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  1. Isn't this dude one of those fanboy "scoopers" who just publicly spoils movies months before release and takes pride in that? Why should we take his opinion on anything seriously?
  2. Did anyone even see the first half of season 5? I've seen the first three seasons thrice, and I still haven't seen the first half of season 5
  3. Why, oh why do so many people always ask Grace Randolph - a woman whose "sources" are probably just a janitor in the building adjacent to Lucasfilm - questions about big budget films? She's like every bad fanboy scooper/"Twitter influencer" put into a blender, and then shat out. She doesn't know anything about the film industry, or the people who work there, and all she does is peddle misinformation.
  4. How many hours till reactions drop? So fucking stupid that so much of the discourse around this movie is about Brie's gender and push for diversity. There's literally no harm in diversification in the media we consume, the majority of big films out are still gonna star straight, white men. There's a lot things to be criticize about the marketing since it looks very generic, but when your complaints boil down not wanting girls to have a shot at the toybox, you just sound like an emotionally stunted, sad dude.
  5. I'd be surprised if this didn't get rave reviews, so this RT audience score is meaningless. I mean, Ashita has a 93% audience score, and I very much doubt that WOM is that high for such a niche film.
  6. Lets hope so. It looks good, but I just feel like WB is gonna start promoting it too little too late for it to break out like it could have.
  7. Shazam also shares a name with a very popular app, so that will no doubt inflate the film's twitter numbers.
  8. lmao, this blew over in like a day. Tom Cruise has a reputation of being the nicest guy while on-set for a film, so him being a jerk to military officials seemed incredibly off to me. Feel like people are under-predicting this movie though, Top Gun left a much bigger impact on pop-culture than something like Independence Day, so I feel like it's not gonna go the way of Resurgence; especially with Maverick back.
  9. Awareness for this is so low. It looks like the best DCEU film, and is gonna easily end up making the least because WB isn't gonna start marketing it until 3 weeks before release.
  10. I lived in an Arab country for most of my life until College, but sure, I'm a xenophobe. Whatever you s(h)ay.
  11. WB has a lot of other properties they'd prioritize over a sequel to a film that most people forgot even happened, and that didn't even earn $300m worldwide
  12. What's wrong with the top gun 2 thread? Did scientologists hack it or something since there were negative Cruise rumours whirling there?
  13. Only a matter of time before Daniel Radcliffe Wolverine does a billie...

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