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  1. Been indifferent to Clint's recent work, thought Sniper was pretty bad, but Ehlrich called it his "best in 25 years" so I'll try to see this once my finals are over
  2. This sounds like a film where critics will be fine on [hence 75%+ rating but low average score] but the kind of film that audiences are gonna lap up. The reviews make me even more confident this will succeed, so good job @ChipMunky
  3. Is the X-Force movie still happening? Could be pretty great, but it hasn't been given a green-light/release date yet, so it's probably gonna be up to Disney if it happens
  4. If this movie makes money could it be the Spider-Man [2002] of animated super hero films? Could we get competing animated cinematic universes between the companies on top of live action ones? I know there's meant to be a LEGO Batman 2, but idk if that really counts since it's technically a LEGO film too
  5. Yeah that's cool and all, but what I really wanna know is if they play Chilly Tee - Get Off Mine in Bumblebee

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