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  1. But studios don't get much say when their movies get released in China. It's up to the Chinese authorities.
  2. Steve McQueen Alfonso Cuaron David O. Russell Paul Greengrass Spike Jonze alt. Martin Scorsese
  3. More like they are getting rid off people all the time to save money. Sony will be laying off people next year, too. I'm thrilled how well Frozen is doing and since Gravity didn't managed to beat MoS in the US, I'd love to see Frozen to do it.
  4. That's not quite how the story went although close.
  5. X-Men: Days of Future Past Jennifer Lawrence Hugh Jackman Michael Fassbender Halle Berry Patrick Stewart Ian McKellen James McAvoy Anna Paquin Ellen Page Peter Dinklage Nicholas Hoult Omar Sy Fan Bingbing speaking of Altman Gosford Park Maggie Smith Michael Gambon Kristin Scott Thomas Charles Dance Jeremy Northam Geraldine Somerville Tom Hollander Bob Balaban Stephen Fry Kelly McDonald Ryan Philippe Clive Owen Helen Mirren Eileen Atkins Emily Watson Richard E. Grant Such a great British cast and used to be one of my favourite movies.
  6. Meanwhile the idiots at Marvel and DC can't stop jabbering about how movies with female heros fail at the box office and who needs Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman when you can do Doctor Strange and Aquaman instead.
  7. Well, he disliked SLP and it still did well at the box office and with awards bodies. Anyways, there were some boos, too and someone who saw the movie warned it can be quite divisive. So expect the reaction to be more mixed-positive.
  8. I wouldn't mind Scarlett getting a nomination if she had been in the movie from the beginning instead of replacing Samantha Morton in the post-production. It was Samantha who was on the set, acting with Joaquin. It was her voice Joaquin is seen reacting to so it would feel cheating giving Johansson a nomination while totally ignoring Morton's work in building the character.
  9. Scott Mendelson from Forbes has a point concerning the irony of the marketing for the movie but it's pretty unfair to blame the movie itself in a review for the reporters asking JLaw stupid questions about who she liked kissing most or what were the costumes like. http://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2013/11/20/review-the-hunger-games-catching-fire-is-just-too-ironic/ I guess another rotten will be added to RT.
  10. Well, she was asked to imitate Liam Hemsworth in that interview the gif is from, so she wasn't supposed to be 'herself'. But based on what the rest of the cast has said, Jennifer and Josh together behave like a pair of overexcited puppies or like two middle school children so it isn't really an act. Then again, she does act somewhat more mature when she's surrounded by more adult like people so it seems to depend on the company. Sam Claflin said he met Woody Harrelson for the first time in Jennifer's house party and when someone came to open the door for him and he entered her house in Atlanta, Jennifer was in the middle of mounting Woody with a sock in her hand, trying to shove in down Woody's throat.
  11. Rex Reed is a professional troll like Armond White and they should be ignored regardless what they write.
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