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  1. It's 45 days minimum, they'll extend the window for their bigger movies
  2. Station Eleven - so so so good, such a beautiful and humane story in the midst of all-encompassing bleakness (both narratively and in the greater scheme of things). In many ways a spiritual successor to The Leftovers, but also it's own completely different despite similarities in structure and editing. I guess I'd call it "Lindelovian" idk lol
  3. All these twitter guys post the exact same 3 takes that they rotate between every few months. Surely it gets tiresome.
  4. These guys can barely make the main DC Universe work, they shouldn't be touching Dr. Manhattan with a 50 foot pole lol
  5. Finally got around to Succession season 3. Incredible stuff, probably my favorite season of TV since The Leftovers season 3 edit: also Dasha from redscare as kendall's PR lady was pretty funny lol
  6. Speaking of Sean Baker films, surprised to see such little heat for Simon Rex in Red Rocket. Thought he was excellent.
  7. idk why they needed to put another trailer out so soon, but it still looks so fucking good
  8. Captures all the feelings of being in love for the first time so beautifully and distills it into 133 minutes. Can't remember the last time I left a movie feeling this euphoric
  9. Neo's game developer friend is the most annoying movie character I've seen in anything all year. Just insufferable. Bad movie but Yahya innocent
  10. How is WB just ok with all their movies bombing lol
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