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  1. I'm just waiting for the online petition to release the Snyder Cut of TROS. Would at least been better than that JJ unplanned turd of a trilogy.
  2. Move all clubs to the Clubs sub forum and edit the main movie first posts to link all approved clubs related to the movie (edit the club's first post to indicate both threads are linked to each other). Dedicate a Mod for this task.
  3. Can't wait for Dave Filoni to take the helm of everything Star Wars. Only him could make a 3 second battle between Obi Wan and Darth Maul so meaningful. Not only does he understand the OT, he gets the prequels more than anyone and can bridge the divide between the old and new generations,
  4. Kylo Ren dies in the first act. JJ is doing a ROTS redux with TROS and Kylo is getting the Dooku treatment. Rey is going to fall to the dark side after an epic theater scene where the Palpatine Ghost tell her about the tragedy of Darth Plagiarism.
  5. To celebrate this thread reaching 1000 pages, I'd like to express my opinion on the following franchises: Star Wars : Luke was properly portrayed in The Last Jedi MCU : Tony was not the hero of Endgame, - he wouldn't have snapped if he had known it would kill him - Also Infinity Wars was part 1 and Endgame was part 2 DCEU : Snyder deserves credit for the Wonder Woman script X-Men : X-Men The Last Stand was pretty good Avatar : This is not a franchise. At least not yet... and maybe never. I still think this will get delayed to 202X... Harry Potter : Old Harry scene at the end of DH2 was cringe worthy LOTR : Visual effects in the Hobbit series were better than in the LOTR Transformers : Shia Leboeuf was a pretty good actor That's all.
  6. was originally not interested in this movie - first trailer didn't do it for me and lack of connections to DCEU. 2nd trailer changed my mind along with the movie festivals circuit. As far as the RT score circus and BOT members meltdowns or cheering... I don't care.
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