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  1. Birmingham AL area update #3 Avengers Endgame Thursday previews : 73 shows, 10 sellouts Friday : 91 shows, 0 sellout There are several shows (4+) that are less than 2 seats from being officially sold out. Endgame should officially pass TLJ over the weekend with a couple days left to reach TFA. I expect the sellouts count to finish with at least 20 for Thursday and around 6-7 for Friday which would compare to 35/14 for TFA. I'm also keeping an eye on Saturday sellouts as TFA is the only movie to have recorded a sellout on a Saturday before opening at 6 pm on Thursday. Endgame is about 7 seats from recording 2 sellouts on Saturday at dine-in theaters. I'm fully onboard with the 275M$+ OW predictions
  2. It's weird that people are excited for a Palpatine/Sidious comeback but were WTF with Darth Maul in Solo, even though there was a cannon storyline about Maul surviving and gaining robot legs in Clone Wars.
  3. I'm definitely on board with this. HG dropped 48% in the comparable upcoming weekend (but then dropped 18% the next one).
  4. Birmingham AL area update Avengers Endgame Thursday previews : 69 shows, 9 sellouts Friday : 89 shows, 0 sellout This is somewhat in line with TLJ at the same point (63/8 for Thursday and 94/4 for Friday) although TLJ only added 5 more Thursday shows and 2 more sellouts. along with the usual extra shows on Friday. At the same point, TFA had 84 shows and 12 sellouts on Thursday as well as 4 sellouts on Friday with an unknown # of shows. Whiles I expect Endgame to finish above TLJ in the chart above, I don't think it's going to match TFA in sellouts and shows.
  5. Watch out for spoilers, people are saying that at the end of Avengers, there is a scene in space where a guy with purple skin turns around to face the camera and smile. I don't know if true or not, but I guess we'll see in the next Iron Man movie where apparently the Mandarin will be prominently featured! Anyway, hope you guys will be at the theaters on May 4th 2012 to hopefully break the OW record! #NOTARECORD!
  6. Not a fan of the title. Why do we have to go back to the Emperor, the Death Star, Skywalker...over and over again?
  7. There are still people who are butthurt that women can now vote. Sadly they have access to computers and some of them found their way to these forums.
  8. langer

    Monday numbers: Dumbo- 2.88 Us- 2.69 CM - 1.66

    @tawasal @Thanos Legion @Brainbug Just an update guys. CM's lead over HG has shrunk from 17M$ to 14,5M$. It did not match the extremely good drops of HG's w-e # 5 & 6, but it did very well with 39% and 31%. HG's 7th W-E was a 48% drop, so I believe CM can keep its 14M$ lead over the next 7-10 days. Still not enough to match HG:CF at 424M$, but chances are very high it will end up above 420M$ considering the next two weekends it won't have competition from major openers and Endgame effect might even give it a push before it opens.
  9. @tawasal : Where's my updated CM vs HG chart?
  10. I'm sure if you look at years when Christmas lands on a Tuesday, you will find plenty of examples...

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