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  1. We really need a 300m+ opener soonish (before getting there is a matter of inflation instead of rush) to really say how EG is doing. Right now, the only datapoints we have for an opener of that magnitude are the datapoints that EG sets.
  2. FOX couldn't let the franchise rest for a while. They had to release a movie every few years or lose the rights.
  3. Hard to say if the legs for EG are average, below average, good, or bad, because right now it's the leggiest 300m and 350m+ opener ever.
  4. Mostly because all the others are so bad. Excalibur is sort of like the latter seasons of GOT, except for almost opposite reasons. With GOT, once they ran out of material to adapt, it started feeling more and more rushed, with the current season feeling like an adapatation of a cliff notes version of a (nonexistant) final book. With Excalibur, they had so much material to work with, and tried to fit so much of it in, that it too ended up feeling like a rushed cliff notes adaptation.
  5. Yeah, even though my favorite song of theirs came out in '93, but it was pretty much all down hill after Achtung Baby.
  6. Del Toro's budget likely would've been significantly bigger, and I don't think any version of Hellboy is gonna set the box office on fire.
  7. Maybe legs would've been better if the film was more coherent? Wouldn't have helped the OW unless the Snyder Cut also travelled back in time to make BvS not suck. Maybe if Wonder Woman had a bad to mediocre audience reception. Obviously JL didn't get a big boost, but I wouldn't be surprised if in a timeline with a bad WW, JL opened below 90m.
  8. Those are from the tv folks, not the film folks like with the Disney+ shows in case anyone gets their hopes up ;).
  9. I thought it would after I saw it during previews, but not because it was a cliff hanger, though. I didn't think the GA would respond well to Thanos winning and the snapture.
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