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  1. Mandalorian and Ratched got in but not Better Call Saul, wtf haha
  2. There's a big difference in getting something for no additional charge after paying a subscription fee and being asked to pay an additional $30 after a $7 (soon $8) subscription fee
  3. It doesn't seem very consumer friendly when every other service is offering big budget movies for free. It'd be one thing if this was an alternative to going to see it theatrically, but it's pretty much the main way most people will see it.
  4. They're still doing this asinine $29.99 thing, why. Cinemas won't be open in a big enough capacity in March, just take the L and give it the Soul treatment.
  5. Yeah, he doesn't exactly have great taste either lol
  6. Pretty obvious this was done to have another BIG budget film on Max relatively close to WW84, so they don't bleed too many subscribers. AT&T are banking on this + Snyder Cut in March. We'll see.
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