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  1. twice as long is an exaggeration but according to this, Fandango has its runtime as 2hr 3min. 1991 version was 1hr 25min, so if true, that's almost an extra 40 min.
  2. Interesting. That seems fairly early. Gonna look forward for the sales updates the closer we get to March.
  3. Sing's 4-day is projected to be 20x it's Thursday number. If Moana follows the same pattern it's gonna do 7.4. Only problem is that it lost a lot more theaters than Sing so Friday jump is likely more muted. But still, yeah,l has a shot at 4-day top 10.
  4. So Deadline has Patriots Day with a 4-day of 14.6 in 5th place while Bye Bye Man with 4 day of 14.1 is in 4th. They really do need check what they publish
  5. New images keep coming up. Here's one from USA Today in article about most anticipated movies of 2017
  6. Final gross will of course be dependent on WOM but it's very reasonable to compare it to TJB. And from my pov it should open higher than TJB. My "conservative" prediction would be 125-135/385-420/1B+. And and it's been mentioned that early looks have been positive. And it's in Disney's wheelhouse so I'm expecting big things from BatB.
  7. Her singing is actually better than what's been hinted online. I'm impressed.
  8. Just saw the news. I'm on a family vacation but this kind of sucked the joy a little from the dinner. Praying for a speedy recovery and thoughts to the family.
  9. Living in San Francisco. But born and raised in Hawaii. I've kind of been all over though US. St Louis, New York, Boston.
  10. Well OW was $155,081,681 Congrats to @Olive Damn you were close only .318 off. I hope you don't mind waiting until we get the final numbers or DOM and WW before I give the reward. Your other numbers are definitely a possibility.
  11. Yeah I've been behind on this but I have to catch a flight to Florida in the morning so I'll try get spreadsheet updated by tomorrow.
  12. Going in for my second viewing of RO in an hour and a half. Actually i I thought my showing was 11PM last night as well but it was actually 10:30 But I was surprised when I walked in at 10:55 that they were just finishing up the Dunkirk preview
  13. I'll keep the challenge open until noon tomorrow for last minute entry and/or changes. And my numbers OD 73.5 OW 158.8 DOM 531.2 WW 1,321.6 And since this is the first time I've done this, can someone PM me on how to gift the accounts to the winners. Thanks.
  14. Yeah I get confused with midnights as well.. I'll say Thursday12:01 AM Pacific Time. That should be good enough
  15. thanks for bumping this Porthos. I've been a little preoccupied. One more week to go fellow forum members.
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