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  1. Jared Leto has been getting a lot of shit for this casting, but he looks fun in the trailer! It looks decent but in a tv movie sort of way, I think the people who believe this is gonna be a serious awards contender are gonna be disappointed.
  2. Is it? Seems like it won the weekend, it's just that movie attendance in France is in free fall due to external factors.
  3. So it should get within 15m of GvK, the second biggest Hollywood movie of the year so far, just to not be a failure? That seems like an awfully high standard. I think 400m WW is reasonable.
  4. I think they'll be graded on a curve, like if it does better than any WB movie but GvK then you have to say it did alright. I'm curious to see how it'll stack up with Dune and Matrix 4.
  5. Doubt I'd be shocked, their third acts in particular usually look like something out of the prequel trilogy.
  6. I'm interested in this cause martial arts x superhero movie sounds like a fun combo, but some of those effects are looking cheap.
  7. It's not really clear to me what they are at this point, but I think it's reached a really bad point where some fans of the old movies seem to actively root against the new movies. Like, why does a movie fandom has a splinter group? What a mess.
  8. The acting from everyone but Isaac looks really weak, and even Isaac looks better in Dune than he does here. I'm also not in love with the dialogue, and the black and white shots.
  9. You literally cannot mention this movie online without someone piping up that it's gonna bomb. Maybe? A shitload of movies are bombing right now, I'm not sure what's with the obsession of this specific movie bombing, or what their reasoning is outside of "well Blade Runner 2049 bombed".
  10. The world is brown, pretty much everything else (including John Carter at several points in the trailer) is colorful.
  11. Lucky you, they've already made sci-fi movies to your taste: I'm not sure how they did in the box office, but with all the obvious demand for colorful, saturated sci-fi movies since Dune released its trailer, I have to assume they did amazing?
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