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  1. Glad it was because I think cinemas will be shut down here and a lot of Europe.
  2. I think it's a bit of everything and good timing. H20 was released in August which is odd, you'd think they would've released it for Halloween like this one. I think that is one of the reasons why Scream 4 didn't do that good, if it was released in Oct, it might've done a bit better. It's been ages since a big slasher has hit the screen and hopefully it's the start of them again.
  3. Read a bit but stopped. It seems full of spoilers.
  4. Ridley said the next movie is called Awakening and it will take place after Prometheus and before Covenant. Bit confusing but maybe we will see what happens Shaw.
  5. I was really excited for a sequel, but I don't like that they dropped the title Prometheus and now Naomi is not back? What are they at.
  6. The Bodyguard? It did 411 million WW.
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