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  1. Thats pretty much my reaction, though I mightve liked Glover a bit more. I'd give it a solid B.
  2. I know he's no Visionary Director Tim Miller, but show some respect.
  3. I'd really like if they could swing a Spider-Verse movie and get Maguire, Garfield, and Stone back as Spider-Men/Spider-Gwen.
  4. Still a little bummed that they couldn't swing bumping up China's OW to April 27.
  5. Tuesday (9/5):- Infinity War - 10.67m

    Not quite as much. There doesn't seem to be any movie out that weekend designed to take advantage of it like there was for CW, where a movie literally called Mother's Day was in theaters. That was the movies 2nd weekend and it increased by 33%.
  6. I haven't even seen Room. It was Short Term 12, Jump Street, Scott Pilgrim, and Community that made me think Brie would be good for the role.
  7. Monday number IW 8.3

    HP and Twilight didn't really expanded the pre-film fandom, did they? Especially as they went on. I know I tapped out of HP after the 2nd or 3rd film. Never bothered with Twilight. If Marvel had done the same, they'd pretty much all be making Green Lantern or FantFourStic money.
  8. Katee Sackhoff was one of the common fancasts for this one. She was basically the female equivalent of Nathan Fillion for a while.
  9. What if Wonder Woman did help Justice League? Because it's not inconceivable that JL could've opened in the 80s. I dunno if IW will help Ant-Man directly, but AM could be boosted indirectly just due to increased interest in the next Marvel film, whatever that film happens to be.

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