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  1. I think in general when people say they want originality they really mean they want more individual-driven movies; regardless of whether they're really "original" or not. Movies where the concept originates as an artistic endeavor from one or a few people as opposed to a corporate business strategy.
  2. Oy, can't wait to endure another year of all this.
  3. tribefan695

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    In Pixar related news they released their first "Sparkshort" online today, which is their new brand for more adult skewing experimental films This one's cute but not anything unexpected aside from the profanity
  4. Even if she did say it, I haven't seen a test screening report that was prophetical in the slightest the past year
  5. There are stupid and antagonistic people on this forum who consistently subtract value from its discourse. Being able to skip right past what they say makes it significantly more readable. When I look in a mirror, I'm pretty satisfied.
  6. Everyone with a right mind is well aware of how obnoxious fanboys can be when they feel threatened. Put them on your ignore list and move on.
  7. I've come to accept the inevitability of the bad review grief cycle. Best to just focus on discourse with those who are already in acceptance.
  8. I definitely want more original sci-fi filmmaking too, but that notion doesn't ride on an individual film's success. There's always going to be some other producer willing to take a chance on an untested high concept premise. And honestly I'd rather they not be coming from Robert Rodriguez at the moment. I'm not sure what compelled Cameron to turn this property over to him, but it sounds like the result was another trashy, shallow B-movie that doesn't advance filmmaking in ways I think it should be. He just is not a director I have confidence in to turn in something as thematically ambitious as Cameron himself.
  9. In spirit I agree, but the reaction is just so predictable and inevitable that I can't help but be smug about it
  10. Here we see the early screenings bite the studio in the ass. Gonna be really tough to promote the movie now when the overarching narrative is definitively "It sucks". I wonder if they might delay it again under the guise of "retooling" just so it can shake the negative PR
  11. A lot of our "stans" are typically only here for a couple movies and don't ever get business-savvy enough to see the reactions as the marketing ploys they are. Everyone wants stuff that supports their bias.
  12. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/review/sweetheart-1181118 https://www.firstshowing.net/2019/sundance-2019-jd-dillards-awesome-creature-feature-sweetheart/ https://bloody-disgusting.com/reviews/3543993/sundance-review-sweetheart-desert-island-creature-feature/ https://www.vulture.com/2019/01/sweetheart-sundance-review.html

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