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  1. I'm sure if you look at years when Christmas lands on a Tuesday, you will find plenty of examples...
  2. I'm very confused these days... I've watched both Shazam and Captain Marvel and loved both of them. My inner fanboy demons are at each other's throat trying to establish dominance over one another. My MCU demon (lovingly called Doctor Captain Thanos of the Galaxy) has been gathering infinity kidney stones to pummel my DCEU demon (adequately called Wonder Man of Suicide League) who's been putting together some Father Cardboxes to repel the MCU invaders. Meanwhile, my Star Wars fanboy demon (Darth Jar Jar) is just sitting on the sideline eating pop corn while my Deadpool fanboy demon (Colonel Deadpool) has been commenting the whole fight and live streaming it through Twitch.tv. Anyway, go Team EO17CU !
  3. Yep there are countless Expanded Universe stories of Sith lying and twisting the truth. Some people will remember the best line of them all from the books : "Everything I tell you is a lie"
  4. Instead of complaining about them, you should celebrate the fact that primates have evolved to be able to use keyboards, learn basic language skills and post anti SJW comments. What a time to be alive!
  5. If its run stops right now, yes If its run goes on forever, no If it's neither of these scenarios, unknown
  6. This is the only issue I have with this movie, spot on. Otherwise, had a blast.
  7. Had a blast watching Shazam. That's what superhero movie is all about.
  8. Let's say I feel disconnected with this Joker in the grand schemes of things personally
  9. I'm glad people liked this trailer because it didn't do much for me. I'm still trying to understand where the DCEU is going or DC movies in general if the DCEU is dead...
  10. yeah SW is on another field when it comes to sellouts and are not as much a walk in seller. The other thing is my sellouts are Fandango sellouts, so a show with 1 seat left will not count as a sellout as only one theater has reserved seating in my area.
  11. I think it's 3 MCU movies BP did 5.1M$ IW did 2.8M$ Avengers did 3.2M$ Very impressive company
  12. Birmingham AL area presales report Avengers Endgame Thursday previews : 48 shows, 5 sellouts Friday : 77 shows, 0 sellout Endgame has already matched the total sellouts achieved by Infinity War and Rogue One for Thursday. Only TLJ (10) and TFA (35) are higher. With 22 days to release, the # of shows is below these comparable movies, but I fully expect more shows to be added shortly. At this point, TLJ had 6 sellouts in 59 shows (but had been in presales for 43 days!). and TFA was at 7 sellouts in 67 shows (after 36 days in presales). We will have a better comparison once Endgame stabilizes with about 10 days to go. The below chart shows all movies I've tracked and I fully expect Endgame to end up between TLJ and TFA in terms of sellouts and shows. Thursday showtimes Thursday sellouts Friday showtimes Friday sellouts BO - OW IW 66 5 143 1 258M$ SW - TFA 101 35 172 14 248M$ TLJ 68 10 136 4 220M$ BP 54 1 125 0 202M$ CA - CW 57 2 143 0 179M$ BvS 40 1 120 0 166M$ SW - R1 65 5 145 2 155M$ Cap Marvel 55 1 118 0 153M$ GOTG 2 51 1 154 0 147M$ SS 36 0 110 0 134M$ DP2 33 0 89 0 125M$ IT 23 0 86 0 123M$ Thor 3 37 0 103 0 123M$ SM:H 35 0 111 0 117M$ WW 31 0 91 0 103M$ JL 36 0 95 0 94M$ Solo 38 0 104 0 84M$
  13. What do you mean ? In total at day 26 or the daily gross of day 26 of other MCU movies?
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