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  1. UK numbers are decent. BR £6m start. Ninjago had strong previews. It is over £30m, Kingsman nearly at £20m.
  2. Tuesday Box Office, AM 2.0, IT 1.39, LEGO .643

    Good WoM is kicking in for AM. Will break even soon and start making profit.
  3. Not bad for American Made. Expecting good WoM and decent legs.
  4. Will be a close race. Wouldn't be shocked of It comes out on top, Kingsman WoM is bad. I'll stay conservative though: American Made 18.7m Kingsman 17.8m It 17.4m Flatliners 7.2m
  5. Kingsman has mixed WoM at best. Weekday drops are not good. Just hit £10m. It is meanwhile at £27m, keeping the hot run going. Dunkirk closing on TDKR.
  6. DUNKIRK | 323.6 M overseas ● 508.7 M worldwide

    Highest grossing WW2 movie globally.
  7. American Made | 9/29/2017

    Loved the shots where you can see Cruise flying the plane manually and delivering a close-up landing in a ridiculously rough runway in Nicaragua.
  8. Very strong preview numbers for KM. £1.2m Wednesday. £10m 5-day OW probable. It reached £23m. Vic weekdays are strong as expected. Cume £3m. Dunkirk will hit £56m this weekend. Passing TDKR is a a lock, it's a question of when.
  9. mother! (2017)

    I think Darren did the utmost with the subject matter. The message wasn't unique, but quite clear. It sums up the current state of things in our society. It's dark but funny as well and the camerawork and editing is Oscar-worthy. It gets under your skin. The fact that people hate and dislike this film with passion and some with anger further proves that it is art-house cinema at its best.
  10. It will clear 100m. Every single Cruise led vehicle did the past 25 years. Incredible streak that will continue.
  11. Arrival was unoriginal. I enjoyed it, because I love the sci-fi genre, but I couldn't care much of it halfway through. It's a decent film, but not much to write home about. Amy Adams wasn't snubbed at the Oscar, she was better in Nocturnal Animals IMO. The message of mother! isn't unique, but the way it was presented was. Plus the claustrophobic camerawork really made it an uneasy watch. You really wanna hate it, but can't help falling in love with it. JLaw might grab her 5th Oscar nom (at the age of 27!!!). Again, A Ghost Story is in my top 5 of the year so far. Sits high up with Dunkirk, Get Out, Detroit and Life (most underrated film of the year).
  12. I agree. Nightcrawler was incredible. There was nothing challenging about Arrival and Hell and High Water. Both were decent, but had much superior entries in their respectable genres in the recent years. Now mother! is challenging. You can love it or loathe it, but it is a cinematic experience of epic proportions that sure to create emotional response upon watching and that is the point of art.

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