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  1. AT&T should just fold WB at this point and go all-in on a failing, domestic-only streaming service
  2. I think Space Jam goes Max and Jungle Cruise goes D+. Shang Chi > $300m, Top Gun 2 > $150m? Uncharted does sub-$80m, ditto Tomorrow War.
  3. This is also the last film in this contract though. Surely makes more sense for streaming than a second part of a proposed franchise
  4. Wasn't the whole USP for this that they got a big name show-runner. If they get some no-name to run this, not sure what the appeal would be.
  5. Finally saw Free Solo after my friends have been hounding me to see it for ages and absolutely adored it. Would have been easy top 5 of 2018 if I saw it when it opened. Now I really miss going rock-climbing, lol
  6. RPattz always looks like he’s running on two hours of sleep
  7. I feel like these guys have no understanding of Spider-Man as a character
  8. over/under the Trump thing pushed them last minute
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