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  1. Iron Man Three is probably the most "detective" heavy SH movie (at least of the current era) that I can think of. The Batman movies have largely neglected that aspect of the character for whatever reason. Hopefully this film changes that.
  2. My top movies of the year: 1. Spider-Man: No Way Home 2. Dune 3. Licorice Pizza 4. West Side Story 5. The Power of the Dog 6. The Last Duel 7. The Green Knight. 8. Shang-Chi 9. Black Widow 10. Free Guy Honorable mentions for Belfast, Eternals, and No Time To Die.
  3. The crowd that would be nostalgic for that aren't really going to movies right now.
  4. It's not exactly arbitrary. Hitting certain milestones can mean more when it comes to tv airings and such, or at least they used to. If Disney doesn't plan for it to air anywhere other than Disney+, then those milestones might not matter much anymore.
  5. Marvel didn't kill home video sales or invent streaming, so if that were the case their resentment is misplaced.
  6. I'm not even sure how many of the nominees that year would've still been nominated, aside from Mystic River. It was the only Social Issues movie. I couldn't imagine that happening today.
  7. Yeah, the types of films that got nominated and won used to be much more diverse, but something changed when Crash won. The kind of films that voters found acceptable narrowed in a pretty big way.
  8. Being forced to see a movie in 3D sucks. I stopped going to IMAX showings for a while because everydamnthing was in 3D. I was so happy when they finally came to their senses and switched back to glorious 2D.
  9. This is why I like A-List. In the last week I've already seen NWH 1x in Dolby, 2x in IMAX, and seeing it in IMAX again on Saturday. On top of that, I saw The Kingsman today and will be seeing Licorice Pizza on Friday. Combine the other movies I saw/will see this month, and it averages out to like $2.60 a ticket. That is a bit abnormal since I usually only go once a week, but even then it averages out to around 6 bucks a ticket.
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