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  1. I can't believe the timing of my post and your reply. I'll admit that I was half baiting (it's not my first "doubt"post), but while I can now believe we'll have to wait another year to see this movie, it sucks we'll have to deal with the extra fanboys competing against the extra non fanboys.... on top of having to wait for the goddamn movie!
  2. As of May 7th 2019, I still don't believe Avatar 2 is going to be released in 2020.
  3. I'm still thinking it will fall short of beating TFA DOM. While it currently has an 80M$ lead, it should lose 50-60M$ of that lead over the next 4 days and another 10-15M$ during the next weekend. After that, comparable days will not have TFA benefiting from Holiday boost.
  4. I wouldn't try to narrow it this tight, while 100M$ is certainly guaranteed, beat IW a second time is also in the cards. 100M-258M$
  5. We'll cross that bridge when we get there. In the meantime, keep following the river or risk drowning.
  6. People need to remember that TFA didn't have a 50M$+ opener against it until Deadpool opened on its 9th weekend. Endgame should be facing 50M+$ openers starting on its 3rd weekend for the rest of the summer (DP, John Wick maybe, Aladdin, Godzilla, Secret Life of Pets/Dark Phoenix to an extent, MIB/TS4). Theater owners will face though choices regarding how many screens they can devote to an "aging" Endgame. It will be a fun ride to see how that turns out.
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