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  1. Deadpool beats Spider Man once again. Crazy to think a D list superhero generates more revenue than A list combo movie of Spider Man and now A lister Iron Man. Maybe Sony should ask Warner Bros to borrow Batman in the next SM movie, maybe that'll help??
  2. As someone who knows what dubstep is, but don't know any "songs", the joke worked perfectly.
  3. someone forgot about ASM2, The Wolverine, Kick Ass and TDKR Edit : and this drunk guy just realized we are talking about OW... disregard ASM2 and TDKR!!!
  4. Saw it yesterday and will definitely see it again this weekend. Too much stuff that I missed and need to view again. Very good sequel and I may have liked it more than the original.
  5. Deadpool channeling his inner McGrubber. Fun scene, but definitely McGrubberish
  6. Behind the camera, true. As a storyteller, Snyder got a pretty big success with WW
  7. I see he is credited as a producer on the sequel, but not a as writer so far. Would love to see him involved on WW again.
  8. Obviously, perception of what is a good or bad accent is not objective. Being a French Canadian living and working in the US, I have several colleagues from corporate visiting the local offices and it is often cringy to hear them talk with their broken English, backwards sentence structure, using the wrong words and straight up inventing words. While I do appreciate them for their effort at what is their second language, that doesn't mean constructive criticism is off limits. As far as Gal Gadot is concerned, I usually find that she can deliver lines in a convincing manner about 95% of the time.
  9. I rewatched Thor Ragnarok and Justice League this past week. Some updated thoughts on both: Thor Ragnarok: - Still my favorite CBM of 2017. Pacing is excellent, movie doesn't take itself too seriously, almost every joke lands, campy villains are great, Cate as Hela is awesome, Hulk moments are good, Bruce Banner moments are great (which is the first time I've preferred Banner to Hulk since 2003), Loki is finally portrayed in a way that anyone can relate to. He's the trickster, a semi villain and a would be hero. Action scenes are top notch. Top 3 MCU for me overall. Justice League: - Boy oh boy.. In the MCU/DCEU/XMen war, I've always preferred X-Men, then DCEU, then MCU characters. As far as movies are concerned, I've had more fun watching MCU movies, but I've found that the DCEU had the most remarkable moments (Papa Kent's death in MOS, Batman fighting Superman in BvS up until "Martha!!!", Wonder Woman as a whole and Steppenwolf fighting - no close up - no talking). - Things I loved about JL : The smoothness of the fights with Steppenwolf (the way his axe lights up the screen), most of the Flash jokes/quips, Batman/Bruce Wayne, the soundtrack, any wonder woman fighting scenes, Cyborg was fine but needed more emotion, the Superman vs JL fight (aside from close up shots of Superman's face...ugh). - Things I hate about JL : Happy Superman - I much prefer the realistic and gloomy Superman, Steppenwolf's face and speeches, Wonder Woman calling out "Kal-El no!!!" (Gal Gadot is fine, but they should fine tune some of her lines - not her fault technically that she is not perfectly bilingual) , the Russian family side story, obviously hate the CGI no mustache Superman (no close up shots next time please) Hopefully for me, this is not the last Snyder movie for DCEU, but I'm more worried about WB's management of the DCEU schedule than who will direct what at this point. All these rumors of non DCEU spinoffs (Joker, Batman...) are leaving me desensitized to the global story they want to tell.
  10. Not a big fan of Narnia type movies with religious undertones. I'm definitely out of the target audience on this one.
  11. Why are all these christians Direct-To-DVD movies being released in theaters? Hopefully this can gross less than Samson. Sub 5M$ DOM incoming
  12. You are pretty forgiving with Vader. The guy killed thousands if not millions of innocent people, including children and he gets redeemed when his son doesn't finish the job to kill him... that's like saying Hitler was not bad because just before he died, he saved a puppy from drowning.
  13. I always found AA batteries to be really useless. I prefer 9V batteries because they save lives when properly placed in smoke detectors. fight me BRAH!
  14. I still don't understand the (online) hate for Avatar though. Granted the story is not original, except original stories are very rare. Most movies are a variation on a previously seen theme. Avatar may not be original, but the story is told perfectly. The pacing is perfect. Every characters motivations are defined, complex and don't feel forced (from the Ex Army leader with clear rules of engagement, to the CEO trying to please the shareholders, to the native girl torn apart from her love of her people and Jake, to the assistant losing his avatar role to Jake but accepting this and moving on...). The visuals are stunning even nearly 10 years later. The only thing I hate about Avatar is the delayed sequels. Get to work James, you lazy filmmaker.
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