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  1. Internal multiplier Between Frozen and Tangled. But better weekend hold than both. Very good sign for legs. If it just follows Tangled from here on, it'll hit 250. If it follows Frozen 350+ . That range.
  2. Doing some Christmas shopping and my reaction in the store Yeah got got a few looks...who cares
  3. Hands down, my favorite movie of the year. I almost had the same reaction when watching BatB 25 years ago. I definitely plan on bringing my niece next weekend. My review in picture form
  4. 2.6M? Now that is a fantastic number. Frozen's 15.1 is a good target. If it can reach it we could be in for a fantastic run. With Frozen's run, Disney caught lightning in a bottle. Can it catch it again?
  5. Took my niece there...wallet felt a little lighter after the stay. But yeah it was fun!
  6. Hello fellow BO watchers, Star Wars fans and non-fans. Rogue One is under a month away and I'm surprised to see there hasn't been a challenge like the other big releases this year. So to keep up with tradition.. A straightforward BO challenge: -Enter your Opening Weekend, Domestic total, and Worldwide total prediction -Predictions must be up to the tenth decimal to reduce chances of ties -If you have any updates please update your first post. -Whoever's prediction is closest wins. Simple. -Bonus/Tiebreaker: opening day number. Reward: -1 year copper account for OW or DOM or WW -Get 2 of 3, 1-year premium account -Get 3 of 3, 1-year gold account -OD bonus reward is 1 month gold account (Can someone PM me on how to gift accounts? Haven't seen the option. Thanks.) Challenge will close on Weds 12/14. I will post a prediction compilation occasionally so just let me know if I have it wrong. Good luck and
  7. 3M views on Disney Movie Trailers Channel in under 12 hours Good sign of interest.
  8. Leaving for work soon and the trailer put a big smile on my face. I would've liked that they put some new scenes/songs not shown in the animated movie, but I completely understand that Disney pulling hard, at least initially, on the nostalgia strings. The Beast looks fine and sounds great. Emma looks great as Belle though she seemed kind of wooden in the trailer. Hoping this isn't the case in the movie. Theres a three new songs. And as I said I think they first trailers are primarily nostalgia hooks. Now off to work.
  9. Details on some of the songs Mild spoilers As for Emma as Belle. I thought she was perfectly cast when it was announced and still do. The still look great IMO.
  10. Looking at TFA numbers brings a big smile. Impressive as FD is, this puts other franchises into perspective and I have to shake my head when people try to compare other movie franchises SW.
  11. Lol most people in SF are still complaining. Congratulations on the win.
  12. http://deadline.com/2016/06/finding-dory-monday-box-office-record-1201776378/ Deadline has FD Monday at 19.9
  13. Yeah legs were surprising to me. CBM have probably maxed out as far as BO numbers. There's enough of them such that the non CBM moviegoers won't go in enough numbers to push even the event movies to TA/TDK levels. They'll still make a ton of money though.
  14. Well damn it beat out Minions preview but I will wait for early evening numbers before believing over Shrek 3.
  15. The animators got the Johnson eyebrows down And since I was born and raised in Hawaii, I'm a little biased but that trailer was great! Animation Is looking gorgeous.
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