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  1. Want to know why Johnny Depp is broke and fading as a star? This, this right here. Good grief.
  2. Wow. Not a strong enough word, but as close to encompassing my feelings after watching the movie. Casting was perfection, visuals were stunning (especially "Be Our Guest"), they picked the right tone for the movie and it had a great flow from start to finish. It's been a long time since I've felt that good after seeing a film in theaters. I absolutely loved it, a completely faithful adaptation. 10/10 A+ the perfect movie, which is what I rated the original too coincidentally. On the box office side holy shit! I had a feeling it would be big around the 100-120m range, but 170m? That's incredible. This movie deserves every last penny. Disney does it again and hits yet another one out of the park. I'm loving this.
  3. The one that I still have no idea how it could have made so much is My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I watched it a while back and remember thinking to myself "THIS made over 200 million dollars? THIS?" Maybe it wasn't to my taste, but out of all the phenomenal runs we've experienced it's the only one where I can't pinpoint something in hindsight to explain it. There wasn't any big stars, there wasn't a moment that everyone knew and it wasn't a part of a franchise. Titanic was epic and had a love story like no other, Avatar was incredibly beautiful and though not original created a whole new world and the story took you on an emotional ride, TFA was the return to Star Wars, Gone With the Wind was a powerful movie during its time. I could go on, but those are the 4 most discussed monster runs here. Still have no idea how MBFGW made so much, it will live in infamy in box office lore imo.
  4. DM3, yes, Lego Batman I'm a bit leery about, but we shall see. It's going to almost fit the pattern.
  5. If Rogue One hits 9 figures for the 4 day we're going to need a defibrillator for MovieMan when he logs on
  6. I can't wait until he logs on. Meltdown coming. Gonna be epic.
  7. 1. So yourself and 5 other people is a great base to make a blanket statement of all movie goers? Come on now. 2. For you Pitch Perfect is awful, fine so be it, just say that you dislike it then and talk about something else. 3. Saying a movie is the "gayest thing ever" equates being gay to being bad. I used to say it too all the time when I was younger, that doesn't make it right. It was something everyone did, but now with greater awareness we've mostly done away with that. Say it's awful, say you hate it, say it's not to your taste. It gets the same point across without denigrating a minority. 4. You have completely missed my point. It is not that girls should be into action movies and guys should be into romance, it's by even saying that you again are continuing the stereotype that we need to do away with as a society of masculinity and femininity. Yes, guys are more into action movies, yes, girls are more into romance. That doesn't make one movie for guys and one movie for girls. 5. By categorizing your friends again you do the thing I'm trying to make you understand. Stereotypes are wrong full stop. It doesn't have to be about movies, it doesn't have to be about gender, any stereotype is wrong. People are people and have a vast array of different tastes. 6. Saying there's a gender gap is totally fine. Saying what you said equating "girly" to "awful" is not. This need to be masculine or need to be feminine because society expects it has caused a lot of therapy sessions and damage to individuals. People can like or do whatever they want to regardless of how it's perceived (as long as it doesn't infringe on someone else's rights).
  8. THANK YOU, I totally missed out on those. You're right, they're wayyy better
  9. Can I nominate this for post of the year? I'm literally dying right now.
  10. These are the words you never say on a movie forum. You have been warned. Bah too much effort. *insert hold onto your butts gif*
  11. Fine, you both can share credit. Sheesh. You try to compliment someone these days.
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