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  1. Fancyarcher

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    My review. https://dailyuv.com/profile/2232/976560
  2. Fancyarcher

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    It's certainly his most enjoyable, though I'm also a fan of Year of The Dragon. It's really a heist movie that goes everywhere, and yet is still somehow satisfying. Bridges is great as the "young kid", and his academy award nomination for the film was genuinely deserved, and one of the academy's most inspired. It's really curious to think that if Cinimo had been put on a leash in terms of budget control, if he could have had a better career, and had made more films. The potential was certainly there.
  3. Fancyarcher

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Watched Thunderbolt & Lightfoot. Great little heist film, that doesn't get nearly enough love. It's super stylish, and manages to successfully tackle a wide variety of tones. Eastwood and Bridges are terrific, and have great chemistry together, as two loners, who form an impeccable relationship.
  4. Better trailer then the last, but I still have reservations about the film. It could be good, but there's also potential to mess things up. The actor playing Jafar doesn't look threatening in the least bit, for example. Put me in the mildly optimistic / pessimistic camp. I think it could be a really big hit or a flop.
  5. BTW great job @Spagspiria for hosting the ceremony, and @The Panda for helping to present it. Sadly I ran out of likes very quickly, but I was mostly pleased with the winners.
  6. Especially behind The Spiderverse. Both great films, and worthy of the top spot.
  7. It was certainly hard and grueling. I believe it took him a whole month to complete the first sentence.
  8. It's a terrific film, and Regina Hall and the girls are great in it.
  9. Support The Girls should have won IMO. Now that's an overlooked gem.
  10. Most valuable Tele, as in most important. I'm afraid in that category, you'll have to settle for second best.
  11. I just read the story, and and I got to say, boy did it take a fucking weird left turn. I was not expecting that at all.
  12. Considering that Captain Marvel plays into its own demographic, an under 50% drop for HTTYD3 would be fantastic.
  13. My review - https://dailyuv.com/975879

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