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  1. Untouchables is just a lean, bad-ass film. De Niro is really great as Capone. In general that dude’s run from Mean Streets to Jackie Brown is pretty untouchable
  2. Release all movies theatrically overseas, PVOD domestically. Since cinemas won't be opening up stateside for a long time
  3. Conversely it could wind up looking like most block-busters that are shot on sound stages, lol
  4. Scarface seems to be pretty divisive but I love it a lot. I know people dunk on Pacino’s turn in that, but I thought it worked insanely well for what De Palma was saying about excess in the 80’s. Carlito’s Way is a lot of fun too, ditto Untouchables
  5. Finally started watching Better Call Saul, waited on watching this since I thought it’d water down BrBa, but I was insanely wrong. Really great stuff and Odenkirk’s a treasure Saw Police Story, Jackie Chan the GOAT. Close Enough was a lot of fun, but I grew up with Regular Show, so maybe I’m a bit biased.
  6. This news is so cool. I wanted a Gotham Central show for ages, the Gotham TV show we wound up getting was so lame. Terrence Winter is an insane get for a comic book TV show, I couldn't see him ever signing onto one pre-Vinyl lol
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