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  1. Can anyone post the numbers for friday? where do u get the numbers from, i don´t know where to find them
  2. What are the numbersfor the others movies on day 4 ofCNY?
  3. Anyone have the numbers for day 3 of CNY? thanks
  4. Thank u very much. So TWE is clearly going to win CNY box office. I'm impress with how big the other movies decrease. Last year movies that open bigger and were sequels drop better. Maybe because last year day 2 was a saturday and this year is a wednesday.
  5. Anyone has the numbers for day 2 of CNY for every movie. Thanks
  6. where do u get the numbers from?
  7. someone have the numbers for each movie?
  8. someone have the numbers for each movie?
  9. Any update on CNY presales?
  10. Can anyone give detail on presales of CNY openers?
  11. TLK may do it, but no way that Pikachu do that.
  12. as many people said before,yo cannot compare a Netflix movie to a movie shown in cinema. I can assure that not many people would have paid $10 to see that movie (that by the way was a very bad movie)
  13. Don´t forget that this year was the World Cup and it affects greatly the box office so, considerind the economy and that i would say that it was a very good year for Argentinian box office
  14. seduh


    And Harry Potter?
  15. Nice teaser, i hope it's as good as The Jungle Book. I agree that as the original is so good and beloved, this must be really good to break out as some expect. It will be huge, but it has potential to be TFA huge

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