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  1. One Night in Miami was pretty great. There are moments where it feels a bit stage-y and workmanlike, but King did a pretty solid job behind the lens; especially when it came to the pacing and directing the ensemble. The guy who plays Malcolm X was the MVP, really great performance.
  2. Picture: Mank Nomadland Trial of the Chicago 7 French Dispatch One Night in Miami Dunc Judas and the Black Messiah News of the World Da 5 Bloods Director: Fincher Zhao Sorkin Anderson King/Villeneuve Actor Daniel Kaluuya Anthony Hopkins Gary Oldman Delroy Lindo Someone from One Night in Miami Actress Viola Davis Frances McDormand Vanessa Kirby Pffieffer Hudson Supp. Actor Boseman Yahya (Chicago 7) Someone from One Night in Miami David Strathairn Jeremy Strong (Chicago 7) idk enough about the supporting actress category to make predictions, or what’s original and what’s adapted
  3. Minhaj has better comedic timing than Kumail, imo. He has less acting experience though. Maybe it's a Lollywood dance sequence, lol
  4. Mission Impossible Fallout is also one of the best reviewed big budget films of the century, what are you on about
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