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  1. Lmao over these two boneheads. Tyrese is goon and The rock egotistical a-hole
  2. Im watching it tomorrow morning. Cant wait! glad its making bank
  3. 1. Man of Steel 9/10 2. Wonder Woman 8.5/10 3. Sucide Squad 7/10 4. BvS 6.5/10
  4. Or Circe can bring him back from the dead to fuck with Diana's head.
  5. How do we bring Steve Trevor back?
  6. Loved it. Agreed on the slow mo and there was few things in the 3rd act I would have taken out but it doesnt take away from the movie. 8.5/10. 3 of my friends liked it gave it 8 and the other one gave it a 6 only cause she dislike Gadot lol
  7. Woot. Can't wait seeing it tonight
  8. Nah Im good. My expectation was the same with or without those reviews.
  9. I like John but let's not down play how he's been talking about Gal the moment she was casted. I'm not taking about her being weak actress I'm taking him taking shot at her as if it was personal. There mutiple videos of him so he can't denied it. I'm serious there were moments I had to cut the videos cause I felt some type way as a woman. Nothing but disdained came out of him so no I won't take his opinion likely. The critics could hate the movie and still take it over his even if he gave it a postive one.
  10. Can't want for John Campea to say that the reason it didn't work was because of Gal and how horrible she was like always lol. I'm surprised he even said it's solid lol

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