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  1. Wow if they went that route, it would've been a totally different movie. But I agree...Tangled numbers
  2. RadioBuzz

    Name your guilty pleasure movies

    This is my family's favourite movie to watch together. It never ceases to make us laugh. My sister and I quote lines from that movie to each other all the time.
  3. RadioBuzz

    Sex Tape (7/18/14) Discussion

    I almost didn't even recognize Jason in the trailer Nevertheless I'll be seeing this!
  4. RadioBuzz

    Dear White People - Oct 17th

    I can't wait for this!
  5. RadioBuzz

    Weekend Actuals - 6/20-6/22

    I guess it's fitting that since we had an eternal winter, we won't be getting a summer at the box office this year
  6. Out. Maybe I'm just being ignorant but I feel this movie has no hook. I'm thinking $160M
  7. For me personally, I haven't watched Avatar in over 3 years and I can't really remember anything about the movie. Plus I haven't heard it being talked about around people I know which is way different from 2010 where my friends couldn't shut up about it.
  8. My song count on Itunes for "Let It Go" is 450...Guess that means I listen to the song at least twice a day!

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