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  1. Yeah but that's blatant misdirection. It's not the same scene. Just shock value to generate discussion.
  2. I see an opening around SMH for this at the moment. Nothing screams SS or GOTG2 level of presales.
  3. Calling out fellow trackers!!! How does the presale for this look compared to TFA and Rogue One so far? For my area (Birmingham AL) With 57 days before opening night, TFA had 54 previews showtimes and 5 sellouts. TLJ had 49 previews showtimes and 2 sellouts. Rogue One presales started 16 days before opening night where it recorded 39 previews showtimes, 2 sellouts on Thursday and 1 more sellout on Friday. At that point, TFA had 69 previews showtimes, 8 sellouts on Thursday and 3 more sellouts on Friday. This is pointing to a lower OW than TFA at this time, but way higher than R1.
  4. Not interested at all in a Horror movie. This will most likely be my first X Men movie that I'll pass
  5. Don't know what the critics don't like about this movie. It is very good.

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