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  1. Alita is this year's Warcraft. Not a flop, not a success, .low DOM/OS ratio, 400M$ WW. That is in terms of BO. In terms of critical acclaim, it is doing much better than Warcraft though (and by a wide margin).
  2. @meriodejaneiro automatically generated aggregated user report user Meriodejaneiro 4/5 (B+) - RT score 75% (fresh) - Metacritic 82 - BOT CBM scoring 45% - BOT Honor System 87 pts (certified Fresh) - IMDB poster of the day award (6 times - includes 2 sub accounts) - Fandango star system points (3500 pts) - BOT Quality posts ratio (4/1 good-evil ratio) - My Little Pony Fanclub rainbow points (342 pts - 50 pts pending following a Selfie of the day award) - TheForce.Net Jedi Council ranking (long ponytail padawan)
  3. Alice, Alita and Captain Marvel are pretty much alike. They all have amnesia to a certain degree, all have powers they didn't really earn by hardwork/training and all are showing their male counterparts how it should be done.
  4. People are drama queens, it either has to be the best of the best or the worst of the worst.
  5. I'm still waiting for the backlash to be felt. 425M DOM and 1,2B WW is good enough for roughly top 20 in both categories. The way I see it, the trolls couldn't helped themselves and decided to watch the movie...several times!
  6. Does anyone have any idea when the backlash from 40 year old white dudes is going to be felt? Personally, I was harassed by Captain Marvel fangirls the two times I went to see it at the theater. I had to call the police and ask my state senator to submit a bill to the capitol stating that middle age white men are under attack in America and we need special protection. Please contact your local representative to support the "Safe Space" bill. Anyway, my final prediction for Captain Marvel is 115M DOM and 200M WW. I believe that once all white dudes like me get their tickets refunded, the total BO will go down significantly.
  7. It does not! TFA is already at 24 days above 5M$, but the record is still being held by Avatar at 26 straight days above 5M$. Jurassic World and Incredibles 2 are tied with TFA at 24 days.
  8. The Force Awakens holds the record for most consecutive days above 20M$ with 17 days The Last Jedi holds the record for most consecutive days above 10M$ with 18 days Anyone care to predict when these will be broken? EP IX? Avatar 2? It kinda needs to be a Holiday movie as most big movies get killed around the 13-14 days mark
  9. TFA posting 17 days straight above 20M$ DOM...(742M$ in 17 days). Now that's what I call a movie event.
  10. Hunger Games had very good late legs - starting from 4th weekend onward, it had only one drop above 40% (48% during it's 7th w-e) until its 23rd weekend (44%). Considering that CM is 16M$ above HG at the same point, still grossing more on a daily basis (5,2M vs 4,5M) and that HG finished at 408M$, what do you expect CM will finish at? I see it with a 415M$ finish myself.
  11. I'm very happy about these Endgame trailers so far. My ticket (and most likely repeat viewings) was guaranteed before they released the trailers. I just needed to get hyped and don't spoil me your story. Well played so far. I have the same feeling I had when they released the Star Wars TFA trailers.
  12. I'm not very familiar with how reviews are written, but is this typical? It barely talks about the movie and is mostly focusing on external stuff.
  13. Definitely holds up upon a second viewing. The only complaints I could have about the movie are the lack of stakes. You know the main characters (Marvel, Fury, Coulson) are not going to die because it's a prequel and when she finally learns all her power, she basically becomes superman and the only threat to her are what her enemies can do to the people she cares about. Talos is great and I like the seeds they planted to get the Skrulls to become the vilains in the future.
  14. Captain MArvel will be the main villain in this movie. Mark my words!
  15. 2019 sequels impact and upcoming milestones The LEGO Movie 2 : The second part - The LEGO movie (150M$ combined) - currently 132M$ (unlikely) How to Train your Dragon : The Hidden World - How to Train your Dragon 1 (150M$ DVD and 200M$ Combined) - currently 144M$ DVD and 196M$ combined (unlikely for DVD - possible for combined) Avengers : Endgame - The Avengers (250M$ combined) - currently 237M$ (impossible) - Iron Man 1 (200M$ combined ) - currently 196M$ (unlikely) - Guardians of the Galaxy (150M$ combined) - currently 143M$ (unlikely) - Avengers : Infinity Wars (100M$ Blu Ray) - currently 90M$ (likely) - Black Panther (100M$ combined) - currently 90M$ (possible) - Spider Man Homecoming (50M$ Blu Ray) - currently 47$ (guaranteed) Dark Phoenix - X-Men : The Last Stand (150M$ DVD and 150M$ combined) - currently 145M$ DVD and 146M$ combined (unlikely to both as this has stayed flat since 2016) Secret Life of Pets 2 - Secrets Life of Pets (50M$ DVD ) - currently at 39M$ (unlikely) Toy Story 4 - Toy Story 3 (200M$ DVD) - currently 193M$ (possible) Spider Man Far From Home - Spider Man Homecoming (50M$ Blu Ray) - currently 47$ (guaranteed) - The Amazing Spider Man 2 (50M$ combined) - currently 47M$ (unlikely) Fast and Furious presents : Hobbs and Shaw - The Fate of the Furious (50M$ combined) - currently 49M$ (guaranteed) Frozen 2 - Frozen (250M$ DVD and 400M$ combined) - currently 235M$ DVD and 397M$ combined (possible for DVD - guaranteed for combined) Star Wars ep. IX - Star Wars The Force Awakens (50M$ DVD and 200M$ combined) - currently 39M$ DVD and 191M$ combined (unlikely for DVD, likely for combined) - Star Wars The Last Jedi (100M$ combined ) - currently 86M$ (possible) - Rogue One : A Star Wars Story (100M$ combined) - currently 84M$ (unlikely) - Solo : A Star Wars Story (50M$ combined) - currently 48M$ (guaranteed) 2020 and future Suicide Squad (100M$ combined) - currently 96M$ Skyfall (50M$ DVD) - currently 48M$ Wonder Woman (100M$ Blu Ray) - currently 88M$ Despicable Me 2 (250M$ combined) - currently 248M$ Despicable Me 3 (50M$ combined) - currently 43M$ The Croods (50M$ DVD) - currently 48M$ Avatar (250M$ DVD) - currently 235M$ Sherlock Homes 2 (100M$ combined) - currently 88M$ Sing (50M$ Blu Ray) - currently 42M$ Jurassic World (100M$ Blu Ray and 150M$ combined) - surrently 98M$ Blu Ray and 139M$ combined) Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom (50M$ Blu Ray) - currently 41M$
  16. A look back at some of my 2018 predictions on impact of sequels. All my "guaranteed" predictions happened.
  17. The race is over and the winner is.... Avatar - 400M$ Frozen - 397M$ Expect Frozen to pass Avatar by the end of the year.
  18. I think @LaughingEvans's point is that you're not going to get the equivalent of a political science thesis in a 2 hour movie. You're gonna get a summary at best.
  19. Definitely looking forward to see how the DCEU will unfold and what they are gonna do with Batman and Superman. I'm still cheering for Batflek and Cavill to come back.
  20. This is the Thanksgiving / Black Friday week. It really depends on BF specials. Look at the previous week to get a better picture of what is trending.
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