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  1. I wouldn't try to narrow it this tight, while 100M$ is certainly guaranteed, beat IW a second time is also in the cards. 100M-258M$
  2. We'll cross that bridge when we get there. In the meantime, keep following the river or risk drowning.
  3. People need to remember that TFA didn't have a 50M$+ opener against it until Deadpool opened on its 9th weekend. Endgame should be facing 50M+$ openers starting on its 3rd weekend for the rest of the summer (DP, John Wick maybe, Aladdin, Godzilla, Secret Life of Pets/Dark Phoenix to an extent, MIB/TS4). Theater owners will face though choices regarding how many screens they can devote to an "aging" Endgame. It will be a fun ride to see how that turns out.
  4. Very interesting take on Endgame. I don't have time to properly address all your points, but I'll say the following: I think you nailed Iron Man and Thor perfectly. One thing about Iron Man is that he did not really sacrificed himself in Endgame, Dr Strange said that if he told him how it would end, it wouldn't happen, which means that in one of the future possibilities that Strange saw, Iron Man chose to not sacrifice himself after finding out he would die. Iron Man died like he lived, being an arrogant superhero who is better than his enemies and knows it. He was... inevitable! Concerning Captain America, I'll disagree with you on one thing : the decision to stay in the alternative past with Peggy was motivated by the end of the conflicts. Having everyone united as a team after IM's death made him less needed. The Avengers were never more than a 6-10 members team until the end of Endgame. He assembled the team, now he can rest. Time travel issues : totally agree , but I personally decided to enjoy the ride rather than let it be a movie ruining event.
  5. Finally I can relate to Thor! Will be spending the weekend drinking beer, eating pizza and playing video games!
  6. Birmingham AL area update #7 - Final Update Avengers Endgame Thursday previews : 93 shows, 38 sellouts Friday : 156 shows, 5 sellouts Saturday : 4 sellouts Sunday : 1 sellout Final count for Endgame is very close to TFA, beating it with 38 Thursday sellouts, but being lower with 5 Friday sellouts. Several reserved seating shows are 1-2 seats from selling out on both days, something that TFA didn't have at the time which probably creates more spillover into other showtime for Endgame as someone will most likely choose another show rather than pick a "crappy" seat. Below is a chart with comparable 200M$ openers Thursday showtimes Thursday sellouts Friday showtimes Friday sellouts BO - OW IW 66 5 143 1 258M$ SW - TFA 101 35 172 14 248M$ TLJ 68 10 136 4 220M$ BP 54 1 125 0 202M$ Endgame 93 38 156 5 ???
  7. Birmingham AL area update #6 Avengers Endgame Thursday previews : 86 shows, 35 sellouts Friday : 156 shows, 5 sellouts Saturday : 4 sellouts Sunday : 1 sellout Endgame has officially tied TFA with 35 sellouts on the opening day and it still has 2 hours to go before the presales phase officially ends. It is lagging in terms of total shows for both Thursday and Friday (86/156 vs 101/172 for TFA) and TFa had more sellouts for Friday with 14. I'll do a final update at 6PM central when the movie officially opens (bar the lone special 5PM showing), but at this point it's pretty clear Endgame is either ahead or on par with TFA.
  8. Those 19 shows have all been sold out, I've never seen anything like that. All wheelchair seats have been sold out... I had to get some tickets for a 2AM show at another theater, I will be bringing a pillow to work on Friday and hope my boss doesn't stop by my office!
  9. Birmingham AL area update #5 Avengers Endgame Thursday previews : 85 shows, 26 sellouts Friday : 154 shows, 4 sellouts Saturday : 4 sellouts Sunday : 1 sellout With roughly 6 hours left in the presales phase of its run, Endgame is very close to matching some of the crazy numbers that TFA did. I'm expecting it to reach 30 sellouts for today, at least 7-8 for Friday as it only needs about 6 seats to sell out 3 shows at reserved theaters and it should get a couple more on Saturday and Sunday. The 4 is has already recorded for Saturday is the most I've ever tracked (TFA had 2) and it's the first movie to record a sellout on a Sunday during its presales phase. Concerning the local theater I'm tracking in Lakewood Washington, out of 19 shows, 16 are fully sold out and of the 3 remaining, there are 5 non wheelchair seats left... I'm hoping there will add some more shows during the night, otherwise I don't know when I'll be able to watch it! 300M$ is not an insane number to throw around...
