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  1. UK Top Five FULL SCREEN Rank Film / Distributor Weekend gross (Fri-Sun) Running total Week 1 Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle(Sony) $2.81m (£2.1m) previews N/A P 2 Paddington 2 (Studiocanal) $2.25m (£1.68m) $39.26m (£29.33m) 5 3 Daddy’s Home 2
  2. Great opening, could do £40M+ for dunkirk.
  3. WW should have great legs, WOM is good!
  4. King Arthur should/has to do better here than the USA.
  5. Ah okay, didn't realise it wasn't on UK netflix.
  6. For a mediocre animation, Boss Baby is smashing it. Is it actually any good?
  7. Remember the £ got quite a bit stronger this week.
  8. From that, BatB made just £1.1M in 7 days!?!
  9. Beauty and the Beast up to estimated £67m in the UK.
  10. That 2% drop for BatB is ridiculous.
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