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  1. Box Office Casino

  2. Box Office Casino

    I bet 100 on Ant-Man 2 over $300m domestic to 2 people I bet 100 on JWFK OW > $140m to 2 people I bet 100 on SOLO weekend 2 drop sub-60% (from 3 day) to 2 people
  3. I have it over DP2 for sure. Somewhere around $340-365m, with the very low off chance of hitting $400m if everything goes in its favour quality wise and Skyscraper/EQ2/MI6/C.Robin all underperform/disappoint.
  4. What are your predicts for AM&W? Feeling serious breakout potential...
  5. JW, I2 and maybe AM&W all over $400m dom imo
  6. Is this movie the reason the Cruise Missile's not in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood?
  7. Being the first 4-quad film since Infinity War and until Inc. 2 should help it greatly I think, and also since it's the closest to a reboot the franchise has experienced. The increase in general accessibility might outweigh any potential loss from TLJ souring SW fans away from any newer SW films (even then, i doubt that would have been a loss much greater than $1m give or take)
  8. idk, this film just seems like it will be a lot more walk-up driven than past SW films. Probably the first one since ep1 where you don't have to see any of the others to make sense of all of it; could be really GA friendly in that regard.

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