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  1. So about a 42.4% drop from last OS weekend. Decent hold considering CW release.
  2. Just read from last years AoU Deadline article that it opened in 44 markets or 55% of available OS markets. Also it was revised down from 201.2 to 200.2.
  3. Pretty good weekly hold for JB down about -41% But another strong hold for Zootopia -17% from last Monday. Wow.
  4. Now that was a great trailer. Definitely moving up my must watch list.
  5. I've been reading about the Las Vegas chase scene. Bourne chase scenes have always been great. And their claiming this is the best yet (no surprise though) This looks like it'll be a wild one.
  6. First Mon-Weds drop Alice -25% Oz. -19% Mal -10% Cinderella. -5% JB -18.5% Middle of the bunch so I'm not alarmed. Plus it had the largest Tues bounce of them all so, harder drop, but not unexpected.
  7. Teases for trailers are the norm. A lot of people like short snippets. Twitter, vine for example.. New one. I think we've gotten about 15 seconds of trailer footage
  8. They'll likely follow the JB marketing pattern. Belle is a major selling point for girls and women. Trailer in Sept or Oct.. It'll be attached to Dr. Strange and Rogue One. I wouldn't be surprised if it was more male oriented showing Gaston and the Beast. That'll be along a major push on ESPN and NBA. Likely a Super Bowl spot. Theres going to be a ton of promotion via Disney theme parks. All things considered it'll be an easier sell than Cinderella.
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