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  1. Why did the studio lift the embargo so early?
  2. The ultimate twist by Shyamalan. Raising all our hopes and then dashing it spectacularly.
  3. A DCEU movie just like IT, dark with humor elements, will be really good. Think he should have directed Suicide Squad.
  4. LexJoker


    Will be glorious headlines for Warner next weekend when it 4-peats DOM and possibly crosses 1B WW.
  5. Thanks for info. Dangal China number makes no sense......the distributor that bought the rights could not have believed their luck.
  6. Is 200Cr locked for Simmba with a chance for 250Cr? New years day was huge for this. Really good for Ranveer Singh.
  7. So if Aquaman crosses 1B WW, wouldn't it be just the 4th comicbook superhero(Not including Incredibles here) to have a solo movie to do that after Batman(TDK and TDKR), Iron Man(IM3) and Black Panther?
  8. Is Annapurna and A24 the same? Always get confused between the two.
  9. LexJoker

    Wednesday numbers

    Yeah got that mixed up.
  10. LexJoker

    Wednesday numbers

    Is that a new version or the one that already came out 2 weeks ago?

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