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  1. Even is you just go by box office and ignore everything else associated with box office I don't see how Cameron's career is equal to Speilberg's. Taking Speilberg's first nine films against Cameron's according to BOM he has Jaws/ Raiders/ ET/ Temple of Doom/ Color Purple.That's already more than Cameron's only nine films adjusted domestically (~3.5 to ~ 2.9), though probably less worldwide.So if you you consider that roughly equal then to think that Cameron has a better career box office wise then you would have to think that the rest of Speilberg's career is a net negative, and that includes Jurassic Park 1 & 2/ Last Crusade/ Saving Private Ryan/ War of the Worlds/ Lincoln etc. which clearly isn't true.Grossing so much over such a length of time with so many types of different movies makes Speilberg's career more impressive not less
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