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  1. I'm assuming this will include that stuff from the trailer where he breaks up a mob meeting or something and then the police show up.
  2. That was the problem with Fox and X-Men. They didn't have a choice on whether or not to proceed, especially after they had let Daredevil sit for so long that they scrambled to get something made, failed, and lost the rights for nothing. They had to keep making movies or risk the same thing happening with X-Men.
  3. Fu Manchu was originally the role that the Mandarin seems to be taking, but no. Mandarin is primarily an Iron Man villain in the comics.
  4. I'm wondering how much cocaine was involved during the design process for this movie, because I think the answer is all of it. All the cocaine.
  5. That's why i said variation. Don't know if I can say more since it might be considered a FFH spoiler. I just don't think it'll be Galactus, not without a Fantastic Four, and not right after Thanos. Their ends are a little too similar, even if their means and motivations are different.
  6. Maguire was good, but Holland is better, if only just. Or maybe I just like that Holland's version isn't as much of a sad sack. Both are miles better than Garfield, though.
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