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  1. tribefan695

    How much do release dates matter?

    "Warrants" being the operative word.
  2. tribefan695

    How much do release dates matter?

    I'm generally of the mind that a movie will find the audience it warrants no matter where it's released. I think competition only matters in the sense of determining what certain dates the audience decides to see the movie during its run. If there are a lot of appealing options out there, more people will see more movies.. There's always going to be competition; it's the filmmakers' responsibility to make a movie that stands out among it. Because the "dead zone" has that stigma attached to it, I do think it's a self fulfilling prophecy. If you have a big blockbuster it looks bad to the press if you schedule it Labor Day weekend, and you'd rather just avoid the questioning altogether. But I believe a well-reviewed film could be a success there if given the chance. Heck, the movie IT wasn't that far off and cracked $300 million.
  3. I know this is getting into silly butterfly effect territory but the timing probably wasn't ever going to be much better to bring someone like Travis Knight on. If this is where Bay wore out his welcome, it was also the best time for Knight to revive it; coming off his critically acclaimed directing debut while also being more open to for-hire blockbuster opportunities with his studio kind of needing a good cash inflow.
  4. I think there was a point where his singular style as well as Shia LaBeouf's presence was a legit draw for the franchise. Even though critics hated his movies, they were bad in spectacular and memetic ways that could still be mocked for entertainment value. The last two movies were just bad in boring ways, and there's a shorter shelf life for a commitment to poor quality. He deserves credit for making Transformers a blockbuster franchise, but it still needed to be handed off to someone else to stay viable.
  5. tribefan695

    Onward | Dan Scanlon directing | March 6, 2020

    Have they officially announced that? I was thinking it would be the Byron Howard/LMM musical
  6. tribefan695

    Onward | Dan Scanlon directing | March 6, 2020

    One of the animators described this as "John Hughes directing a Tolkien story" I'm down if it has a synthwave music score.
  7. Everyone complaining about the one rotten: Get the fuck over yourselves
  8. tribefan695

    Vice | Opening Wide on Christmas

    *Sigh* I feel like in order to survive the forum needs to lay down all the nuances of film talk on the front page so we don't have to keep wasting time re-explaining them to every newbie stan who's only here to push one movie
  9. tribefan695

    The Positive Vibes Franchise Discussion Thread

    It's kinda cool how sometimes all it takes is one well-received film to reignite interest in a franchise
  10. Big issue with CC is it doesn't tell you how many it's counted so far
  11. Really enjoyed this. It's in the same Jumanji vein of a completely unoriginal storyline made entertaining by its characters and humor. Knight's probably going to get more live action offers in the future.
  12. If there's something I can take from this movie's existence it's that it at least is forcing the moviegoing public to reconcile what the real difference is between "live action" and "animation", and maybe they'll start learning to appreciate the nuances of both.
  13. It's likely Byron Howard's next project with Lin Manuel. Mark Andrews , Brian Fee and Pete Docter are supposedly working on unannounced Pixar films.

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