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  1. 1. X-Men DOFP 2. Thor 2 3. Hunger Games 2 4. Captain America 2 5. Hobbit 2 6. Riddick 7. Machete Kills 8. Spider man 5 9. 300 - 2 10. Planets of Apes 2014
  2. This was a great movie. The only "boring" part was when he's at his ex house and Eric Bana comes back and there's a big family crisis. It's just lenghty but it's pretty realistic...
  3. I'm still waiting on an answer from you as to how you are listing them, in order of the first mentionned to the last or from grading? I updated my database with Lisa's list and made changes with Rukaio's edit. I still need more entries before I publish anything.
  4. Anyone scared that World War Z might not reach 200M? Also I need more lists!
  5. Riddick is a sequel, not a reboot. I agree that the rebootmania is getting out of hands. Spider man was 5 years.. Bat Man will be 3 years...Superman was 7 years... Fantastic four will be 7-8 years. Hulk was a sequel/reboot after 5 years.
  6. 1. X-Men DOFP 2. Thor 2 3. Captain America 2 4. Hunger Games 2 5. Hobbit 2 6. Riddick 7. Machete Kills 8. Spider man 5 9. 300 - 2 10. Planets of Apes 2014 Just rewatched First Class, and article on Riddick made me wanna watch that movie.
  7. Shaun of the dead is currently in the lead with only 4 users having submitted their entries so far. I still need to hear from bcf26 concerning his list and I'm looking for at least 10 users before posting some results.
  8. Ohhh I didn't know that. I remember seeing numbers from the 11th and it was very low.
  9. Star Wars Attack of the Cones : Tattoine is invaded by ice cream sellers and Anakin Skywalker is driven nuts by the music of their trucks and ends up killing all the sand people...even the children! Captain America : The fist avenger --- Captain America fists his way in 1945 Germany Transformers : Revenge of the Allen : Tim Allen gets to rework all the autobots and screw up the way they transform and end up not being able to transform anymore. No sequel made after that. Pirates of the Carribean : The curse of the black pear : JAck Sparrow eats a cursed pear and loses his taste for rum. He sobers up and goes to college to become a fine accountant. The sith sense : Anakin Skywalker sees dead people and enjoys his life a lot! Jaw : An injured great white shark that lost its upper jaw is nursed back to health by a young boy and end up jumping over the coral reef to freedom and a summer of multiple human killings. War of the words : tom Cruise argues with South Park creators for 2 hours about the merits of scientology. Sins : A pastor who lost his wife to a car accident finds love with a bunch of aliens in his corn field during a hot summer. Beauty and the Best : A very beautiful girl finds the best man in the world and becomes the happiest stay at home wife in the world. 30 : 30 spartans walk to war and die at the first battle. World War : For no reason whatsoever a world war erupts and a U.N. expert travels the world to try to understand why it was not caused by zombies... Mr and Ms Sith : 2 married Sith discover after years of marriage that they follow the same religion undercover. Chaos ensues and the galaxy is torn apart. What women ant : Mel Gibson can hear the thoughts of a half woman half ant and discover his half woman half ant side. Weird shit... Plane of the apes : Samuel Jackson stars in this disaster movie where apes invade a plane. Cash of the titans : A bunch of semi god come to earth to laugh at the poor people. The hat : Two female cops from different background find a magical hat that make them solve crimes.
  10. Yeah it was a comic book movie for adult and the market for those types of movies is relatively small. Edit : It was also my fanboyism wishing for a better DOM result. Although they were talking about doing a Rorshach/Night Owl prequel if the movie had made more money and I'm not found of meddling too much with Alan Moore's stories... I watched the movie first and then read the comic and I was amazed at how close the movie was to the book. Snyder did a terrific job at rendering the original material.
  11. Quentin Tarantino is properrated. He's as good as he is rated.
  12. Watchmen (with the buzz and OW, should have made 140M+) X-Men First Class (Quality wise, this should have made 200M+) Funny People (GA is crass, this should have broken 100M) Hitman (That movie deserved at least 75M and a sequel) The Chronicles of Riddick (This was sold as a SW type movie, it delivered but GA wasn't convince, was hoping for 100M+ and a true sequel) Team America World Police (This is what a puppet movie should be...was hoping for 60-70M) Zoolander (one of the best comedy of all time, deversed at least to break to 100M)
  13. Re watching X Men First Class. Didn't like Jen Law in this at first but she's growing on me more and more.
  14. I thought your original club for Terminator Salvation was under 100M? I know you changed it and the movie stayed in theaters forever and had a weird boost towards the end.
  15. Are they in order or should I re-order them with your rating?
  16. The lead actor form Starship Troopers, Casper Van Dien. Edit : who looks like my avatar from Team America World Police...Gary Johnston!
  17. Scrolling back through the posts, I see people listing movies like Avengers, The Dark Knight and Avatar. It seems people here are not aware of pre release buzz. I was blown away by these movies, just as I expected to be blown away. It was not unexpected.
  18. Out of the 3 lists I have so far, only one mentionned Cabin in the Woods... Post your list on the thread, there more list without Cabin, the less chance it will appear in the top 10.
  19. Cabin in the woods is a good movie with zombies.... but is it a good zombie movie? People need to ask themselves that question before putting that movie in their list.
  20. Cabin in the woods counts because there are some zombies in it...but in the spirit of this list, I chose not to put it on my list. You guys decide if it fits on yours. Concerning World War Z, I think it's a good zombie movie...but a bad World War Z movie, the book was infinitely better than the movie.
  21. Charlie Sheen and Carlos Estevez are the same person... what a twist!!!
  22. Click - I wasn't expecting a strong father/son scene like that.
  23. The league of extraordinary gentleman
  24. To celebrate World War Z crossing 200M domestic, I figured the time was ripe for a top 10 list of zombie movies. To qualify, a movie should have zombies, zombie-like creatures or infected humans showing erratic and berserk behavior. Movies like I am legend, The Crazies and 28 days later would qualify on the third aspect. Zombies behaving like humans should not be considered (Hotel Transylvania does not qualify, but warm bodies qualify because most of the zombies actually act like zombies). Points are awarded by position with #1 getting 10 points and #10 getting 1 point. For those who want to list movies outside of their top 10, I'll add ½ point for all movies outside the top 10 regardless of their rank up to rank 25. I'll edit rules as people point out flaws. Here's mine : 1. Dawn of the Dead 2004 2. I am Legend 3. Zombieland 4. 28 days Later 5. The Crazies 2010 6. Resident Evil 7. Shaun of the Dead 8. World War Z 9. Resident Evil 4 afterlife 10. Resident Evil 2 apocalypse 11. Resident Evil 5 Retribution 12. 28 weeks later 13. Resident Evil 3 Extinction 14. Dawn of the dead 1978 15. Quarantine Post away or PM!
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