  10. Birmingham AL area update #4 Avengers Endgame Thursday previews : 85 shows, 17 sellouts Friday : 153 shows, 2 sellouts Saturday : 2 sellouts With one day left in the presales, Endgame is very close to what TFA was doing (98 shows, 20 sellouts on Thursday + 12 sellouts on Friday). Endgame also became the 2nd movie I've tracked to record sellouts on a Saturday during the presales phase. There is no doubt it will achieve 20 sellouts for Thursday and should get at least 5 for Friday by the time the movie opens tomorrow 6pm central. I'm currently traveling to the west coast to Seattle and my local theater has 15 out 19 shows sold out for tomorrow - the first one available starts at 12:20 AM... unless I can find a wheelchair, then I could sneak in to a 11:15 PM show.... this is just crazy. Below is the final count for movies above 200M$ I've tracked Thursday showtimes Thursday sellouts Friday showtimes Friday sellouts BO - OW IW 66 5 143 1 258M$ SW - TFA 101 35 172 14 248M$ TLJ 68 10 136 4 220M$ BP 54 1 125 0 202M$
  11. Birmingham AL area update #3 Avengers Endgame Thursday previews : 73 shows, 10 sellouts Friday : 91 shows, 0 sellout There are several shows (4+) that are less than 2 seats from being officially sold out. Endgame should officially pass TLJ over the weekend with a couple days left to reach TFA. I expect the sellouts count to finish with at least 20 for Thursday and around 6-7 for Friday which would compare to 35/14 for TFA. I'm also keeping an eye on Saturday sellouts as TFA is the only movie to have recorded a sellout on a Saturday before opening at 6 pm on Thursday. Endgame is about 7 seats from recording 2 sellouts on Saturday at dine-in theaters. I'm fully onboard with the 275M$+ OW predictions
  12. It's weird that people are excited for a Palpatine/Sidious comeback but were WTF with Darth Maul in Solo, even though there was a cannon storyline about Maul surviving and gaining robot legs in Clone Wars.
  13. I'm definitely on board with this. HG dropped 48% in the comparable upcoming weekend (but then dropped 18% the next one).
  14. Birmingham AL area update Avengers Endgame Thursday previews : 69 shows, 9 sellouts Friday : 89 shows, 0 sellout This is somewhat in line with TLJ at the same point (63/8 for Thursday and 94/4 for Friday) although TLJ only added 5 more Thursday shows and 2 more sellouts. along with the usual extra shows on Friday. At the same point, TFA had 84 shows and 12 sellouts on Thursday as well as 4 sellouts on Friday with an unknown # of shows. Whiles I expect Endgame to finish above TLJ in the chart above, I don't think it's going to match TFA in sellouts and shows.
  15. Watch out for spoilers, people are saying that at the end of Avengers, there is a scene in space where a guy with purple skin turns around to face the camera and smile. I don't know if true or not, but I guess we'll see in the next Iron Man movie where apparently the Mandarin will be prominently featured! Anyway, hope you guys will be at the theaters on May 4th 2012 to hopefully break the OW record! #NOTARECORD!
  16. Not a fan of the title. Why do we have to go back to the Emperor, the Death Star, Skywalker...over and over again?
  17. There are still people who are butthurt that women can now vote. Sadly they have access to computers and some of them found their way to these forums.
  18. @tawasal @Thanos Legion @Brainbug Just an update guys. CM's lead over HG has shrunk from 17M$ to 14,5M$. It did not match the extremely good drops of HG's w-e # 5 & 6, but it did very well with 39% and 31%. HG's 7th W-E was a 48% drop, so I believe CM can keep its 14M$ lead over the next 7-10 days. Still not enough to match HG:CF at 424M$, but chances are very high it will end up above 420M$ considering the next two weekends it won't have competition from major openers and Endgame effect might even give it a push before it opens.
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