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  1. Exactly. Theres a contingent of people that have been brain washed to label everything led by women and minorities as woke. It’s basically part of the “4-Channing” of popular culture where people abandon critical thought and give in to ridiculous emotion. It’s a part of the rise of anti-intellectualism that’s become the norm due to our “leaders” preferring to gain support by blatant lies (the dishonesty in political discourse nowadays is pretty troubling to be honest). I still recall the noise over Captain Marvel and how “feminist” it was but upon watching the movie, i was surprised at how much the film makers consciously moved away from such themes. Same with Black Panther where some people said it was all about racism when that wasn’t even the main theme of the movie. It’s so ridiculous because a movie like Joker was far more explicitly political and even “woke” than Captain Marvel but the alt-right adjacent dude bros didn’t complain because it’s lead is a straight white man (I mean, the movie basically criticized the country’s health care system, treatment of the mentally and the poor). There are works where the main theme is social political in nature but not every minority led or female led work is woke. That’s just innate bigotry/bias at work. BoP isn’t doing very well because 1) it’s rated-R, Harley isn’t that popular of a character to risk a big budget R-rated movie 2) it’s marketing campaign made it look like garbage, honestly, I had zero interest in the movie after seeing the trailers. I was surprised it got such good reviews but at that point, I’d already decided not to see it at all.
  2. I dont follow box office much again but how does TROS miss a billion if its already at $724 million this week?
  3. Funny enough, I really enjoyed TROS. Maybe because I heard so many negative things but going in I expected something much worse but i really enjoyed this. I don't know, I think reaction to this movie is going to be all over the place.
  4. I've actually seen the movie and to some extent I agree with Grace. The movie has some serious problems and some acts and depictions of violence kind of make no sense. Like at all.
  5. Avengers Endgame is already over $700m+ dom and will tap out around $850m. The "its crumbling" talk doesn't really track because its already fucking huge (especially since it's essentially a pre-summer movie). The movie could end up being the highest grossing movie of all time WW unadjusted. That's pretty much the end of the story.
  6. Still remember the first Avengers weekend (i joined around that time), absolute madness (made more fun by folks that never believed it could break the record). Hope this weekend is just as fun.
  7. I'm confused, Shazam is doing fine. Why are people acting like its underperforming or something?
  8. Shazam (like every other DCEU movie) had a big campaign here in S.A. I obviously have no idea how much it cost but $40 million for a worldwide marketing campaign seems a bit low.
  9. Huge numbers. But I’m curious how folks are projecting $1bn WW for AM this early in its domestic run. That could easily be setting up oneself for unnecessary disappointment.
  10. My thoughts exactly. Disney didn’t do a good job promoting the movie. At all. It seems they were relying a lot on Poppins “cultural cache” which have been severely overestimated.
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