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  1. Not a single film over £1m looks bad (Ice Age 4 made most from previews and not technically out in whole UK).And what on earth made SWATH drop out of the Top 10, was 5th last week...
  2. Yes this will be true, but IA4 is an anomaly as normally films do not have 2 weekends of previews or release early in Scotland.
  3. There seem to be some solid/reliable stats now for Chinese Box-Office so maybe pass them on to BoxOfficeMojo so the China section can be rejuvenated!
  4. That is great for Ice Age 4 just from previews alone (so no Friday showings either)!I saw it as well, and the cinema was only 1/4 full but the weather was good on Saturday in London.[New to the forum and from the UK so will be posting here a lot]-Box Office enthusiast
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