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  1. I've never seen a movie come with this kind of hype. I'm old enough to remember the heat the Phantom Menace came out with but this is just something else.
  2. LOL...guys on Reddit are in full meltdown mode. Personally, I don't feel the "hero's journey" needs to end in death but that's just my personal opinion.
  3. I have no problems with Scott Mendelson at all. In fact, if one takes time to read some of his reviews, he makes valid points. The only I have with him sometimes are his click bait headlines.
  4. Got a similar ban some years ago for X-men: Apocalypse. It wasn't even a spoiler, I just made an analogy. I can understand zero tolerance for spoilers but the whole "bird boxing" your way into the cinema seems to go a bit far for me.
  5. Harloff is one of the few critics I listen to. He generally keeps it real and isn’t prone to dip into fanboy “wars” like Campea and some others.
  6. *Hears Palpatine’s laughter* Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.
  7. I'm confused, Shazam is doing fine. Why are people acting like its underperforming or something?
  8. Shazam (like every other DCEU movie) had a big campaign here in S.A. I obviously have no idea how much it cost but $40 million for a worldwide marketing campaign seems a bit low.
  9. The THR review has something of a massive spoiler in it. Non-comic books fans won't understand it but comic fans will be like whaaaaaaat?!
  10. Lots of the good reviews just suggest it was ok. Not surprising because the movie's marketing was just ok.
  11. Funny enough, I haven't at all been blown away by the movie's marketing. However, the movie passes the "spouse test" (i.e movies that your absolutely non-geek spouse are interested in). Very few movies pass the spouse test and most that do tend to break out (e.g Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Black Panther) but again this is very, very ancedotal and pretty useless in the grand scheme of things. All this being, I just want the movie to break record to melt the brains of those guys crying and moaning and whining about Brie Larson and Captain Marvel. Honestly, between the crying about Black Panther and this, these guys give the impression that a lot of young men simply can't handle themselves very well. People need to learn to define themselves less by the media they consume, it makes for a healthier mental state.
  12. Another day, another slay for BP! Now that the "fake" outrage over BPs Best Picture nomination is dying down (because that's all it was, a manufactured controversy) I think people are now being able to talk about the actual merits of the film. There wasn't a single weak link in the movie's cast, everyone brought it (although Forest Whitaker was being prime Forest Whitaker). I'm actually a little disappointed that MBJ didn't get best supporting actor nomination but I can understand that because the field was packed this year.
  13. There’s no logic in a statement that suggests that superhero movies that came out years ago are more deserving of movies that came out recently. It’s absurd that folks are trying to treat this like it’s a zero sum game. One can say that BP doesn’t deserve a nomination but the crying and wailing over its nomination this year is ridiculous when it’s actually better than some of the movies actually nominated. But most of the folks complaining were already crying about the movie on this board long before the Oscars. So, it’s not really about the nomination. At all. Correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t you the same person making the completely racist argument about black people being shallow for supporting Black Panther when it released months ago?
  14. And yet Black Panther got nominated for best picture and grossed far more than the Dark Knight. The Dark Knight will simply be remembered as a very good comic book movie whereas Black Panther is the most successful ever domestic and an actual best picture nominee..first ever for a superhero movie. Thats their legacies right there.

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