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  1. Is the director of Godzilla vs kong better than Gareth Edwards?
  2. Naah I like him as the anti hero but still the good guy.
  3. Had folks experienced the 3d 4dx version of Godzilla this would have been a deep billion dollar film. Without 3d 4dx inwould still give this film a 7- 8 out of 10. It had everything. That 2014 godzilla didn't but the very little Godzilla and weak enemies of Godzilla 14 definitely hurt Koam. Still audience wom is stellar so after phoenix saga cools who knows.😜 Hope this still reaches 400 mil ww
  4. I think wom can get this to 500+m ww all. So we are looking at 200m plus in china and 50-60m in Japan?
  5. Cool thanks Canna. I'm hoping we can pull off 60m or more. Oh take a look at the ctrls on the 4dx seats. I wonder who would want to turn anything off. I'm thinking China can reach over 200m usd http://tinypic.com/r/35cj2tj/9
  6. Nice based on this chart what is G2 heading for in Japan. And any updates for China Canna? Also awesome chart there. Come on Godzilla!!
  7. Kaju Kurt ..You gotta experience this one in a good 3d 4dx theater good buddy...It takes Godzilla to one hell of a great movie to my 4 th best.movie experience of all time. Its fantastic!!!!! In terms of immersiveness in a film only Avatar has done it better , but this g2 4dx is pretty damn close...Amazing!!! http://tinypic.com/4dur3ghu
  8. The Godzilla 3d 4dx showing is absolutely amazing. In some scenes the seats had me inverted and my head facing my feet as we going into one of the bases by copter down through a opening. You feel that drop and feeling in your stomach like your plunging downwards. I may never visit a regular theater again. 4dx is that good! The weather and enviroment effects and chair movements all state of the art. You felt the snow cold blasts, they use airwind hitting your face and ears and body to simulate flying bullets and objects etc. The seats can also bank hard left or right simulate fast driving over ruff terrain, hitw and punches etc.. Every step by Godzilla and the monsters are felt. A blast of wind hits your face as Godzilla rises , ghidora created storms. Rain wetting you etc. Your blasted with forrest and other scents that fit the movie scenes. I give the Godzilla 3d 4dx showing a 11 out of 10!! Wish this movie could be seen in this way by everyone.. Wow they even utilized some of the surround 3d techniques.. Holy moly. Everyone was cheering and screaming..Godzilla 2 is awesome and 4dx takes the awesome power of big g to times 20. I don't think even amusement simulation park rides are the equal of the 4dx experience. One effect I wish they put on in this showing was heat wave or heat blast would have made it absolutely stellar beyond how great this experience already was. http://tinypic.com/4dur3ghu
  9. Think positive 75live. Wom may propel this film to great numbers yet my friend...Watching it 4dx this week! Yahoo!
  10. Watching Godzilla 2 in 4dx this wed or thurs all ..So excited to smell, feel the heat, the wind, water hitting my face and seats that spin and whirl, go side to side all enhance this experience. See it in 4dx especially or Imax if available in your area all...The 4dx reviews of Godzilla 2 are astounding!
  11. Glad you liked it Kaju Kurt. Hoping we top the 600-700 m plus ww mark⚡
  12. How did you rate the sequel?..75live loved it. I'm going to see it next week and I'm hoping its in 4dx😎. The 4dx prices are crazy tho lol. Averaging 25-35 plus , but gives up to 10 times the Imax experience. Cool things like seats lifting , lowering, tilting, rotating , dipping, spinning. Real world effects of thunder, wind, lightning, cold , heat. These theaters even provide smell for certain parts of the movie. Just dont wear your expensive shirts lol. Godzilla looks like the movie this technology was made for to enhance the experience.
  13. 😉 Mind over matter and prayer to the most high matters indeed. If we put thought into what we all want to happen with this Godzilla franchise, combined with the like minded all things are possible. Godzilla can suprise. I want 200-300 m in china now that word is that wom is great in that powerhouse territory.
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