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  1. I think Infinity War’s gross is outstanding and should be celebrated no matter what. But what makes predictions go overboard and the disappointments is because Black Panther grossed too much, just too much for Infinity War not to replicate. Had Black Planther didn’t reach that bombastic levels of North America gross, Infinity War’s numbers would be celebrated a lot more. Also as I’ve said a week before, 700 million is still not guaranteed because it’s rare for CBM to do 3x its OW. And IW is like the most anticipated Marvel movie so yeah, it’s hard for it to reach long legs
  2. Yes necer underestimate the power of Simba. Remember how The Lion King 3D became a surprise box office hit? Oh, and the Broadway is the biggest of them all. And the soundtrack is the biggest of them all. And the original movie was once the biggest of them all. Everything Simba touches turns to gold.
  3. I wish they hired a different Captain Marvel, someone who’s more sexy but can kick all the ass in the world (like Angelina Jolie or ScarJo or Gal Gadot). But hey this will do tons of money so who cares.
  4. I think 600 million Dom is locked by now. But I’m still cautious about going above 700 million since CBM rarely goes above 3x multiplier of their OW unless it’s an origin movie or a movie kicking off a franchise (GOTG, Black Panther, The Avengers). So yeah, but hey the cliffhanger ending is making a lot of people talk about it so that must be a thing. And the no spoilers thing will just make everyone go to theatres in a hurry.
  5. Imma need Disney to pad those numbers up if needed just so Beauty stays ahead of the other franchise WW.
  6. Oh wow Belle is going for USD 100 million in Japan! This is oh so awesome.
  7. Hmmm, surprised this is getting that blockbuster release date instead of the usual disposable release dates of April or September. Disney must probably conifdent with this. Hope it succeeds!
  8. This will have a monstrous opening, but probably a lower total domestic, unless another Let It Go comes along.
  9. Did anyone see that Zootopia and Deadpool would breakout the way they did? Lol no. That's my case here. Although if there's anyone that's overpredicted, I'd say it's Gigantic. A Christmas-themed animated film (The Grinch) and a remake of a classic musical (Poppins) is a tougher competition than what Moana faced imo. Although I trust the Lopezes on their songwriting for Gigantic.
  10. 1. Han Solo - $550 2. Infinity War - $500 3. Jurassic World - $475 4. The Incredibles 2 - $400 5. Deadpool 2 - $375 6. Gigantic - $350 7. The Grinch - $300 8. Wreck-it Ralph 2 - $300 9. Fantastic Beasts - $275 10. Mulan - $275 Disney strikes again
  11. Beauty and the Beast now the biggest in the Philippines? OH WOW. But I'm not surprised. It really was a phenomenon.
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