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  1. All three shows (Batman TAS, The New Batman Adventures and Batman Beyond) are on the same level for me. Justice League/JLU/Superman: TAS on a lower level of quality, haven't seen enough of static shock to judge. Granted I haven't seen any of these shows since I was really young (sans Batman TAS), so maybe my memory's hazy.
  2. It's aged pretty bad, tried to watch it again a few years ago and it wasn't anywhere near as good as I remembered. Ditto the 90's Spider-Man cartoon. The Batman one was good though
  3. Or maybe they were on a time crunch, over-worked and under-paid? VFX houses are consistently given unrealistic deadlines by Studios and then get scrutinized for sub-par work.
  4. I hope these movies go the way of the western soon, every new announcement made is worse and worse
  5. A+ Parasite Once Upon a Time in Hollywood A The Farewell Ad Astra High Life B+ Shazam! Pain and Glory Doctor Sleep Avengers Endgame How to Train Your Dragon 3 B Joker Us Ready or Not B- The LEGO Movie 2 C It Chapter Two Captain Marvel D Glass Brightburn F Velvet Buzzsaw
  6. Sonic doesn't look boring though. It looks like a discount Jon Watts Spider-Man movie, but this shit looks like a chore to sit through
  7. Universal decided to do the reverse of what Paramount did with Sonic. Bold move, gotta respect it.
  8. Three of the four actors who won an Oscar in February had episodes of TV drop over the weekend (Watchmen, Mr. Robot, The Crown). Pretty cool!
  9. Exactly. Haley was good as homeless batman, but that's a blatant mis-characterization of Rorschach from the comics; who was very deliberately a take-down of objectivist/Randian heroes like Ditko's Mr. A & The Question. I will say that Crudop as Manhattan ruled, interested to see who Lindelof cast for that in the show. Justin Theroux?
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