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  1. If the new Spider-Man movie is as big as it looks, Strange could also be huge.
  2. I'm surprised Jenkins is getting another WW film after the last one.
  3. Definitely, but if you compare Disney premium movies and their legs to HBO Max movies, it's clear that piracy isn't responsible for most of the difference.
  4. They're a bit meandering by modern lit standards, but calling them unreadable is...a take.
  5. I don't see how that's possible. Did they give each of Affleck, Damon, and Driver like 40 million?
  6. But how can I tell who is in this movie without the actors' giant heads floating in the background?
  7. So something like Pattinson in The King is what you're telling me...I'm digging it.
  8. As someone who watched Gladiator 10+ times I really don't want Gladiator 2 to exist.
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