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  1. Cant Avengers 2 expanding much either, Avengers was huge and probably a superhero peak.
  2. Saw Fast 7 last Monday at the BFI IMAX (preview event). Forgot how amazing the screen and sound is there... Anyway, very entertaining film and probably the last in the series and has a great tribute to Paul Walker so should be HUGE!
  3. Seems rather weak about about 40% less than USA OW.
  4. Not great, like 10x more people use EE than Compare insurance.
  5. That would be very weak, considering it is a YA sequel.
  6. Just beaten by the French of all people.
  7. The UK was the 4th largest international market in 2014.
  8. http://deadline.com/2015/03/mpaa-2014-box-office-report-1201390599/
  9. Damn, 22 hours in the cinema. Didnt know they were doing the marathon in the UK.
  10. Yep, solid. Pretty much exactly the same as the US opening (relatively obviously).
  11. Vue will be doing 2for1 in March to on Wednesdays to replace it.
  12. In just week, Mortdecai is almost completely out of cinemas. LOL.
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