female, black, white) that were devoid of any kind of charisma. The new Terminator also suffered from this, the young actresses were awful and the presence of Linda Hamilton only made this more apparent , since an old Linda Hamilton looked about a million times more charismatic than the young actresses in there. The Rock, Will Smith e.t.c are the biggest stars right now. Joaquin Phoenix carried a drama to over a billion dollars. When people are using political excuses to explain why shit like the new Charlie’s angels movie failed (another film with the blandest possible stars unlike the older films which, while being awful too, at least had charismatic female leads) you know that these arguements hold no weight whatsoever.
  4. Aquaman was a joy to watch and as far away from Snyder’s style as possible. It might not have been the best CBM or whatever but it was a very enjoyable film even to people that don’t give a shit about comics while the Snyder movies were basically torture for anyone that didn’t care about comics and even for many comic book fans.
  5. Trailer looks better than expected. It has the correct vibe. I guess it is directly tied to the MCU already since Keaton plays the vulture here as well. Jarred Harris , great as always. The full vampiric morbius face looks exactly like the comics. Should be fun.
  6. The wonderful seventies Marvel horror universe deserves so much more than a Sony Morbius movie or even an MCU new blade film.
  7. Looks disgusting based on the trailer. Third rate Hollow man wannabe. Shame on Universal for whoring out their properties to such results. Oh well, watching shit like the new suspiria, the new black Christmas and more bombing gives me hope....
  8. I never claimed it wasn’t huge, I claimed that it wasn’t this amazing b.o phenomenon that some were trying to present.
  9. Both HP and esp. twilight are pure shit. If we start counting 8 or 10 or whatever movies, obviously the avengers kill everything, Star Wars and LOTR is up there, BATMAN could be counted too ,James Bond is the biggest phenomenon ever going strong for 50 years and so on and so on.
  10. That’s because it was never dominant. Would have, should have, could have, even with your baseless assumptions (really doubt China would go crazy over this boring and with minimum action franchise Nevermind that the euro is far weaker compared to the dollar these days making the european grosses suspect) , 1.6 billion wouldn’t exactly make it dominant in today’s box office world.
  11. If TLJ was more liked by the fans it would have done around 1.5 billion and TROS similar numbers worldwide, great numbers but not earth shattering ones. The problem is that the new characters are nobodies as actors and charisma vacuums, the exact of opposite of the first Star Wars films that had charismatic young actors like Ford, Williams, Fisher and gigantic legends like Cushing and Guinness. Also TFA was so bland, Lucas had the right idea for a beautiful universe in the prequels even if he fucked up other aspects.
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