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  1. I know, I got just teary-eyed when they showed him last. Great actor, and even greater human-being, his loss is huge.
  2. Whoa I know he had problems, but still 50 is way too young. RIP to the Ruff Ryder!
  3. Congrats to Wolfwalkers, was actually pleasant surprised by its dominating best picture. Thanks to @Ezen Baklattan, and @The Panda for presenting another great BOFFIES!
  4. Funny enough @Wondy, I'm taking a class right now on broadway musical standards, and the teacher has already made a Carmen reference. That'll make this viewing of the film extra special for me.
  5. Whoops! I guess I was lucky enough to get a screener when I did. That's one of the weird eccentricities of being part of a local film festival group, you get to see some interesting Foreign movies.
  6. HOLY SHIT, True North made it into best animated feature. I thought not enough people on here had even seen that movie?!
  7. Nolan's TenIntUnkirk, BOT's best movie of 2023!
  8. Never change boxofficetheory, never change!
  9. Damn Tele you are just full of amazing contradictions, ebbs and flows today. Also I noticed that questioned mark. You aren't fooling anyone. 😁
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