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  1. Charlie Angels just didnt look appealing. It has nothing to do with what Elizabeth Banks is claming. Theaters are expensive and im not going to waste 18 bucks on film just because it has female impowement. The casting wasnt doing it for me. None of them looked like they can fight ,They look like they didnt even have any chemistry and technically it was 2 Angels and 1 was just taging Alone. Maybe they should have just streamed it.
  2. Michelle Rodriguez calling Chris Morgan out too. I might be the minority but I low key said with cast vs the rock
  3. I'm still fan cant wait for Fast 9 but not interested seeing the Spin off. I didn't care for these 2 characters especially Shaw so I'm not wasting my money on them lol. I'll watch it later on tho. Probably before F9 if its important to that plot.
  4. Agreed. Hopefully he isn't in the new one as part of the team. More like thanks for the help in F8 and keep it moving.
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