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  1. So a tv ad for this and this looks terrible. Poor Cruise starring in another flop
  2. Imma need Disney to pad those numbers up if needed just so Beauty stays ahead of the other franchise WW.
  3. Oh wow Belle is going for USD 100 million in Japan! This is oh so awesome.
  4. Hmmm, surprised this is getting that blockbuster release date instead of the usual disposable release dates of April or September. Disney must probably conifdent with this. Hope it succeeds!
  5. Nala's voice is too sweet to be handled by Beyonce. I'd rather Bey voice Sarabi than Nala
  6. I was looking for Cate Blanchett at the Thor teaser and damn it was her!!!! She was unrecognizable and amazing!
  7. Top 10 of 2018 predictions

    Did anyone see that Zootopia and Deadpool would breakout the way they did? Lol no. That's my case here. Although if there's anyone that's overpredicted, I'd say it's Gigantic. A Christmas-themed animated film (The Grinch) and a remake of a classic musical (Poppins) is a tougher competition than what Moana faced imo. Although I trust the Lopezes on their songwriting for Gigantic.
  8. So, 500 million isn't locked for Beast as I see it. Hopefully it passes Dory tho lol
  9. Top 10 of 2018 predictions

    1. Han Solo - $550 2. Infinity War - $500 3. Jurassic World - $475 4. The Incredibles 2 - $400 5. Deadpool 2 - $375 6. Gigantic - $350 7. The Grinch - $300 8. Wreck-it Ralph 2 - $300 9. Fantastic Beasts - $275 10. Mulan - $275 Disney strikes again

    Beauty and the Beast now the biggest in the Philippines? OH WOW. But I'm not surprised. It really was a phenomenon.
  11. So 650-700 OS is coming? Hopefully it reaches 1.2B when all is said and gone. Beating Elsa as the biggest musical of all time is still kinda difficult as I see it.
  12. I would actually go and watch GITS just for the cool visuals. But i guess Paramount didn't know how to convey the story through the trailers, which turned off the novie goers, And American critics killed the movie. Damn.
  13. I hope Scarjo avenges herself at the box office with the coming comedy Rough Night

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