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  1. After reading a few reviews, seems like my concern about the casting of the two leads was justified. I can definitely see myself wanting to watch this on a large screen if it had more compelling leads. As it stands, the spectacle itself just isn't enough.
  2. In my view GotG increasing from 333m to around 390m is not "a relatively okay increase". A lot of break outs don't actually increase at all with their sequel, so I'd say GotG 2 performed very nicely, no qualifiers needed. It's certainly not the first movie I'd use as proof that the MCU's audience isn't growing. I'd probably go to CW for that, or any other movie that actually requires watching a bunch of previous installments to know what's going on. How much do you see the JW2 and Deadpool 2 doing? I mean I see both declining, but I still think both will be pretty darn successful (I see JW2 winning 2018, for instance).
  3. Mostly I just find the trailer really unfunny. Every joke landed flat for me. the other point is this looks nothing like the original Jumanji - not in tone and not story-wise. It just feels like using the name for the sake of giving it name-recognition and nostalgia-baiting.
  4. Will be interesting to see if Spider-Man has any substantial impact on WW's late legs.
  5. I get being a bit fatigued by the notion of yet another Spider-Man movie, it is the third iteration in 15 years after all. but personally I've been won over by the positive reviews and now plan to watch it OW. No point in holding Sony's past mistakes against a good Marvel movie.
  6. Top 10 of 2018 predictions

    I'd agree if it wasn't split into two "culminations". The fact that it's a "part 1" (even if not by name) will lower prospects for it just like it did for the Hunger Games Mockingjay Pt. 1. Infinity War isn't a real culmination because it's not the final movie yet. It's going to be big, but it won't have that "final chapter" boost.
  7. Ugh, Baby Driver deserves better.
  8. I saw nothing from Han worth getting banned over. Pity if some users target with reports an opinion they disagree with.
  9. Agreed. It's going to decrease from JW, no doubt, but I still see it as the best contender for the 2018 crown (especially now that Solo lost its directors mid-production).
  10. Yeah, Incredible Hulk and IM2 may look like comparative weak links in retrospect, but I don't remember anyone doubting the MCU's future because of them. the MCU didn't have a string of critical/WOM/Box office flops. Even the weaker movies were still generally well received. Nothing like the Dark Universe (which already had false starts with Van Helsing and Dracula Untold, even if we're not meant to act like those exist).
  11. People were patient with Marvel? At what point did it have a real clunker that people needed to be patient about? Their universe got off to a great start with Iron Man and hasn't really slowed down since... I'm not sure I follow the comparison.
  12. I feel like GotG2 suffered the curse of inflated expectations whereas WW is enjoying the advantages of being a breakour hit no one really saw coming (much like the first GotG). When you expect the world it's easy to feel let down even by objectively great results. When you expect nothing, a great result is exciting and fresh. So even though GotG2 will still be the biggest movie this summer domestically, it's not the biggest story. That's fine by me, I enjoyed it more than WW but I don't begrudge WW the attention and success. It will do the entire industry good in the long run.

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