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  1. Because I am hoping against hope that there might be some great moments and the characters and story, that I have enjoyed watching for all the early years, will come to a satisfying conclusion. But as each episodes goes by, it just gets worse.
  2. Stop watching after Season 6. You will be spared much disappointment, anger and frustration.
  3. I saw this below image mentioning the cuts. Cannot verify the source though.
  4. So close to topping AQM WW, but will eventually fall just short.
  5. A:IW was 4.19, but it then dropped 17% on thursday. I predict 11% drop tomorow for A:EG.
  6. I had no idea it was her, the way people are talking about her now I thought she was someone who was very popular and had done lots of previous work. I am not into musicals and did not watch TGS but guess she got popular because of that.
  7. Had plans to watch JW3 this weekend but got to know the censor board have cut some scenes, so waiting for it to hit streaming.
  8. Who is this Zendaya chick and why is she so popular? All I know is she is going to be in the next Spider-man movie but don't remember seeing her in anything else.
  9. Going by the tracking thread, it seems Endgame is losing quite a bit of PLF screens to JW3. That could result in next weekend's drop to be harsher than expected.
  10. I know some people thought fat thor was just a trope, but his scenes when he goes back to the Asgard in the past shows he was suffering from PTSD/Depression and was in a dark place mentally.
  11. It seems that the two guys did not actually want to do their best work and give the series a satisfying ending, but were desperate for the series to end and move to other work, and hence the hack job of the last season.
  12. Me trying to convince myself that Pika Pika numbers through the weekend are not bad, even though its pretty bad.
  13. Oh just how some people overrate Vulture as some competent villain even though he is one of the weakest and lamest phase-III villains. Complete waste of Michael Keaton.
  14. But every movie released in India has an intermission halfway through, including Endgame. Thats not the case in many other countries.
  15. I was thinking about why this movie has opened below expectation. I believe its because the trailers never showed/hinted on what the conflict or antagonist of the movie would be, it was just live-action cutesy Pikachu voiced by Ryan Reynolds and other Pokemons doing stuff. Sure there's some funny stuff and some action and shots of Mewtwo, which most of the GA don't know or care for. But the trailers just have to imply some possible conflict the protagonists have to face, which would get the viewers curious on what to expect from the movie. People revisited the trailers to see the pokemons in the live action avatar and how cute/realistic most of them were, myself included. But it did not convince people, especially non-fans of Pokemon, to go see it in theaters.
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