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  1. A solid B. It's good, easy to watch and fast.Don't go in expecting some deep thoughtful movie about identity or what makes you, you. Nor does it ever try to sell itself as such. Just take it as it should be, a solid sci-fi action/chase movie. If you've watched the original, this movie basically has the same plot, just different setting, however I wish they did change it up a bit. Les knows how to do action sequences. The fight scenes and chase scenes were very well done. At least the action sequences were a lot better than the nonsensical mess in Battleship (a movie which unfortunately TR has been compared to). The look of the movie is definitely a lot better than the original, but that is expected as well. The pace is pretty fast. At least I wasn't looking at my watch to see how long I've been sitting there like some movies. The characters are standard but Kate and Jessica are damn hot. Kate is a damn good bad-ass. It's also predictable even if you haven't seen the original.Some of the chase scenes can get too long and I wish they tried to have more head games as far as Colin's character questioning his reality. But again, I didn't go in with those expectations. It's a solid movie, it's just too bad it won't do well in the BO.
  2. So around a jump in the 40% range? Looks like its making up for some lost ground.
  3. Mad Martigan and Sorsha. Heh yeah I had a crush on Sorsha.
  4. Wow following this thread on mobile is not easy!Anyway it seems to me the holdovers are doing ok even for Olympic opening day.IA4 -40.8%Ted -32.2%TASM -44.9%Brave -36.2%Pretty normal IMO. TDKR was affected for sure by the shooting And opening ceremony, but it looks to me like it's more front loaded than initially believed.
  5. Quick question guys: So RTH, who is pretty reliable, earlier gave a range of 17.2 to 17.6 and looks like other reliable sources say 18. Which is more accurate? ERC because they gave a later estimate or RTH just because of past estimates? Also, looks like the Olympics Opening Ceremony did better than 2008. Rating's of Opening Ceremony up 23% household share, up7% and the western cities like SD and Denver had higher share than urban averages. Guess it had a bigger impact than some people thought.
  6. Fish Called Wanda is one of my all time favorites from the 80's. Too bad we can't include the other classics like Monty Python and the Holy Grail or Blazing Saddles both from the 70's but timeless IMO.And one other movie came to mind that I think wasn't listedWillow. I know many didn't like it and it didn't do too well in the BO, but I thought it was a great fantasy movie.
  7. Sounds like a solid opening for TDKR but how does TDKR rank as far as openings in the Philippines? And what's the prediction for Legacy?
  8. That is one ridiculous list Think almost all my favorite 80's movies have been named except SpaceballsHistory of the World Part 1Spies Like UsFletchDead CalmProbably have more but so many movies that I like.
  9. Still a little to early to tell. It should be behaving like any other movie since its only been less than a week from the Colorado tragedy.As time passes, holdovers should be trickling in the later weeks. If there were a number of people that decided to wait during the first week, it should show up in better holds later on. That's the hope anyway...let's see.
  10. Hmm think 5:30 gmt is 10:30am pst and 1:30 pm est. And NBC will definitely tape delay some prime events for prime time. And with the continuous bad press I wouldn't be surprised by an even softer weekend.
  11. Does anyone think that the Olympics will have any impact on the Box Office and by how much? Again, this is the kind of programming that could affect the weekend numbers, both foreign and domestic.
  12. Just saw the 2pm showing. A very good Batman movie. Right on par with BB IMO, but not at the TDK level. Bane exceeded my expectations as the villain, definitely menacing, but not as mesmerizing as the Joker. I have to give props to Nolan for getting better at action sequences and some were especially brutal and sucked you right in. There was utter silence in the crowd during some scenes. Also, the score definitely helped amplify the moments in the film but sometimes I felt like it was just too much.Hathaway as Selena Kyle :wub:The movie is still too long, or it just had these dead spots that I felt were unnecessary. I can see where the main criticisms of the movie is coming from.
  13. I'm in agreement with most people here. He's made some great movies and he's on the way to getting to that status, but he needs a longer track record and we need to know if his movies age well.
  14. That's a very fair argument. The trick is to do the allocations because we can't say for sure which movies were depressed more or less by the events. Of course if we had to make a max argument, then we could allocate all the missing 25M to TDKR and get a number of about 188, according to current estimates.A more accurate way would be to take a look at admissions but of course there is a very wide debate on how to do that.
  15. Oops poor choice of words. Maybe: Prior to TA, if people here were to predict which movie had the best chance to break 200M OW, I would guess most would have said TDKR. And when TA broke 200M then....
  16. Just my 2 cents: TDK and TDKR (have not seen yet) are supposed to be more gritty and harsh movies. And while Nolan is masterful at making movies with such an atmosphere, it's not a movie that some in the GA would put on their to watch list despite any WOM. It was still going to be the mega-blockbuster because it was the last of the trilogy and the most hyped summer movie of 2012. But when the reviews started coming in, the first thing that came to mind was this movie is not to the level of TDKR. Also, with all the other stuff going on in the world. the drought, Syria, debt crisis, etc.. I think people want something more uplifting now or at least an escape, and are tired of feeling down. And now with the tragedy in Colorado... I'm guessing that was the general feeling around here. I'm still pretty new here but I think that most people predicted that if any movie was to break the 200M barrier first it was supposed TDKR and when TA came out, TDKR would easily follow.
  17. Just was trying to catch up on part of this thread while watching the news. Emotions are really running high right now everywhere. I'm truly saddened from what happened in Colorado and thoughts and prayers go to everyone affected by this tragedy.I have friends who live in Denver and while I know they most likely wouldn't go to a midnight premier, made me want to make sure everything is ok.
  18. Battle Beyond the Stars. That's a title I haven't heard in a long time..I think I'm gonna have to watch it again and yes it was incredibly cheesy. I always remember snippets from that movie being used in even worse sci-fi movies.
  19. Haha yeah I like to lurk in that thread. Very interesting reading. TDKR is gonna be massive this weekend regardless of anyone's opinion..Anyway very happy with the actuals, looks like everything went up from estimates so far. Nice! Sad that this may be the last weekend that The Avengers grossed 1M+ but oh well...all good things come to an end.
  20. Several movies come into mind: Hercules (1983) with Lou Ferrigno - He throws a bear into space and it becomes Ursa Major! You can't not laugh at that..Ice Pirates - Space comedy at its bestLake Placid
  21. Dark energy? Dark world as it's source? Maybe it has something to do with replenishing this dark energy Odin is using up?
  22. Noooooo!!! Leave this alone :)I'd remake Blade or Punisher.
  23. Heh well it looks like multiple news groups are saying the same thing but mostly citing other reports.I thought SJ was great in The Avengers but not enough to pay her 20. Going off topic a bit. What do you think should be her salary for the sequel? Or the other cast members? I would say 12.5 for SJ off the top of my head.
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