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  1. I swear if they've completely cut John Connor out of the franchise and replaced him, I'll never forgive Cameron. You can't have him as the whole vocal point for 35 years and cut him out. And where the fuck was the Terminator theme? Trailer looked meh by the way.
  2. Looks amazing. I think we might have our first real dark Joker on the big screen.
  3. Indeed. Man of Steel had plenty of type of scores and yet they gave it a rotten.
  4. I think she meant the movie probably started off fine and then it went downhill the more she thought about it.
  5. I'm still going to see it myself. I'm a big MCU/comic book fan. I still plan to watch all the MCU movies leading up Endgame.... and that includes The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2 and Thor 2.
  6. Yikes: https://twitter.com/stefabsky/status/1102760959440023552
  7. This is only going to go against RT even more. You know full well that Captain Marvel is getting a bad audience score no matter what now.
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