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  1. Best Animated Feature - 2017

    Yeah, it's him. This is the first time he's gotten to work with a live orchestra, though.
  2. Best Animated Feature - 2017

    Well, the soundtrack was just released today. Here's an idea of what I was talking about
  3. The Classic Conversation Thread

    First day of fall I'm pretty sure it was never this hot for this long when it was actually summer
  4. Isle of Dogs | Wes Anderson | April 20 2018

    His animation style is definitely more of an acquired taste than Laika's or Aardman's, and the art design isn't as warm as Grand Budapest's or even Moonrise Kingdom's. Being animated I don't see curious old couples going for this and definitely not kids unless they're raised by cineastes.
  5. Isle of Dogs | Wes Anderson | April 20 2018

    This definitely isn't going to do as well as Grand Budapest, imo. But kudos to Wes Anderson for making the most uncommercial movie possible with his clout.
  6. Kids don't watch charming bedtime stories anymore don't ya know. Though I wonder if the thought process is more accurately "parents won't watch charming bedtime stories"
  7. Sony Pictures: Supporting the Animation Age Ghetto since 2010
  8. Once Warner started handing this franchise off to journeymen cartoon directors it became clear that they weren't particularly interested in maintaining creative integrity.
  9. I didn't expect the Lego Movie sequel to be as good as the first before the reception came out for this movie. Mike Mitchell is no Lord/Miller
  10. Eesh, I wasn't expecting worse reviews than Cars and Despicable Me
  11. Best Animated Feature - 2017

    All right, yes, I'm a fan of the series. Have been since early 2012. There's an addictive quality to its animation, humor and character dynamics. It does have its moments of cheesiness but the writers have a certain degree of self-awareness and usually have another joke to throw at you to make it go down easier. Not every episode fully works but there's always something there that keeps me entertained and coming back. This recent season in particular I've felt has been one of the show's stronger and more consistent ones which has kept me optimistic for this movie and pretty much all of the key talent from the series is involved in it. And as far as the movie itself goes, I've just really liked much of what I've heard from it. The trailers have tried too hard to make it look "edgy" and "hip" but from the clips that have come out of SDCC it feels like it's maintaining everything I enjoy about the series; including two song snippets that are worthy of Disney, imo. The recently announced advance screenings and fairly early premiere date (even if it is just for crew & friends), make me think Lionsgate also believes they have something good here.
  12. Best Animated Feature - 2017

    They've just started ramping up the promo campaign this week. Think they were waiting for Ninjago to blow over. We'll see, I guess. Also the premiere is in NYC next Sunday and there are a ton of advance screenings being held a week before release.
  13. Best Animated Feature - 2017

    It'd be visible enough to not be ignored is all I'm saying. Just be honest; you guys have no interest in entertaining the idea right now because it looks girly and the fandom creeps you out. I get it. I just have a feeling the movie itself will change things.
  14. Best Animated Feature - 2017

    It was still their lowest grossing film in the US in nearly 20 years by a significant margin. Even if I accept the dubious premise of it grossing less than $30 million (Shaun and MLP's fanbases are disproportionate in size to put it mildly), you can be sure if the MLP movie gets good reviews that its fans will be campaigning for it very hard.
  15. Best Animated Feature - 2017

    I don't think it'll be that low but weak box office didn't keep Shaun the Sheep from getting nominated (another Lionsgate distributed TV adaptation).

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