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  1. I personally relate more to a human than a cyborg. I did not really enjoyed Alita's development from total naive girl to kick ass within the span of a few scenes. I know some people have no problem with that, but it just doesn't interests me. Rodriguez should have focused more on Alita and removed some of the forgettable background characters. I understand they left a lot of Alita's background story for a possible sequel, but in the end it not only hurt the movie, but also its prospect for a sequel.
  2. Rewatched Alita and Avatar back to back yesterday. Definitely understand why Avatar made 2,,8B and Alita made as much as it did. Alita doesn't have anything on Neytiri. Avatar was a masterpiece on character development which is sadly lacking with Alita's protagonists. On the other hand, I have a hard time cheering for a cyborg that is apparently super good at everything without any training or minimal flashback explanations (in line with poor character development)
  3. Rewatched TLJ on my flight this weekend. Still love it. Still not a big fan of the Canto Bight interlude. Really love how Luke was portrayed, totally in line with JJ's TFA.
  4. Yes, but your dates are wrong, Avatar 2 won't release until 2023 if everything goes to plan (that's a big if...) . I expect the re-release of Avatar will eventually happen around 2026 as James Cameron finally finishes his 4D technology. He could also do it the cheap way and go the 3DD road like he did for that Piranha movie. By that time, Avengers 5-6-7 will all have grossed between 5B$to 7B$.
  5. If you put your clicker over a user, a pop up window appears and at the bottom of this pop up, you'll find the following options : message, ignore user and find content. You can also do it by clicking on your profile at the top left corner of the page. It is one of the option. You then have to enter their name. It also shows all users you have ignored so this process can be reverted.
  6. Be prepared to see Force Ghost Palpatine tell Rey/Luke that the wreck of the Death Star 2 is actually fully operational and will crush the Rebel Alliance. Rey will say that they actually called the Resistance, but FG Palpatine will say it doesn't matter because they are rebel scum. Kylon Ren will end up throwing him down a (Force Ghost) shaft and Ewoks will save the day. By the way, TROS opens up on Tatoine and Rey will save Finn (who is currently frozen in carbonite) from a crime lord. Poe will be wearing a Borat style bikini while being enslaved by that unnamed crime lord.
  7. What's the problem with cookie cutter storytelling? Biggest movie of all time is cookie cutter and I see no problem with that.
  8. Yeah, you either didn't read what I wrote or misread it on purpose. I didn't say anything about the movie in my reply, only about a portion of its fanbase. If you are part of that alt right Alita fanbase, you can definitely suck on my big one, otherwise, improve your reading skills.
  9. They got A New Hope 2.0 and they didn't complain, so no reason to think they would have complained about ESB 2.0
  10. Imagine Empire Strikes Back, but with the new characters. This is exactly what the fans were expecting.
  11. You inflate the buildings themselves with helium and we all know that when helium combine with steel, it creates a flat white membrane that can be used to project images. This is how China is expanding its cinema market, through literal inflation.
  12. I'm kind of on board with this article. I truly despise the alt right portion of the Alita fanbase and mostly the ones that are trying to elevate Alita by pulling down Cap Marvel, but I genuinely like the Alita fans that loved the movie without having to drag others in the mud to show their love. I hope a sequel gets made for that part of the fanbase, the alt right part can suck on my big one.
  13. There are a couple "problems" with your analysis. 1 - EG is nowhere to be found as the year is not over, but it's safe to say it will not secure 30% of the top 10 OS in 2019 considering it is currently at 32,5% and several movies will pass Godzilla, Alita, How To Train Your Dragon and Pokemon in the months to come. 2 - Your JP #s include the 2013 3D re-release (71M$) - Would lower the % from 32 to 29,5. Otherwise - still shows that JP crushed the market compared to releases from 1993.
  14. This is actually a pretty good way to compare movies and eras. Would be best to analyze over a 3 year period (I.E. 2008-2009-2010 for Avatar). Although this would would mean not having a final picture for a current movie (Endgame) after 12-18 months.
  15. I'd pay to see Avatar in theaters again.... but that's only if they are really serious about ever releasing a sequel.
  16. I finally read The Last Jedi novel... boy is the book different from the movie! In order to pander to white men, they even made the hero male! https://images.app.goo.gl/8nP7EJ7rnFY8ogLD9
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