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  1. Pretty pissed, my local theater didn't show the prologue despite being on the WB list and advertising it on their FB page and all that. Or maybe they showed it very early because there was already ads (not trailers) when we arrived in the room... But that would be weird, they were still giving the 3D glasses and it wasn't even trailers yet (the lights were still on and it wasn't in "IMAX configuration"). On the other hand, Rogue One was freaking great so that's good (that was the main reason I was going to the cinema after all).
  2. I still have hope they wait until Monday for reviews to avoid the Rogue One media focus. This week was totally focused on Rogue One so if you expect good reviews, they would be forgotten. On the other hand, if you expect bad reviews, they can also be missed by some people (like for Passengers).
  3. That's the part the most weird ? What were they thinking ? I know you can do counter programming but this isn't counter programming enough to work. And there is plenty of other (and probably better) counter programming in the holidays with all the awards movies, Sing or even Assassin's Creed (which still might get good reviews).
  4. It's the name of the city in English... It will probably be translated to your language name for the city in your country. Here in France, it's called Dunkerque (obviously).
  5. Yes sadly but at least it is also playing internationnaly. For once those events aren't only for US (which is fitting considering the movie is taking place in France with British soldiers as main protagonists). Also more importantly it plays at the theater I go ;). So even more excited for Saturday now (I already was because Star Wars and first time going to an IMAX Laser, they opened the theater there literally yesterday !)
  6. Passengers is taking hard hits from critics and doesn't seem good at all. Will Pratt and Lawrence be sufficient ? I think that if Assassin's Creed get good reviews (or mixed to good which is likely IMO), there's a chance AC beats Passengers. Of course, both should have released further from Star Wars IMO.
  7. The IGN review just say it's such a big part of the movie that you can't talk about it without saying it. It's apparently also not really a twist ('except it was hidden by marketing) but something that happens at the beginning
  8. Don't forget Assassin's Creed too. It hits this same style of blockbusters with stars and a normally good director but in a movie with kind of doubt and bad marketing around it. But it has the advantage to not be a space movie against Rogue One at least. Sing has the advantage of family films and since Rogue One looks like a Star Wars "less for children", it'll probably be the one succeding the most (after Rogue One of course). Passengers and Assassin's Creed will probably be quite close to each other IMO.
  9. They can show it with subtitles. And most trailers are dropping in subbed or even dubbed versions the same day than English ones. It's footage ready quite in advance, they totally have the time to do it. I really hope to be able to see it in my IMAX showing (in Belgium, not France though)
  10. When it's an IMAX specific thing, it often plays in every country. I remember the prologue to Star Trek Into Darkness in an IMAX theaters for example. Also if they doesn't show Dunkirk prologue in France at least where the movie is taking place and have been shot, it would be quite weird.
  11. Always seemed weird to me too (and doesn't happen only with movies). Some people just want to see some things sucks and fails and I can't even fathom why. Isn't it always better to have a good movie ? Even if it's not your style, other people will like it. Yeah Sony is really bad with marketing and this movie was very weirdly marketed (even more than Ghostbusters). Also still think that release date is a big mistake, everyone will be focused on Rogue One and the movie won't be able to breathe.
  12. So we still don't know if there's a prologue with IMAX showings ? Wtf ? Rogue One opens in like 1 hour in France or Belgium and a few other countries. France and Belgium have IMAX theaters (though not 70 mm IMAX) so I'll guess we'll know soon, right ?
  13. So any news of when this trailer will drop ? If they want it with Rogue One, it's now or never.
  14. I think other movies already did it. May 17th is also probably the release of the movie in France, they are released the Wednesday here. So that's basically premiere the day of release, kind of weird in a way. Any word on when the trailer will be released ? Should be soon now right ?

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