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  1. Teller is a massive douche canoe. Hopefully none of the people he infected die.
  2. Been binge watching The Mary Tyler Moore show the last few days. Really liked Asner's Santa in Elf, and his voice work in KOTOR.
  3. Pearce being the main villain was forced by Perlmutter. It was originally supposed to be Hall's character, but boys wouldn't buy toys of that 🙄
  4. I think Simu also has martial arts training, so stunt people didn't need to be relied on as much for the action, and they didn't need to be hidden behind various tricks like fast cuts and shaky camera work.
  5. Movies that would have a family audience I can see struggling, like Space Jam and Jungle Cruise. Suicide Squad is R rated, so if its theaters only it won't be affected as much.
  6. Probably won't change till the 12 and under crowd can get vaccinated, so maybe sometime in the Fall? Hard to say for sure.
  7. California AMC added bunches of new showtimes today, including premium formats which were missing before.
  8. Wonder if they're waiting for the 15th, since thats when restrictions are supposed to be lifted in California.
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