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  1. Because I am hoping against hope that there might be some great moments and the characters and story, that I have enjoyed watching for all the early years, will come to a satisfying conclusion. But as each episodes goes by, it just gets worse.
  2. Stop watching after Season 6. You will be spared much disappointment, anger and frustration.
  3. So close to topping AQM WW, but will eventually fall just short.
  4. A:IW was 4.19, but it then dropped 17% on thursday. I predict 11% drop tomorow for A:EG.
  5. I had no idea it was her, the way people are talking about her now I thought she was someone who was very popular and had done lots of previous work. I am not into musicals and did not watch TGS but guess she got popular because of that.
  6. Had plans to watch JW3 this weekend but got to know the censor board have cut some scenes, so waiting for it to hit streaming.
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