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  1. Also in, this is gonna be a WOM monster; and after such a good 5 day opening I could see it cruise past $150m
  2. Not even in Singapore???
  3. Getting my A-Level results in about 10 minutes
  4. Results day tomorrow FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK
  5. At an IMAX screening for the meg and I’m the only person who bought a ticket. Never seen a movie at an empty cinema before haha
  6. EARLY SUNDAY AM UPDATE: Warner Bros./China Gravity’s co-production The Meg is swimming in with an opening between $44M-$45M at 4,118 theaters — the second widest August release after Suicide Squad (4,255 locations). Meg held fantastically well on Saturday with $16.3M, -1% from Friday’s $16.5M, which remember includes $4M of Thursday previews. Technically, Saturday is really +30% over Friday which means that Meg wasn’t frontloaded like a genre movie.
  7. After $34m in 2 days??? That’d be a historic drop for Sunday!!
  8. Does a ticket to the Meg cost 25% more than a ticket to any other film? Since they're partially Chinese funded, ergo imports from China
  9. Kind of OT, but you gotta give props to Cruise's PR team for managing to take his public image from his Oprah/Lauer disaster in 2005 to being considered one of the most committed actors around 13 years later. I think him doubling down on his work really made him recover from that debacle; kind of like an inverse-Johnny Depp
  10. Was really pulling for a $20m+ weekend for Fallout. Hopefully it goes up again with further estimates/actuals.
  11. One of these days Tom Cruise is gonna die for our action movie sins. A

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