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  1. So, one the VFX studios which helped with the redesign has now shut down https://www.cartoonbrew.com/business/breaking-mpc-studio-behind-the-lion-king-shuts-down-vancouver-studio-183671.html
  2. I don't remember, all the "comments" blend into each other. If there's really nothing else for anyone to discuss then for the love of humanity, someone please lock this thread until release.
  3. There's no downside to it. They can move it again as they see fit.
  4. It's chest thumping. They want the date and are trying to scare Wick off.
  5. I mean, it would help if the members of this forum had better clickbait filters. There's no reason any of this needed to be shared. This will be forgotten in a week and it will have absolutely no bearing on the film's box office performance or legacy.
  6. Much of the time recently two years out has looked a lot more stacked than one year out. Studios are still in puffery mode and don't have to seriously consider details like competition yet.
  7. The big thing that makes his name look better is Stranger Things. But Movie Shawn Levy and TV Collaborator Shawn Levy are two different things.
  8. Honestly, it's kind of ho hum as far as awards bait goes. Pretty quiet and formulaic. I'm not surprised its target audience isn't taking to it as much.
  9. This seems like it'll end up with a "Neither as bad nor as good as you want it to be" reception
  10. I know we wouldn't have a thread if we acknowledged this but bottom line is no one knows how this is going to perform and is only going to argue whatever supports their confirmation bias until there's any concrete evidence otherwise.
  11. F2 held as well over Thanksgiving as I probably should've expected, but this drop the week after is more in line with TGD-level reviews it's been getting. Guessing it'll finish around TS4 domestically.
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