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  1. Yeah, I don't know why the reunion of two of the greatest actors of all-time (and Joe Pesci, who I also love) with Scorsese behind the camera would be less likely to be nominated than discount Dunkirk with a gimmick. This is the first time Marty's ever even worked with PacinHOO HA, and every Marty/De Niro collab beforehand's been incredible (I haven't seen New York, New York though, so maybe that breaks their streak)
  2. Last time I made fun of incels I got banned from the Joker thread, so I got nothing
  3. Don't forget tbh I'd be surprised if it did more than Selma domestically though
  4. This is the source So it's not true, and if it is it'll just be a coincidence.
  5. Not really a "what if" case considering it was a $175m+ Dr. Dolittle film before extensive reshoots with a different writer and director on board, and it opens in January. It won't hurt Downey, but I don't see any scenario where it's a hit
  6. Deadline's box office maths is bad, but their news sources are very solid
  7. RDJ is in Black Widow. Looks like that's locked now
  8. Maybe they should have invested that money into better working conditions instead of a movie no-one asked for
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