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  1. Trade reviews seem to be leaning towards respectfully lukewarm. Did get a sense that those initial reactions were coming from critics already on the movie's side of the fence.
  2. Can we please not go down this road? It's not like he's going to be the one to convince anyone not to see it.
  3. This community as a whole could use some reminders that we don't need to clog threads with twenty people crapping on one ill informed opinion.
  4. I know it's not likely but I still hope Pete Sohn gets another shot. TGD certainly had one of Pixar's more interesting art designs even if the consensus is it wasn't all the good kind. I'd like to see what he'd do with his own vision. I don't think it's entirely comparable to the TS4 situation. This movie's delays were all far more in advance, before it had gotten deep into production, while TGD was almost completely torn down and redone less than a year before its initially scheduled release. Pinkava is long gone from Pixar. He was the original director of Ratatouille before he got the boot. You might use that movie as an indictment on TGD, though I'm also not sure it's entirely fair to compare Sohn to Brad Bird (personal opinions on respective movies excepted). Yes, you can't predict future success through shorts, or any movies in general for that matter. But if I see something I like I definitely want to see the creator get more opportunities to make stuff, however long it is.
  5. I will also second the Piper love. One of their best and I really hope Barillaro gets a feature gig soon
  6. Re the shorts, I think Olaf coupled with the new streaming service led them to the decision to pull them from theaters. In years past they might've attached Smash and Grab to this, but now they can shorten the total theatrical runtime and keep kids from getting antsy while still maintaining their short form audience. And for the record, all the SparkShorts so far have been pretty good at least. Kitbull is fantastic.
  7. It would be for Pixar, though I guess there's also still the Untitled Marvel film in May. Possible Disney has decided to downsize their marketing budgets. There probably isn't a real need to announce juicy details yet beyond adhering to a perceived status quo.
  8. There were commercials for Cats on all the time on TV when I was a kid. Always thought it looked weird but I thought it was just me being an uncultured Ohioan.
  9. Even then, you'd likely have to give up a week's wage just to get into a nosebleed seat for one with Tony aspirations.
  10. Frozen fever was pretty obnoxious back then. You can call it envy or whatever, but I think people have a right to be annoyed by something when it becomes such an inescapable part of pop culture and its overenthused fans respond to pleas to take it down a notch with a dismissive "Sorry we're having fun". People want variety in their life and having to hear the same song over and over again is grating, regardless of how good it is. It's also hard for me to buy that this sequel was entirely creative driven. WDA only made two sequels in their 70+ year history before WIR2, and now they've made two in two years. I'm sure Buck and Lee can make a good story out of it, but let's not pretend this wasn't influenced significantly by the ravenous fan demands.
  11. @MrFanaticGuy34 You don't actually have to press the "Submit Reply" button
  12. A Disney Princess crossover movie is a terrible idea and should be immediately expunged from all human neurological entities.
  13. It's usually pretty difficult to get a good read on just how big buzz really is for kids properties. I figured Pikachu was mostly internet because of the gamer community, but Illumination movies have never had passionate adult followings online like Pixar has. Their box office success was more built on their knack for short form promotional comedy that's appealing on a superficial level and makes parents "not mind" going to see it. I think TS4 probably would not perform as well as the last movie if it got the much weaker reception its detractors probably anticipated. But obviously now with its critical acclaim that's all by the boards and there's no reason to think it won't be big regardless of how weak its trailers were.
  14. I don't know if it'll come from Disney but I think we're starting to see audience demand for more diverse animation styles again. Something has to give eventually with all these ho hum CGI time killers coming and going. Hoping Netflix will be one to lead the charge on this front at least.
  15. Studios didn't seem to learn their lesson after 2017 (or perhaps the effect just had a higher latency period than I hoped), but maybe just maybe this will be another hint to rethink their blockbuster models.
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