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  1. Batman Returns (rewatch) - A Brighter Summer Day - A+ CloseUp (1990) - A Chungking Express (rewatch) - A+ Hard Boiled - A In the Mood for Love - A+ The Host (2006) (rewatch) - A-
  2. This video covers it pretty well, but essentially he keeps plugging his subscription-based fitness app "Centr" and that that's how him and his stunt double (who somehow gained 20 lbs of muscle and dropped to 8% body fat in 8 weeks "naturally) got the way they are
  3. Hemsworth is juiced out of his fucking mind and still has the audacity to charge people for a fitness app he set up lol
  4. I've been listening to Sawayama so much the last few days, unexpected casting haha
  5. "In the strong, stoic macho heroes that... Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman played" Huh? Dustin Hoffman's work is like the antithesis of that lol
  6. I think it's cool that this guy has a physique that actually looks achievable without high doses of HGH. If that means he's "average" looking then I think we should see that as a positive, considering the insanely unrealistic body expectations set by a lot of these Marvel guys who are juicing like crazy.
  7. Sounds awful but I'll still still see it opening night for the Tobes
  8. Yeah, I actually thought about while watching it. Seems like a weird thing to watch in a post-Info Wars/Qanon world, but this film was shot in 2018 so I guess it's just bad timing
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