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  1. WW and Cap are pretty close for me. They both have 1 strong act (2nd for WW, 1st for Cap,) and 1 act where they fumble things a bit (3rd for WW, 2nd for Cap.)
  2. He's great if the character is supposed to be punchable.
  3. I think I'm gonna save my "They made a movie about that guy?" post for Paste Pot Pete's sequel.
  4. Orestes

    Tuesday Numbers l JW2 $18.4M

    The reaction to IW probably should've been divisive, honestly. That it wasn't is kind of nuts.
  5. The only Snyder cut that matters is when WB cut him from finishing the movie.
  6. A4 needs to use Stark's "You can be damn sure we'll avenge it" line from A1 in the first trailer.
  7. That was mostly test footage that they showed at CC, and it didn't get released so much as leaked.
  8. None of the rumored choices were exciting, and some were positively dire. He was probably the best choice from the particular pool they were fishing from.
  9. The only way I'll give 3D another go is if they come up with a version that doesn't require glasses. Putting on 3D glasses over regular glasses is annoying.
  10. Fans are usually the worst, that's why they're called fans. How often are fanatics a positive force?
  11. I don't think Dark World was anywhere near as disliked among GA as BvS was. Also, Ragnarok was very obviously going in a new direction, whereas Justice League looked like they doubled down on BvS.

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