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  1. Yes, but even merchandising monster franchise movies can affect business strategy if they flop. The studio would certainly still prefer to have a net positive ROI.
  2. If a movie makes 2x its budget, usually the narrative is that it's a success. We'll never know the nuances of it, but that is the general threshold for franchise continuation and/or added filmmaker clout, independent of more intangible factors like awards and critic/audience reception
  3. I don't know if they're even doing shorts before movies anymore. Neither TS4 nor Frozen 2 had one. Seems like they're all going to be sent straight to Disney+ in the future.
  4. That sounds bad. Guess it's the same as Greatest Showman but pretty sure it won't have the same legs.
  5. I think it's more about how they're seen as "classier" than the usual Hollywood fare. Broadway and Bollywood have different audiences.
  6. Rian Johnson has some pull, I think. Don't think Knives Out drew that crowd based on Daniel Craig alone. EDIT: I guess Chris Evans was a draw, but still...
  7. I do think it says something that this thread was like 20 pages ahead of Frozen 1's at release day and it's not even going to come close to how big that thread got overall.
  8. Anyway, what would be really great is if any of the original animated movies next year outdid F2 and TLK
  9. I will say the debate over whether it's "animated" or not only serves to lend it unearned credence as a movie worth debating
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