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  1. Fantastic numbers. Looks like it might overtake Fast and Furious 6 WW this weekend which is a great achievement.
  2. I expect CRA to beat Predator handily over 3-day weekend.
  3. Crazy rich previews did really well. It will do very well over the weekend.
  4. MM2 still pacing ahead of the first one. Could end anywhere between £65m-70m. Even IW can be caught.
  5. Very impressive numbers everywhere especially markets where there is serious heatwave atm. I don't know why people expect ridiculous increases, RN was a well reviewed film with decent legs, Fallout is better and it shows, but it's not like it had a bum of s predecessor to improve on.
  6. Will be an interesting weekend. AM2 OD was around £1m. Expecting a lower opening than Fallout.
  7. Decent drop. Already catching up with AM2, 200m seems like Aaron lock and very good chance at going after franchise bets numbers and aim to target FF and Bourne Ultimatum.
  8. We got three juggernauts with excellent WoM, will be interesting to see how the mediocre Ant Man fares this coming weekend.
  9. Considering it is coming straight after a super popular IW, I’d say more was expected from AM2. Especially overseas. Not bad numbers just meh overall like the movie.
  10. It’s a smashing hit. Considering it’s based on less known ABBA songs, the numbers are amazing. Obviously the first one won’t be matched but film itself better so it will have decent legs. 400m is the floor. 450-470m is probable, maybe 500m depending on China.
  11. It’s doing great. Rogue Nation was a brilliant film with great WoM, so the increase was never gonna be ridiculous. Skyfall would have made less than 250m in the summer, it had the holiday boost and award buzz behind it.
  12. Great Sunday holds due to the arrival of the rain. Fallout lit the UK fuse with a 5-day tally slightly over £7m.
  13. MM I saw doing really well. WoM is good in the UK. I can see it coming close to the first one. 55-60m looks like the floor at this point.
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