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  1. School holidays definitely helped to massively boost last weekend. Thursday was $1.23m with Friday hitting $2.14m. With a $4m Saturday and $3m Sunday, we're looking at a $10m second weekend.
  2. Roughly $2.15m yesterday for Avengers. School holidays are finishing up in lots of states though today, so we should see a 15-30% drop.
  3. It's very simple. There were less sessions of these films dropped on Sunday versus Saturday, and with avengers sold out many people still wanted to see a film and went to them. Plus people who would have gone on Friday and Saturday went on Sunday instead when their sessions weren't cancelled.
  4. One consideration is that NSW, SA, WA and ACT are all currently in school holidays until Sunday. So definitely provided a boost for Thursday and Fridays numbers. Will be interesting to see how it drops next week considering that.
  5. TA didn't have midnights in Victoria at least in 2012, our first session was at 1:30pm. So at least for 30% of the market yesterday was a good comparable. Which still makes $8.7m insane!
  6. Avengers will smash that. Films in Australia have significantly higher multipliers. With a $20m 5 day opening, I'd see $45m as the floor. Especially with the early world off mouth coming off as decent and everyone raving about how they didn't see whatever happens coming. The real question now is can AIW keep it's momentum over the OW and equal or exceed the first Avengers.
  7. It'll be more frontloaded than TA, I'd say we're looking at a $19m-$20m first 5 days, with the weekend itself sitting at $11m-$12m.
  8. Well it was my cinema chain's biggest single day ever. Though that doesn't count midnights as I'm pretty sure internally we could them as part of the previous business day. Knowing our usual market share we're heading for $8m+.
  9. Exactly. In Victoria we can't trade between 12am and 1pm. So all sessions on Tuesday night must finish before midnight, and then on Anzac day we can't open the doors until 1pm, giving us the first session 1:15pm-1:30pm depending on the film and site.
  10. Long time no talk! Unfortunately no longer at one of the top 5 cinemas for tomorrow, but still going to be a crazy day for work So many sold out sessions already!
  11. Sorry I've been so busy! Missed you guys. $1.45m Thursday for Finding Dory. $1.0m for Tarzan. $0.95m for The BFG. $0.7m for Central Intelligence and $0.65m for Ice Age.
  12. Friday was $3.9m. Saturday was $3.1m. Total of $10.5m so far. So we're looking at around $13.5m for the weekend! 2D share is currently at 86%. For Thursday to Saturday MBFGW2 is at $3m, Zootopia at $2.3m and Kung Fu Panda is at $1.9m.
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