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  1. Jgar how are you man. Us Big G fans are here with you. I think this movie will do well. Lots of positive talk on the web. Just like Avatar 2. Haters won't stop this one either but studios need to get the right release date. I think Godzilla 2 suffered from a overcrowded bo . So maybe we need to be the first big release in 2021 or Dec 2020 . Theaters might be back this year.
  2. Speak only positivity. We need everything reopened my friend. Kong better not win over Godzilla tho. Long live the king of all monsters!
  3. Joker about to smash half billy mark OS all. This may definitely past 650m internationally.. Can joker smell those loftly 700plus mil os heights? Joaquin joins the 20 plus mil a pic club for sure now
  4. Yep and took many more theater expansion os and 10 yrs of inflation to edge past it. But JC wants now the worlds first box office world breaker 3 peat. Should be very interesting on the numbers made in 2021. Seeing what the original made in 2009.adjusted domestically and OS. Avatar still vastly superior bo run.
  5. Well it had a shot,and missed it it. But Disney did a release to squeeze it by the champ. Lol. Still we know who's run was most impressive. The domesti. Ow for eg part 2 and Jokers bo without batman being involved is impressive. I don't think we will see an October run that can take joker down anytime soon. What was jokers estimated production budget? Please post anyone. Dc has finally got their hot streak going!! Yahooo! Damn can Joker smash the Aquaman??
  6. Wow very nice. Loved the movie. It would have been crazy if Jacks Joker had a background like this with Micheal Keatons bats im thinking. Wowsers!
  7. This movie was fun, but to be honest its not feeling like a repeat business winner. I did enjoy it and stay all the way to end for a certain leader of the Gbs to show up. I give it a 6.5/10 all. Nothing really new to see here but a decent b film to just have good matinee priced outing with your love one. Good thing they kept the budget low, it may be profitable even tho its a bit too silly. First film way better in my opinion
  8. Its a strange realistic version of the Jokers origin. Jack , Heath and of course Mark Hamil remain the top actors to bring the most inspiring life to the Joker character. Still Joaquin's take is definitely the third best live action joker performance of all-time. He puts Jared Leto's sacked joker to shame. And just wow on his physical performance and that joker laugh, its going to be talked about for sometime indeed. This portrayal was deep and thought provoking and another refreshing breath of life to comic films period...Bravo Mr Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix!! Bravo!! 👏 And in the words of the Joker. When you go to see this...." Put on a happy face!" 😎😉
  9. Lol very nice is Odin son. We have a 4k and hd. 60 and near 70 inch 4k. Havenr experienced a 3d hdtv yet with glasses. Does it bring any simulance to the digital surround 3d that's Godzilla was shown in. Man Godzilla digital 3d 4dx was the most immersive experience ever after Avatar 1 that ive had in life. Just so involving and epic. When you go to big epics go for 3d 4dx or 2d 4dx. You never will want to watch a movie in theaters again without 4dx. ...Ps did you ever get that 4k hdtv Odin son?
  10. Hey cap. Glad you liked it. Definitely wasnt a bad movie. The wife and I loved it. Rambo needs to grow back that long hair though. Lol Very realistic take on Rambo this time and he's actually potrayed as vulnerable on multiple fronts in this one. Now some of decisions he makes seem questionable for a super soldier with so many combat mission experience, but apart of giving Rambo more tasks to do in the finale and slightly bigger ending on the level of Rambo 3(ie. equalizer 1 or taken) I give this film a B grade = 7 out of 10 my captain. 👍😎 Bottomline: Sly still got that Rambo grittyness, indomitable energy of the character down. Rambo fans I feel will enjoy this movie. " Live for something or die for nothing!" --Kalofbom2002
  11. Loved it. Not quite as good as Rambo 4, but it shows stallone can still show the warrior beast we all rem Rambo can become. Thought they got the character wrong in some cases, as that ambush john walked into is just so unrealistic for a super solider with decades of high secretive missions accomplished would get caught up in. Lol me and my wife laughed at that one. Thought the ending could have been better. But its no where as bad as critics saying. With a more developed story and more of what made first blood 2 and one iconic and I would welcome a Rambo 6. Lol if john survives 5.😱😱
  12. Is the director of Godzilla vs kong better than Gareth Edwards?
  13. Naah I like him as the anti hero but still the good guy.
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