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  1. I think the Lion King might have something to say about that
  2. Even is you just go by box office and ignore everything else associated with box office I don't see how Cameron's career is equal to Speilberg's. Taking Speilberg's first nine films against Cameron's according to BOM he has Jaws/ Raiders/ ET/ Temple of Doom/ Color Purple.That's already more than Cameron's only nine films adjusted domestically (~3.5 to ~ 2.9), though probably less worldwide.So if you you consider that roughly equal then to think that Cameron has a better career box office wise then you would have to think that the rest of Speilberg's career is a net negative, and that includes Jurassic Park 1 & 2/ Last Crusade/ Saving Private Ryan/ War of the Worlds/ Lincoln etc. which clearly isn't true.Grossing so much over such a length of time with so many types of different movies makes Speilberg's career more impressive not less
  3. clearbluewaters

    Prometheus - June 8, 2012 USE SPOILER TAGS

    I thought the film was visually stunning, Fassbender's acting was great and I'm pretty sure that the Director's cut will be a significantly better movie but the writing and character development really dragged it down for me. I'm usually able to suspend belief in movies that aren't particularly based in reality but there was a little bit too much in this movie. It might come across as nit picky and I don't expect hollywood writers to know better but it's still frustrating.

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