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  1. Oh, don't visit TMZ so had no idea. He said/She said in divorce proceedings I would take with a grain of salt.
  2. As much as I liked Gary Jules' cover of Mad World, i feel like its legacy is rather terrible. Think I'll listen to Joey Ramones' cover of Wonderful World to try and get this horrible thing out of my head.
  3. Don't have high expectations here, but posters aren't really the best way to judge a movie, even posters as amazing as this one.
  4. PLFs can be on separate contracts from normal screens, IMAX in particular. Flop or not doesn't really have much to do with it.
  5. It reminds me of that episode of Futurama where Planet Express Ship falls in love with Bender.
  6. They have about 5 or 6 fewer people they get notes from post-Perlmutter, at the very least. Don't remember how many were on the so-called Creative Committee, but they had a say, along with Perlmutter. I also think only 2 of them were actually creatives, but not in film. The others were toy people.
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