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  1. A BP IW double feature would have been much better than Solo IW
  2. I agree, I just list all those movies for perspective/comparison; I think Memorial Day weekend will move those numbers up a bit to.
  3. With the 2.8m Monday number, here is were IW would finish if it follows these movies: TA: $710,025,379 GOTG2: $685,298,226 Thor1: $667,125,166 Ultron: $663,556,852 IM3: $651,462,193 CW: $647,096,991 The path to $700m is very narrow, but still a glimmer of hope; my guess is $660-$680 range.
  4. Yours truly Also, @Auteur Panda, how many lists did Star Wars appear on? Thanks
  5. Definitely agree with this; I've watched several classics as well and hardly any make my top 100 - most are just not my "cup of tea".
  6. Punishment

    Monday's Numbers: updated - $4.62M (Final)

    With the 4.7m Monday, here is where IW would end it it follows these movies: TA: $741,360,368 GOTG2: $706,534,202 Thor1: $680,575,109 (added this comp as it has been following Thor1 drops very closely) Ultron: $671,355,762 IM3: $657,906,733 CW: $644,044,313
  7. I wonder if Footloose has the lowest RT score for a movie that has been on any of these top 100 lists?
  8. IW final gross with the 6.9m Thursday number if it follows these films: TA: $751,247,800 GOTG2: $710,269,763 Ultron: $665,192,469 IM3: $653,115,219 CW: $631,039,557
  9. Punishment

    Tuesday (9/5):- Infinity War - 10.67m

    I would think that Solo will have more of an impact on IW than Deadpool. Solo & IW = family films Deadpool? Not so much And it's Star Wars, so who knows how high it will go, 300-500m range?
  10. Punishment

    Tuesday (9/5):- Infinity War - 10.67m

    IW total with the 10.5m Tuesday if it follows the following films: TA: $752,914,078 GOTG2: $710,038,855 Ultron: $662,521,822 IM3: $649,556,681 CW: $627,944,902 Right now it is following GOTG2 the closest, but we all now how things can change.
  11. Punishment

    Monday number IW 8.3

    Second Monday drops: IW: -77% TA: -74% Ultron: -76% CW: -77% IM3: -78% GOTG2: -77% BP: -77% Nothing to see here...

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