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  1. Don´t forget that this year was the World Cup and it affects greatly the box office so, considerind the economy and that i would say that it was a very good year for Argentinian box office
  2. seduh


    And Harry Potter?
  3. Nice teaser, i hope it's as good as The Jungle Book. I agree that as the original is so good and beloved, this must be really good to break out as some expect. It will be huge, but it has potential to be TFA huge
  4. I see Ralph opening higher, at $60 at least
  5. Just amazing. Chine is so big that can make a hit in a blockbuster (like DOM). It's going to make near $200 so that's really big. Imagina if it wasn't relase in China
  6. Amazing gross for this movie. It has a great shot at $350 OS
  7. seduh

    Tuesday Numbers

    tomorow Halloween will make a very nice number
  8. I really doubt that The grinch will make this list, the grinch is not a popular character over here. Talph and HTTYD should do it
  9. seduh

    The Lion King OS Thread

    we need to see the trailer before and it must be good. It has huge potential but it need to be as good or better as the Jungle Book. The problem is that The Lion King is such an amazing movie that it will be compared to it so if it's just ok it may be seen as a bad movie. i hope Disney do it right. If its amazing this can be one of the biggest movies of all time adjusted to inflation.
  10. seduh

    Wednesday Numbers | 07/26/2018

    Amazing number for I2, it's going to make $600 becoming the first animated movie to make $500 and $600. Simply amazing
  11. seduh

    Tuesday's Numbers:

    I love that number for I2. Doing $5on it's forth tuesday is pretty good. It has chances at $600 but it all depends on how it holds against HT3
  12. Deadline says: JW:FK $11,6 (-3%) I2: $9,7 (-4%) FP: $9,4 S2: $2,6 (-1%) UD: $2,2 (-12%) O8: $2,1 (+15%) Tag $1,2 (-1%) WYBMN?: $0,77 (+47%) DP2: $0,679 (-4%) Sanju: $0,62 (+4%) https://deadline.com/2018/07/the-first-purge-july-4th-box-office-blumhouse-universal-1202421529/
  13. Shrek 5 has almost no chance to make $500, the franchise has decline a lot in the USA. It can rebound but not that much. Toy Story 4 has a great chance of doing $500 if it's really good as the third one.
  14. Amazing numbers for I2, I still hope it can make it to $600.

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