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  1. That's pretty much it unless you consider Rom and the Micronauts, they're owned by Toy companies I think.
  2. Poorly choreographed fight scenes? Maybe you just didn't notice the batnana peel when you saw it. Common mistake.
  3. It's amazing how right we can be when we remove all the datapoints that show we're wrong.
  4. Think Tele is the only person here old enough to really be able to say that.
  5. This getting same day release in China hopefully bodes well for Endgame getting the same.
  6. I dunno if Wonder Woman's OW was depressed or not. I do know I waited to see it till Saturday instead of Thursday previews like I usually do with these movies, and that was entirely due to wanting real audience reaction after the dismal duo of MoS and BvS. Given that I'm a super nerd with little patience and less chill, that's gotta be like a normie waiting a couple weeks at least.
  7. Can hardly blame her. This has turned out to be quite the clusterfuck.
  8. Hopefully Marvel doesn't go with Wolverine right off the bat. Or Magneto. And keep Xavier reduced to a supporting character, focus on the team.

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