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  1. I've actually seen the movie and to some extent I agree with Grace. The movie has some serious problems and some acts and depictions of violence kind of make no sense. Like at all.
  2. Avengers Endgame is already over $700m+ dom and will tap out around $850m. The "its crumbling" talk doesn't really track because its already fucking huge (especially since it's essentially a pre-summer movie). The movie could end up being the highest grossing movie of all time WW unadjusted. That's pretty much the end of the story.
  3. Still remember the first Avengers weekend (i joined around that time), absolute madness (made more fun by folks that never believed it could break the record). Hope this weekend is just as fun.
  4. I've never seen a movie come with this kind of hype. I'm old enough to remember the heat the Phantom Menace came out with but this is just something else.
  5. LOL...guys on Reddit are in full meltdown mode. Personally, I don't feel the "hero's journey" needs to end in death but that's just my personal opinion.
  6. I have no problems with Scott Mendelson at all. In fact, if one takes time to read some of his reviews, he makes valid points. The only I have with him sometimes are his click bait headlines.
  7. Got a similar ban some years ago for X-men: Apocalypse. It wasn't even a spoiler, I just made an analogy. I can understand zero tolerance for spoilers but the whole "bird boxing" your way into the cinema seems to go a bit far for me.
  8. I'm confused, Shazam is doing fine. Why are people acting like its underperforming or something?
  9. Shazam (like every other DCEU movie) had a big campaign here in S.A. I obviously have no idea how much it cost but $40 million for a worldwide marketing campaign seems a bit low.
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