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  1. Punching oldsters is no match for the power of Led Zeppelin.
  2. Average by normal movie standards or average by Transformers movie standards?
  3. Digital doesn't come with late fees. By the time Blockbuster got rid of those, it was already too late.
  4. They're saving the "She's a Mary Sue" for the next trailer I guess.
  5. Too bad. I was hoping Cavill would get another shot at a Superman film with a director who understood and liked the character.
  6. Fass was let down by the writing. Not his fault the writers just say "Lets have him do the same thing he did in all the other movies" with every new film.
  7. To be fair, that's every X-Man not named Wolverine, Xavier, Magneto, or Mystique.
  8. Weird. I thought Cavill was gay. Maybe it was one of the other actors in the running for Superman.
  9. WW and Cap are pretty close for me. They both have 1 strong act (2nd for WW, 1st for Cap,) and 1 act where they fumble things a bit (3rd for WW, 2nd for Cap.)
  10. I think I'm gonna save my "They made a movie about that guy?" post for Paste Pot Pete's sequel.

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