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  1. Justin Theroux deserved more high-profile gigs post-Leftovers than voicing a dog on a streaming film 😕
  2. I mean, it could be the case that it's too messy/fan service-y, but I'd be surprised if it isn't an absolute crowd-pleaser. Worst case right now seems to be a movie made "for the fans", and that could end up playing great for the film's legs even if (big if) reviews aren't as solid as expected. FWIW i'm expecting like 79% fresh and an A+ cinemascore.
  3. Was expecting a trailer with Endgame, guess they're attaching it to Godzilla?
  4. This is the first time I've been so excited for a film that I'm literally counting the days to it since... Dark Knight Rises?
  5. TMP

    Endgame OW contest

    Domestic: $291m Overseas: $710m Worldwide: $1.01b China: 1,006,380,000 Yuan
  6. It's a bond shared between former-schlubby sitcom stars who are now muscle bound super heroes. Just a matter of time before John Krasinski joins in on the fun as Kraven the Hunter for Sony or something.
  7. Biggest movie opinion change from this MCU rewatch is definitely GOTG 2; didn't really like it before - really dig it now, top tier MCU
  8. Kubo and Nightmare Before Christmas were technically live-action

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