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  1. Yup, that's bad for all the holdovers. Disappointing for Blade Runner 2049 too. Sigh! When she starts picking better scripts / is involved with less "troubled" production.
  2. Reviews this early? That's a good sign they think the overall reception will be quite positive.
  3. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    Hiya I'm Fancyarcher. I may or may not have been following box office for a while. "Han and Ethan proceed to complain about relationships" The drama continues.
  4. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    That it even had to rebooted in the first place. It started anew (I'm not that serious!).
  5. I'm amazed Marvel even allowed them to use the theme. It was so great hearing it again. I'm really enjoying the score in general too.
  6. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    This sucks... Continues posting as usual.
  7. Actual huge box office draws are rare though. Lawrence gets paid as much as she does, because for the most part, she's very good with her script choices. Remember when say Hanks could get a film like Cast Away to gross $233m domestically, or when comedies with mega-stars, used to do really huge numbers. You don't seem to see that anymore, because everything is all about the big blockbuster. It seems to have eclipsed actual drawing power.
  8. Well people are technically drawn into the more concept then the star these days, so unfamiliarity may a play part in these random polls. I don't think a lot of people skip a film, just because of who's in it though, as audiences seem to care about actual names as much, anymore.
  9. Seems like a one-sided poll, as I can't imagine most even care about Fassbender's name. I think if Fassbender was in a well-received blockbusters / films with a decent hook, then audience would see it regardless, as DOFP technically proved. He just happens to have bad luck with his "wide released major" film choices.
  10. And it's not like it was a potential blockbuster or anything, it's about a serial killer, that's not exactly "audience friendly". It boggles my mind, and a lot of this apparently happened in post too. Just imagine if Scorsese had decided to direct the film like he originally intended, it could have been better, and wouldn't have been as rushed. Mess!
  11. Most modern day actors aren't draws anyway. People are very selective when it comes to seeing films these days, anyway. It's the streaming ageafter all. The first film I remember him was his short role in 300, but I actually first really noticed him in Inglorious Basterds "All the way down sir!", and then I watched Hunger. I've been a fan ever since.
  12. I mean apparently, they didn't even shoot the whole script. I'm sure when Fassbender signed on to do The Snowman, it seemed like a much more coherent film, instead of what it turned into.
  13. I was already looking forward to your reaction in the next few weeks already, but good to know though.
  14. Oh definitely. It just needs to do better domestically then Apocalypse, and I'm sure Fox will very pleased with the results.
  15. We definitely need more DC movies like Wonder Woman. They should be inspiring, not "sulking".

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