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  1. There was also one in Iron Man 2. I'm sure we'll get him eventually, but I wouldn't take that as a sign of soon.
  2. If this is a Spider-Verse thing, hopefully they get Emma Stone back as Spider-Gwen.
  3. Yeah. When was the last time they tried this hard to inflict someone on us, Taylor Kitsch?
  4. It seems like MLB should probably call off the season.
  5. I'm not so sure. Many of us probably remember grandparents who were alive during the depression and how different some of their behaviors were to people who weren't around then. That's gonna be a lot of us :P. Speaking personally, I'm pretty much done with handshaking, and I'll always wash my hands properly from here on out.
  6. Birds of Prey was about as good as Suicide Squad was bad. Hopefully the legs reflect it, cause it seems the ow is paying for the Squads sins.
  7. Lifting the review embargo early would've also caused a flux in the space time continuum that would've allowed WB to travel back and make Suicide Squad a better movie so that its perceived sequel wouldn't take a hit. Duh.
  8. Was that the trailer that went viral because of the fucked up sound, and not because of actual interest in the film?
  9. Think that discussion came up when the first movie came out, and it was generally agreed that was the best option.
  10. An assembly cut isn't even a rough cut. Its pretty much just everything they shot, with little to no post work (special effects, music, color grading, etc.) whatsoever.
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