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  1. Parasite (A+) The Irishman (A+) Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (A+) Little Women (A) Marriage Story (A) Ford/Ferrari (B+) 1917 (B) Joker (B-) Jojo Rabbit (D)
  2. This Crisis shit was so embarrassing. HBO should be the only people allowed to make DC shows, and even then it should be one every two years.
  3. A DC project released in October 2019 did elevate the comic book genre to new heights. It was just on cable TV.
  4. The Looking Glass episode and Extraordinary Being were both incredible
  5. Downsizing is one of the worst films I've seen in the last few years, but I loved Chau in it so it was nice to see her get a lot to chew on with this. edit: Last two? I thought the Manhattan episode was the strongest one, even with the weird look
  6. I think I'll wait for the R-rated Morbius character study with Joaquin Phoenix, inspired by Cape Fear, 3 years from now. Might even get some Oscar buzz!
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