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  1. Be thankful it showed up at all. The amount of users on here, who haven't seen the film is shocking!
  2. Williams rightfully takes his place at the #1 and #2 spots. Really the entire Star Wars saga score-wise, is an accomplishment unlike anything a film composer has done before or really likely after. Anyway, this list got a predictable by the end, but I appreciated that the top ten was a bit different from last time, and the new additions were nice. Great presentation @4815162342.
  3. I mean I didn't vote for any of his MCU scores, but the man does know how to compose a solid tune.
  4. Star Trek: The Motion Picture dropping is unfortunate, but YAY at On Golden Pond making it into the top 100, a genuine surprise. That score is short, but wonderful!
  5. My final list. 1. Spirited Away 2. Toy Story 2 3. Toy Story 3 4. Inside Out 5. Beauty and the Beast 6. Princess Mononoke 7. Pinocchio 8. The Lion King 9. Watership Down 10. Castle in The Sky 11. The Tale of Princess Kayuga 12. Millennium Actress 13. Fantastic Planet 14. Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse 15. Whispers of the Heart 16. Wolfwalkers 17. The Incredibles 18. Kiki’s Delivery Service 19. Akira 20. Your Name 21. Aladdin
  6. Congrats @Cap, you've been doing a bang up job as admin, so it only makes sense you'd get promoted. Also thank you @Water Bottle for you all your excellent hard work, wishing you the best.
  7. Thanks for that information, I actually had no idea about Umebayashi's music not being original. That will definitely probably affect my original placement of it a bit, even if Galasso's parts are mostly what I love about Mood's score in general.
  8. My just about final list. I tried to be different this time, and mostly stuck to just limiting myself to one score per franchise.
  9. I know, I got just teary-eyed when they showed him last. Great actor, and even greater human-being, his loss is huge.
  10. Whoa I know he had problems, but still 50 is way too young. RIP to the Ruff Ryder!
  11. Congrats to Wolfwalkers, was actually pleasant surprised by its dominating best picture. Thanks to @Ezen Baklattan, and @The Panda for presenting another great BOFFIES!
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